Imagine leaving your money behind in a will to help animals—specifically to help end the horrible practice of amputation that is cat declawing--- only to have the money pocketed and NOTHING MEANINGFUL DONE to help cats with it! PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG so everyone knows what Cornell University did and SIGN & SHARE this petition asking them to honor the bequest left to them.…

Rhoda A Hogan wanted 1/8 th of her estate to be a bequest of $125,000 for, “An organization to be used to publicize and educate the public about the cruel effect of de-clawing cats and to support legislation forbidding it.” She wanted declawing to be banned in America and wanted her money to be ...
Idaho officials are investigating reports that a biology teacher fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his class.
Dr. Jennifer Conrad of the Paw Project on why declawing needs to be banned
Protest @ The Fur Source of NY
Astoria Cat Rescue- emergency winter cat shelters made
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The Save Movement

Yet another animal transport truck has overturned on its way to the slaughterhouse.

'It took crews two hours to round up dozens of cows on I-86 early this
Authorities say at least three cows died after the cattle truck crashed near the Elmira exit.….'

Do you support this industry?

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Coalition Against Duck Shooting

To the native waterbirds of Victoria,

We are so sorry. Our rescue team will do everything we can to protect and defend you — and we promise to get this atrocity banned. 💔

After freezing a cat to death (and getting away with it through a farce police investigation), now that the attention has died down, Sandy Pines Recreational Community has now kicked out the local cat rescue group and is now back to trapping & HAVING THE CATS KILLED. Read more in the link below.…/

Sandy Pines Refuses TNR. Opts for Trap/Eradicate (aka Ferals Killed) By Admin Admin on March 16, 2018 in Announcements It’s been a bit since I last wrote about Sandy Pines. A great deal has happened since I last posted and all of it spells out a certain death for feral cats that wander onto the gr...
The last relatively healthy population of herring in Western Canada is under threat. Orcas, bald eagles, wild salmon, and a whole ecosystems depends on herri...

Kitten Lady adopts a puppy.

Kitten Lady adopts a puppy for her grandma! Every year 670,000 dogs are euthanized in animal shelters in the U.S., so if you're looking for a new companion, ...

So sad.

Today is a sad day for farm animals. 😢 The U.S. Department of Agriculture decided to officially withdraw the organic animal welfare rule, condemning millions of animals to life in factory farm-like conditions.

We condemn this decision in the strongest terms possible - and you can help us fight back.
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David Wolfe

Man Risks Life In Syria To Look After Abandoned Cats

Animal abuser!

The middle school teacher allegedly fed the live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of a bunch of students.

Ban it once and for all.

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Family Polaris

What senseless waste. Why kill such a gentle creature? For 'sport'?!?
LIKE: Family Polaris

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The Dodo

When this orphaned baby chimp arrived at a sanctuary, he was so terrified that he wouldn't let anyone touch him. Then he met a friend who changed EVERYTHING 💕

Watch it.

Farmers often tell us that cows don't love their children when in fact they have maternal instincts that are no different than ours. Cows look after their own babies as well as other babies in their community.

Atz Sr. needs to "work" a newborn calf, which means he needs to chase it down, put a tag in its ear and castrate him. Unfortunately for Atz, Momma Bull Cow d...

this is absolutely awful

Donna Davidge and 1106717 people have already signed. Sign the petition now! All governments: Ban pig cages
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Another animal abusing POS!

Warning: Cellphone footage in the video below is disturbing. PATTERSON -- A senior at Patterson High School was arrested Friday morning after a video that appears to show him throwing a kitten into a body of water was posted online. Police say the video was shot over a year ago, but it surfaced this...

And the “Piece of Shit” Award goes to...

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This is what happens at a wolf and coyote killing contest. Wolves are exterminated right along coyotes, puppies included. NO QUOTAS .NO BAG LIMITS

He went from hurting animals to feeding them in the blink of an eye.....

A suspected poacher was fatally mauled and eaten by a pack of lions near a national park in South Africa, leaving behind just the man’s “head and some remains,” police said. A police spokesman in L…