People from all over the country will descend on Washington, D.C., to say NO to Donald Trump’s War Parade on Veterans' Day weekend.

This is an outrage! It is an obscene glorification of war and a criminal waste of urgently needed money. At this very moment so many working people are unable to pay their medical bills and rent, millions in Puerto Rico still have no electricity, youth unemployment is still staggering, the drug epidemic is worsening, and the country’s infrastruc...ture is crumbling. The War Parade is aimed at stimulating a new war drive that will bring death and destruction to one (or more) of the countries on the Pentagon hit list, potentially North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela. The over-the-top celebrations of the war machine — in the false guise of “patriotism” — also serve to stifle dissent at home, as Trump has repeatedly shown with his racist attacks on #BlackLivesMatter protesters.

The people of this country, and the world, will not stand for it. We will not be led into the slaughterhouse of war — either as perpetrators or victims — so as to repair a wounded ego or a wounded Empire. Hundreds of thousands will pour into the streets to stop Trump’s agenda of militarism and racism.

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This Sunday join the ANSWER Coalition and allied organizations for our third event in the four-part series of Black Radical History.

Sunday, February 18th | from 2pm-4pm
Workshop on African Liberation Struggles
831 Venice Blvd Suite 102, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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Today in Los Angeles! Women’s Rally to Free Ahed & All Palestinian Child Prisoners! #FreeAhedTamimi #FreeChildPrisoners #BDS #FreePalestine #Palestine
In New York City! #FreePalestine #HandsOffJerusalem
Pass a clean Dream Act now! #NoDreamNoDeal solidarity vigil

Rally and March - Gather at the White House
Followed by teach-in at George Washington University

Fifty years after the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., peace and social justice groups across the country are uniting to carry on his legacy of determined struggle against racism, war and poverty. Many of these activities are being coordinated by the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.


In his final book, Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “a final problem mankind must solve in order to survive ... is finding an alternative to war and human destruction.” This comes just after his statement in the same text that “the time has come for an all-out world war on poverty.” Today, when there is no controversy in Congress about spending at least $700 billion on the war machine while horrendous cuts are being made to almost every program designed to help people survive, these words ring as true as ever.

In the richest country in the history of countries, this situation is unacceptable. Food stamps, Medicaid, programs to save the planet and funds for affordable housing cannot and should not be held hostage to a global war-making machine – a machine aimed not at freedom or democracy but domination and control, complicit in terrible crimes.

From facilitating the brutal war in Yemen to the extreme threats directed at North Korea, Venezuela and Iran, the U.S. government has placed itself completely at odds with Dr. King’s vision: A way of life where people's needs rather than profits and imperial goals are the center of our society. This vision can be realized only if we seize the time and show that we won’t allow our future to be sacrificed at the altar of war and militarism.

Join us on Saturday, April 14 for a rally, march and teach-in against war, militarism and empire. These actions are timed to coincide with the anti-war Spring Actions 2018.

As Dr. King said: “Science has provided us with adequate means for survival and transportation, which make it possible to enjoy the fullness of this great earth. The question now is, do we have the morality and courage required to live together ... and not be afraid.”

Initial sponsors (list in formation): ANSWER Coalition; Justice First; Family and Friends of Incarcerated People; CODEPINK; Popular Resistance; Partnership for Civil Justice Fund; Imam Mahdi Bray, National Director of the American Muslim Alliance; Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality; Internationalist Students Front at George Washington University

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Join us once again this year at the mass protest to Support Palestine and confront the AIPAC Convention in Washington, D.C. Here's the link to get your bus ticket from NYC to DC!

March 4 is coming up: Get your NYC Bus Ticket to the National Protest to Support Palestine!

In celebration of Black History Month and Mardi Gras/Carnival, the ANSWER Coalition is hosting a Carnival-themed Lyrical Revolt. Join us for food, drinks, live performances, including a live DJ. $10.00 at the door.

Carnival/Mardi Gras is celebrated in countries like Haiti and Brazil and in the U.S. in New Orleans. The holiday is celebrated before the Catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday and Lent. It is known typically for decadence and debauchery, but at its core, it is a holida...y with a strong African Tradition and a strong connection with political struggle.

On the massive floats, musicians don’t just perform songs of celebration; they denounce the greed and corruption of their politicians, using their music as a platform to provide social commentary.

Lyrical Revolt is a platform where artists use their craft to provide political insight to further the revolutionary struggle and broaden class consciousness. We honor and cherish this tradition, and at Lyrical Revolt we will celebrate Carnival.

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Sat 9:00 PM EST147 w24th st floor 3, new york, new york

Answer Suncoast | Protest Rally Calls for More Oversight In Wake of Mobley Shooting

On Saturday evening, protesters arrived at the Desoto Mall in Bradenton to host another rally challenging Manatee County Law Enforcement’s account of the Jan. 23 shooting death of 38-year-old Brade…
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Answer Suncoast

Thanks to Alex Buono for his great piece on Justice for Corey Mobley! Please check out his site for independent multimedia journalism and media analysis…/protest-rally-calls-…/

#Justice4CoreyMobley #CoreyMobley

Join the ANSWER coalition's contingent for the 2018 International Women's Day March & Rally as we say: The women’s struggle has no borders!

