Bootcamp tonight was a blast!! We even got rained on but that didn't stop us, and we tried out a new move for the first time!! Bahaaa don't laugh too hard at us!!
Somehow we always end up being goody at bootcamp! Lol.. Saw this move and made an attempt but laughed my butt off trying it! Almost like a Pinterest fail.. You know when you see something on Pinterest and it's look so easy and then you give it a try and it's not so simple? Ya that's what happened here... Not so simple but fun! What was the last fitness move you tried and it didn't turn out as you planned? #bootcampbloopers #fitness #moveoftheday #goodtimes
So we have a winner for the 3 day Shakeology challenge! Tamara Wheat you're the proud winner of 3 days worth of shakeology! Please message me and we will figure out how to get you your winnings! :)

💪🏼Strong is the new Skinny💪🏼

That is my motto for 2016! I will no longer focus only on my weight and what size jeans I wear. I will focus on how strong my body feels, My goal is to be able to run with my kids, & jump on the trampoline for as long as they do.

I know my Mom friends can feel me on that. I'm planning a brand new virtual Bootcamp starting January 4th. I will lock arms with other women to make 2016 our best year yet!


To get more details on this comment below with your email address!

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⚡️If you could get paid an extra $200-300 a week to workout, eat healthy and not be afraid to share about your journey on social media....would you do it? ⚡️

#yesplease #accountability


⚡️If you could get paid an extra $200-300 a week to workout, eat healthy and not be afraid to share about your journey on social media....would you do it? ⚡️


I'm taking a little poll because I'm curious to hear what people think...:

Should we allow the Syrian #refugees to come into our country?

If so why?...
If not why?

{remember everyone has their own opinion}

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How we do school
I die.. you have to wait for it

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I just returned from the most amazing event of a lifetime and learned so many great tools to change my destiny, my state of mind and the rest of my life!

So I'm hosting a conference call for my team tonight at 8:30 pm but I thought I would open it up to anyone wanting to change their life--

Jump on if you can--


Topic: UPW-2015 Tony Robbins
Time: Oct 28, 2015 8:30 PM (GMT-5:00) Central Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:

+1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 751 918 970
International numbers available:…

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She is still my ROCK! And it's been 10 days since I've seen her! Making a stop as soon as I get home from LA!

See this little lady next to me?

She is my ROCK.
She is my WHY.
She has stood beside me when no one has. ...
She has helped raise me.
She helped me become the woman I am today.
She would give me her last dollar if I needed it.
She would come get me in the middle of the night when I would wake up scared and alone.
She was the only one that looked for me when I ran away.
She would fight you if you had one bad thing to say about her Annie Belle or any of her grand kids.
She is the reason I fight for a better life.

She is my grandma or what I call my "Maw".

She spent most of her like taking care of me so I plan to spend the rest of her time taking care of her!

She is my world! And Angel!

Everyone needs someone like my "Maw" in their life!

I will fight for YOU! ❤️ you!

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So I know I mentioned doing this the other day....but wanted to remind you guys that I will be doing a Best Body By My Birthday challenge starting September 21st. 💪🏼
This is perfect for you if you-:

Are you tired of feeling like crap everyday?
Are you tired of trying on cute clothes and leaving depressed and crying because they don't fit? ...
You suffer from low energy and constant fatigue?
You're not sure how to get started or maybe you only have those past 5-10 pesky pounds to lose.
Are you ready to look & feel better?
Can you give me 21 days?

You'll get meal plans, support and the tools to feel good again!

I'm gonna mix it up this time and have theme weeks-- I'll teach you how I've gotten out of debt by 32, how I've been able to do things for my kids that I never had, and how to better budget your finances and how having faith has changed my life..

You have to ask yourself--Am I tired of being sick and tired? And when will enough be enough? If I continue to put this off I may not have any days left to make the change I always promised my self I would-- it's time! It's only 21 days! That's it!

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🚂🚂 All aboard the Hot Mess Express 🚂🚂

Wheeeew the house is a mess, we need groceries, the laundry needs to be done, dinner, dishes, a pile of mail, homework, bath, the dog needs a bath... I could go on and on but I doubt that's necessary I'm sure you get it...

You see I don't have it all together, in fact I rarely do. 😜


I have a need-to-do list on constant repeat in my head..I have the best of intentions most days but it never seems to all get done at once-- it gets done but never all at the same time..& that's okay...

I've learned mostly through failing at this miserably--that my super-woman cape needs to gather a little dust every now and then, & that my {Annie needs to do list} will always be there and there is no sense in stressing over it. I've learned to not feel horribly guilty and beat myself up over not having it together.

I've picked up a couple tips that help me hash out that craziness-- I figured I'd share with my fellow walking dead moms.. 😃
🔹First I SLOW MY ROLL- and remember that although I'd love to be super-mom, super-woman, the cleaning fairy and the lady that has it all together and gets *Ish done-- I can't physically do it all.
🔹 I find a semi-quiet place to get real with God. 🙏🏼
🔹 Write a list of EVERYTHING I have going on in my head or that's on that {Annie do list} anything and everything I feel like I have to get done.
🔹 Then prioritize it.. Most important first ; Obviously.
🔹 Then I pick the top 3 things that NEED to be done. And do them ASAP without letting something else distract me {Oh,WAIT the dog needs a bath also- HELLO shiny penny syndrome}
🔹If I still have time- I'll add two more things off my list.
🔹 Then I see what I can delegate to the other half.
🔹Then I prioritize for the next day and have it already written down so I can skip step 3 tomorrow.

