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If you ever wondered what you would have done if you were a German citizen when Hitler came to power and started threatening the world with war as he pursued his racist nationalist agenda and attacking the free press and the rule of law, take a long look in the mirror this morning.

To reverse another Obama achievement, the Trump administration has found bin Laden's body and revived him.

I'm not saying Trump is racist but....ha, just kiddin' of course, he's racist. Why do I get the feeling that if Travis Reinking were Muslim and James Shaw Jr. were white, Trump would have tweeted about it by now? crickets

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What’s the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chick pea? Donald Trump never paid to have a garbanzo bean on his face.

If you want an illustration of white privilege: Imagine if in the Winter of 2010 President Obama was sued by a porn star who he paid $130,000 in hush money to in order to cover up an affair he had with her in 2001, shortly after Michelle gave birth to Sasha.
Imagine how FoxNews would have “reported” that?

This fucknut is about to veto the spending bill - shut down the govt over his stupid wall, isn’t he?

Extremely tired of watching the media wring their hands trying to figure out “why” Trump tweets or does whatever stupid shit he’s done. Dumb people do dumb things! There is no “why” because there is no mental process involved with his actions. He’s like a giant spoiled orangutan - flinging shit at his handlers (and on our country). Stop psycho-analyzing him and get the tranquilizer gun before he hurts someone!

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you.
Former CIA Director John Brennan

Am I the only who finds it strange that we learn that Trump is planning a military attack against North Korea if they develop a nuclear bomb that might be capable of hitting the US on the same day that his boss, Putin, announces publicly that Russia has developed a super missile that can penetrate the United States' defenses? So, let me get this straight we will not allow any tiny countries that we can wipe off the face of the Earth to threaten us with a possible strike but we will sit on our ass while our major adversary and puppet master rubs our face in it?
выигрыш! (Winning! in Russian) Where are my better dead than red right wing friends? What have become of ye? (Note, I'm not saying we should strike Russia, I'm saying we should stop threatening military action to resolve political differences.)

Remember when your liberal friends told you it was stupid to allow people to own assault weapons and you let Foxnews convince you they wanted to deny you the right to defend your family in the very unlikely event you were attacked in your home? Have you started wondering what other things your liberal friends might have been right about and what other bald-faced lies you’ve been told over the years? Truth has a liberal bias. You can argue, but you’ll be wrong.

Another way there....

This month's cover story is on Tom Richards, a musician fighting cancer. We've got interviews with comedian Ben Rosenfeld and playwright Mike Czuba; features on the films "Death of an Umbrella Salesman" and "Feast Your Ears: The Story of WHFS 102.3"; reviews of "The Endless" and "Golden Exits"; the....

Check out this very nice write-up in NJ Stage magazine. The Story of Crossfire Choir starts on page 70.…/posts/10215496208859404

Don’t you just know that Alex Jones’s ignorant fat head is exploding right now? They are coming for your guns you conspiracy whore.

I wish President Obama would lead a a national movement to change our idiotic gun laws. He was accused of wanting to take away people's guns for 8 years anyway (along with putting old people in Fema camps), why not actually do it and save innocent lives? We can talk about the FEMA camps later.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a modern day Pinocchio, except when she lies, her fake eyelashes got longer and her make-up is caked on thicker. #SarahHuckabeeSanders