Here is a way you can help Cash's family directly. Please help support if you are able.…

Sunny Haire and Leisa Baird Askew and Christopher Askew lost their precious child Cash Askew in the Oakland Warehouse fire Friday night. They will surely not be able to work for some time - please contribute what you can at least they don't need to worry about money as they deal with this shock...


Donate to support Cash Askew, the victims of the Oakland tragedy, and their families.

We did fancy the odd acoustic set somewhere outdoors in between things.

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The wonderful Tanya Botke playing xylophone on "lemon peel" live in `95.

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Blütenrausch recording sessions. With the incredible Flo in his Blankenese studio. Taking a break. By the look of it we all went out the night before.

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The kids are alright.

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With Arnd Bidla.

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The untold story of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth for a new age of action.

Anya live on drums playing "In Perfume". Must have been shortly after release of "Blütenrausch" album.

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Jan live in Munich at the Backstage. Tour with Sixth Comm / Mother Destruction in December 1995.

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Recording a new version of "Mit Blumen auf den Lippen" for beautiful French tape series "Miniature" with Flo at the Rosegarden Studio.

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Finishing "Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin" shortly before our first release on Kenaz.

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May 12, 2016

Finally. It's that time of the year. Go to a nearby lake, get naked, jump in, enjoy.

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Annabelle were deeply saddened to hear that our old friend Benny Bendorff passed away on the 29th March. He played bass in the James Last Orchestra for more than 30 years. More importantly he was a friend and a great character.
Especially Derek would like to thank him for all he did for and meant to him. They met in a - let's say - hilariously conservative environment when Derek was only 15 and going through some wild, rebellious phases. While the rest of the world saw him a...s a provocation that needed a good bashing and resocializing, Benny being the cool rock n' roll guy he was thought the kid's alright, just let him be and do his stuff. He was supportive and understanding from the day they met.
Later on, in the early 90's when Derek was already deeply into music benny introduced him to his son Flo. The rest is history. Our history. If it hadn't been for Flo and Benny bringing him in a lot of Annabelle just wouldn't have happened.
Benny, wherever you have gone to, the local all star band is gettng one hell of a bass player and simply an incredible person.
RIP, lots of love and peace, Benny. Flo and you will never be forgotten.

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Hello world. We hope you're well. Sorry for the silence. We had a few more kids in the meantime. Love. Annabelle

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That's Gibby Miller for you... Love the earth, you home and mother.

Track 06 from the album ''Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin...???'' (1993)

Thanks very much, Still Single. Humbled. And astonished again and again. Thanks Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin of Dais Records for the find. And all the work in the first place. Put a lot of love into this thing those guys did. Peace.

RECOMMENDED Small-town German teens grow up in music, creating something rather standard yet well-approached for their time and age: very dark, depressive Goth music, tinseled with neofolk trappings...