🔹🔹Then I drop the mic, find a glass of wine and a hot bath--and hide that super-woman cape because who needs to be super-woman anyway..🔹🔹

You are AMAZING..You don't need it all together and what may seem to be falling apart is most likely falling together....LET IT GO!

#hotmessexpress #superwoman

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I can not believe that I'll be 33 on my next Birthday I woke up today in a bit of a panic thinking about it.

Seriously where has the time gone? ... But I plan on making the best of the next two months before I turn 33 and get my Best Body Before my Birthday..

So that gave me an idea to have a challenge and open it up to anyone that has a birthday coming up that you may be dreading like me and want to also get your best body before your bday!


My fitness journey is never over and the older I get the more important it is...

So I have a special birthday present to the next 3 people that commit to doing this challenge with me!

Email me or comment below for the details on the special present!

Trust me it'll be fun- prizes, presents and most importantly you'll get fit!

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🌟 In order to be irreplaceable one must be DIFFERENT🌟

You know for most of my life I thought being like everyone was the only way to be.....

I always tried so hard to fit in, I wanted the same clothes, I had to hang in the "cool" crowds and found my place in "line".........
I thought that my worth was valued by how my peers viewed me...& my light couldn't make a difference unless they valued me....

Now I KNOW my value and I didn't find it by hoping people liked me. I found it by being different, marching to the beat of my own drum... Now I know my light can and has made a difference in other people's lives..

Be DIFFERENT.. don't find your place in line--be the leader at the front...and most importantly you are WORTH IT. Don't spend time trying to please others and trying to fit in-- do your best to stand out! If the people in your life are supposed to be there they'll love you for being you! matter how small you think your LIGHT is, let it SHINE for everyone to see...& light up the night! 🌟

Being a Beachbody coach hasn't just changed my weight-- it's helped me find my purpose, my confidence and to know my worth-- it's not always about being physically fit, it's also about being emotionally fit!

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I've got goals-- or dreams that ONE DAY I'll be back to my pre-baby body! But this time I've vowed to do it the healthy way even if it takes me 5 years to do it!

I used to be pretty "skinny" but I wasn't close to healthy-- I was a bartender that stayed hammered every night to be able to make it through a shift-- I would eat one meal a day and get like 3 hrs of sleep at most but I could fit into my sisters Youth size 12 shorts- {yippee} that's not what I consider a win these ...days wink emoticon

I'm not in this for the best body-- I'm in this for the best health--& I mess up and fall flat on my face- I fall into old habits pretty easily if I'm not careful-- it's always been my thing to have things go great and then self destruct not even realizing that is what I was doing---when something is all you know it's pretty hard to change and easy to fall back into--

That's why so many people give up on themselves-- rather than owning the mistakes and continuing forward we just decide to sit down and call it quits!

When you were a kid learning to walk-- I'm pretty sure you fell down a million and one times but did that stop you? HECK NO!! You were determined to walk no matter how hard you fell-- so why can't that same determination be applied to your health or even your business??
It CAN but its up to you- you can continue to allow yourself to self destruct or you can get up and freaking WALK!!

It's time to walk sister! This is not a sprint this is time to build some endurance!

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......Do you want to learn how to lose up to 7lbs in 7 days?

If I provided the meal plan and shopping list & all you had to do was cook and you could possibly lose up to 7 lbs-- Would you want to join me? It's FREE! What do you have to lose? Maybe that muffin top?

Just comment below "I'm in" and add your email address! I'll be getting everyone added to a private group and be ready to get started on Monday

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Have you ever felt so crappy about wouldn't even leave the house?

Have you ever gone through your entire closet & not be able to find one thing that fit you & was comfortable?

Have you worn your pants unbuttoned because they wouldn't button or if they did it was so uncomfortable you couldn't breathe?


Been depressed about your weight and not even know where to start?

Have no energy & health issues?

Live off of high- sugar energy drinks to get through the day??


I was that person above everyday and so miserable!
I had to find a way-- someway to feel good again!

Well I found something that changed my life...I'm down over 60lbs and haven't looked back! I promised that if I found a way-- - a healthy way, I would help as many women as I could that may be struggling like I was....& now I've helped TONS of women...just last month in my online groups the women lost over 250 lbs combined!

If you're struggling to lose weight or want help just getting started on a walking program than I am here-- email me at or

You're not alone & you don't have to fight for your health alone!

You can also comment below for more info on how to get started!

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Where are all my Hip Hop fans?

Do you like to dance, have fun and burn calories at the same time? Oh my goodness I've never had so much fun alone having a dance party sweat sesh in my living room...this new workout is legit! I didn't think I would feel like I got a good workout but boy I was wrong!

CIZE is where it's at! I had to test it out before I suggested it to my friends and followers and I love it so much we are going to be hosting a FOCUS TEST group starting Aug 3r...d. If you wanna be one of the first to go through this with us --you can email me at

Ask about the special for this group!

I'm gonna be over here dancing the fat and pounds off!

{Music Credit-Money For Nothing- Empire Soundtrack}

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🍨🍌Chunky Monkey Healthy Ice Cream 🍨🍌

This stuff is so good! So healthy and so easy!

You think I should share the recipe?? Comment below if you think I should!

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