A first snow is fun - no matter how big you are!
Tajiri the baby Giraffe Tajiri is Swahili for HOPE, confidence, king. We will call him "Taj"

Happy Viral-versary!

At this time last year, April the Giraffe, had achieved pop culture/social media/mass media virality.

With her rise in popularity, awareness of the plight of wild giraffe populations and the need for the conservation of wild habitats and preservation of the species, spread worldwide.


Let us not forget - wildlife is in need now as much as then. In the form that you can, support conservation efforts, support wildlife education facilities, and have the conversation about conservation.

It all started with;
One Giraffe
One Camera
One Zoo Crew
One Message
One Calf

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The Arctic Wolves of Animal Adventure, were born on earth day 2013 and came into the care of park owner Jordan at the end of May 2013. On that day, a pack was formed. A bond, unbreakable.

Odin & Luna, have served as amazing ambassadors for their species and other grey wolves, entertaining and educating hundreds of thousands of visitors in our first five seasons.

Two of our founding animals and original exhibits at the park, we are excited to provide a new, expanded for them in the 2018 season.

It is YOUR support of Animal Adventure, that allows us to continue to grow, and also improve the lives of the animals in our care and the experiences of our guests when visiting.

Just one project for you to look forward to for season 2018 - made possibly by YOU!

Thank you

Photo credits: Sue Pero

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