Lots of you have asked on Corbett so here ya go, the little shite bag himself. Doing well and hasn't had anymore setbacks. Never known one so observant and smart as him. And he's getting floof! Love him to the moon and back. ❤️
Corbett vs the ball. Little baldy butt has recovered well after having an awful seizure. Hopefully it was a one off. We know he isn't normal but he wants to fight so we will fight alongside him. ❤️
Dreaming of bunny chasing? ❤️
These are potential pairings for our 2018 breeding season. They are subject to change.

Levi having a blast in the snow 😍

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More snow...... Syrup thinks it's good though.

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Our tattoos are finished. Subtle differences and turned out exactly what we wanted. Not much else to do in this weather. As usual, we are behind in matings due to our weather up North. Please bear with us. Hopefully will start in 2-3 weeks time. 🤗

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Peanut had his first date on Friday. Yay!

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Sandstorm. Last of the snow pics for a while hopefully! We are ready for spring here at Frisky Business Ferretry and it looks like our first mating will go ahead this weekend. Hooray!

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Shiva. She loves the snow way too much. She'd be a popsicle if she had her way and stayed out playing.

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Her Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Sadly the yard is under a snow drift still and they can't get in!

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Our vet and favourite vet nurse have moved to a different practice. If you’re near, we highly recommend them. 😁

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White Cross Vets, Coulby Newham

⭐️ Meet the team ⭐️

Gabby Taylor - Head Veterinary Nurse

Cat Piggott - Veterinary Surgeon


Gabby & Cat joined the team 6 weeks ago. Gabby has been a qualified nurse for 10 years and also has a certificate in anaesthesia and critical care, she has a keen interest in small furries and in her spare time enjoys jewellery making. Cat has been qualified for 11 years and also has a certificate in companion animal behaviour and training, she has a keen interest in ferrets and in her spare time enjoys horse riding. Together they own 2 dogs, 1 cat and 5 ferrets.

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Can't resist taking Mamba pics in the snow. She must watch it coming down with dread wondering when she is going to get plonked in it.

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Blizzard and Milkshake. Or as I like to call them idiot 1 and idiot 2.

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Bubble-butt. Though her nick name originally came when she was little she has since acquired a large winter butt so suits her fine.

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Sneak peek of new ferret tattoo. Eeeep.

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We get quite a few enquiries asking if we can import ferrets to owners in Canada. From what we understand, Canada only allows ferrets imported from the USA. If that information is correct, then we highly recommend PVOFerrets located in Ohio, Top Notch Ferrets located in Texas and Woodlands Ferretry located in Indiana. They also have ferrets from our ferretry.
If we aren’t correct with our information regarding the import, feel free to let us know.

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