From the recent murder of Viccky Gutierrez, a Latina transwoman, to the arrest of 16 year old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi fighting for Palestinian liberation, to the millions of immigrant women facing deportation and separation from their families, to the continuing struggle to end sexual violence, for equal pay, for maternity leave, for... the right to abortion and control over our bodies, for healthcare, we will be marching in solidarity with the women’s struggle here and abroad. The liberation of women means fighting for liberation outside of the U.S. borders.

While the United States continues funding endless wars, we must remember Imperialism is responsible for the destruction of women’s rights around the world along with their lands and resources. Imperialism forces millions of women and their children into poorly-resourced refugee camps, facing enormous accessing basic services, in particular, reproductive healthcare. Displacement also amplifies the economic and security factors that drive early marriage, making young girls even more vulnerable to this form of abuse.

We’ve seen the Trump agenda wage attack after attack on our immigrant and refugee communities: From the Muslim Ban, to the repeal of DACA, and now the end of TPS, these attacks on immigrant communities is a feminist issue because it is women, and more importantly immigrant women who are subjected to extreme levels of exploitation and poverty, while bearing the burden of doing “women’s work”.

Trump’s tax plan completely gutted the middle class to make the rich richer, while bumping the military budget by 10% and funded 3.1 billion dollars to uphold Israel’s apartheid regime. Meanwhile, funding for social services like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security will likely be cut to make up the 1.5 trillion dollar deficit due to the tax plan.

Women have always been on the frontlines of these struggles. We are marching for all freedom fighters such as Ahed Tamimi and people in their quest for liberation from patriarchy, bigotry, violence from the state and vigilantes. The struggle for women's liberation goes hand in hand with the struggle against US Imperialist wars which murder countless innocent civilians and forces millions of women into sex or human labor trafficking.

Join us to demand full rights for women now!

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Feb 3 - Feb 23Los Angeles, CA
Causes · 399 people

On Super Bowl Sunday Los Angeles Sheriff Department murdered 16 year old Anthony Weber. LASD said they saw him with a gun, but no gun was found. Earlier today, the community rallied at apartment complex where he was murdered and marched to nearby sheriff station followed by a speak out.

#AnthonyWeber #JailKillerCops #PoliceBrutality #LASD

Olympics ceremony watch party celebrating the unity of the Korean teams! Korea is one!

#WinterOlympics #2018Olympics #KoreaIsOne

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TUESDAY IN INDIANAPOLIS: All eyes are on the Korean peninsula, not only for the Olympic games, but more significantly for the warming of relations between North and South Korea amid escalating U.S. aggression. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from South Korean activists who have been working tirelessly for peace and reunification.

Listen to this interview with Richard Becker, a national organizer with the ANSWER coalition on the downing of a Israeli plane by Syrian forces and what it means in the context of Syria's war against invasion and imperialist backed reaction.

#Syria #Israel #Palestine #Iran

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Posted by Press TV
Press TV was live.

Syria has shot down an Israeli F-16 after airstrikes on military positions inside the Arab country.

Join #PressTVDebate now

Protests resist the war on immigrants.

U.S. immigration authorities are stepping up their war on undocumented immigrants, ripping apart families and communities. A just-released report from Pew Research Center found that ICE carried out 30 percent more arrests in 2017 than in the year prior.

But people are uniting and continuing to fight back across the country, from Washington, D.C, and New York City to California, as well as in many smaller cities and towns in every part of... the country.

Below are reports from two recent actions in Newark, New Jersey, and Tampa, Florida.


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People are uniting and continuing to fight back in the face of an escalating war on undocumented immigrants that is ripping apart families and communities, with mobilizations from Washington, D.C, and New York City to California, as well as in many smaller cities and towns in every part of the count...
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Stop Banking the Bomb is with Answer Coalition.

WTAE Coverage of our PNC protest in Pittsburgh today! Thanks to all who came out and thanks to our partners in the ANSWER coalition in NYC for holding a solidarity action against PNC Bank today.

From Zoom In Korea: Korean Americans Call for Peace Beyond Olympics.

The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, begins this Friday, February 9. Sixteen hundred South Koreans cheered the unified Korean women’s ice hockey team in a practice match against Sweden on February 4 in the lead-up to the official games. They waved blue and white unification flags and chanted, “Our country ~ reunification! One Korea!”

#Korea #AntiWar #Olympics #2018Olympics

South Koreans cheered the unified Korean women’s ice hockey team in a practice match on February 4 in the lead-up to the Olympics. On the same day, Koreans Americans gathered in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago as part of a nationally coordinated “Peace March in the U.S. for Successful Pye...

Today in New York City: Stop Banking the Bomb! Protest PNC Bank!

ANSWER-NYC is organizing a solidarity demonstration with the Stop Banking the Bomb campaign that was started in September demanding that PNC Bank end its $1.2 billion investment in eight nuclear weapons manufacturers. The campaign is also organizing a protest at the bank's headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The coalition was started by activists from the Pittsburgh chapter of Veterans For Peace, Party for... Socialism and Liberation-Pittsburgh Branch, Pittsburgh Anti-Imperialist League and the Thomas Merton Center’s Anti-War Committee.

The campaign states: "We believe these continued investments are a serious threat to our planet. We demand PNC Bank sell off these loans, investments, and bond issuances to nuclear arms producers and make a binding commitment never to invest in weapons of mass destruction."

#AntiWar #NuclearWeapons #NewYork

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ANSWER-NYC is organizing a solidarity demonstration with the Stop Banking the Bomb campaign demanding that PNC Bank end its $1.2 billion investment in eight nuclear weapons manufacturers.