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Emily-Jason Wiltshire
· April 8, 2018
I’m so sad. Talked for 5 minutes last night about how wonderful the bakery was- including their macaroons. We literally showed up 3 minutes before closing and a lady very curtly closed the door in our... face and said “we’re closing”. I mean I work in retail and know how it goes but it wasn’t 10 yet and we would have been in and out- not to mention how dry she was. I had friends that had never been and I can’t say they will be trying to go back. Shame. See More
Tara D. Hall
· December 22, 2017
We live in OKC and when my husband and I get a night out of town without our kiddo, it seems to always involve music in Tulsa and a night at the Fairfield Inn. I love staying there because we can walk... to Laffa and Antionette Baking Co. The last time we were there I was so excited for breakfast and coffee. We got there at about 9:58am and although they stopped serving the breakfast menu at 10am, they still allowed us to order without hesitation. I had the spinach and garlic eggs Benedict and it was the most amazing breakfast I have ever had in my life. Every visit has been perfect! See More
Morgan Ghosey Rich
· January 9, 2018
Sooooo disappointing! Today we went in and while the service was great the Macarons were a major disappointment! The texture of the cookie had good chew but NO flavor. Also the lemon one was not lemon... at all. The buttercream filling was vanilla with a plain shell, no hint of lemon to be found.needless to say I will not be wasting my money again for a mediocre macaron experience. See More
Merritt Wakefield
· December 1, 2017
I've tried almost everything at Antoinette Baking Co., from the chocolate chip & sea salt cookies to the duck fat caramels to the key lime pie, and it's all fantastic. Plus, the staff is friendly and ...helpful and the bakery is beautiful with Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper, fresh flowers on the counter, & cozy booths. Great place for a quick dessert craving or a special custom order! See More
Sarah Shepherd-Mansur
· March 30, 2018
Love this place. So cute and great atmosphere. Love the Mile High Pie, it’s to die for!! Went to Cake Night last time and the cakes were all amazing! The almond cake with raspberry filling and butterc...ream frosting was the best! See More
Alle Mason
· April 22, 2018
We have made a tradition of getting our celebratory cakes from this bakery - hands down one of our favorites, and I couldn't be more pleased with the buttermilk birthday cake we had today!
Karen Kazmi
· April 7, 2018
Came for the first time today. They had many delicious looking desserts. I had the mini key lime pie and coffee and they were both wonderful. The only thing I didn’t like or understand is why they don...’t have prices on anything and no menu with prices. I hate having to ask the price of everything! Almost makes me feel like they change the prices daily. Anyway, other than that it was really good. See More
Andrea Leitch
· January 18, 2018
One of the best bakeries Tulsa has to offer! From weekend pie nights, the occasional cake night or a Sunday brunch...highly recommend dropping in or planning a visit with friends, family or your love!
Isabel Texas Longoria
· January 3, 2018
Great staff, great food! We stopped here twice for items during our recent trip to Tulsa. We loved their vegan muffins, lattes with homemade syrups, and "everything" biscuit. The staff was incredibly ...friendly and helpful. We only wished their were more vegan options! See More
Joseph DeLustro
· March 10, 2018
Glad I live on the other side of Tulsa I would weigh 500 pounds. So good and fresh. Mile high chocolate pie is to die for. Then again so is everything else we had!
Emily Davis
· November 4, 2017
The atmosphere and staff were great! I had the biscuits and gravy, the best cold brew coffee I've ever had, and I would have eaten a cookie too if I wasn't so full � I will definitely be going back!
Kyden Creekpaum
· February 4, 2018
Always awesome. A huge selection of divine baked goods, and often some clever or interesting offerings among the staples. Also, the savory lunch & brunch fare is very nicely done, too.
Shelby Rose Edwards
· April 18, 2018
We ordered some of their pies for our wedding. They worked with us, which was greatly appreciated. Although they were good, they were very expensive, and the boxes the pies were in were huge.
Stephanie Jackson
· March 18, 2018
Great desserts and great service! A must if you’re downtown Tulsa for a show, festival or just passing through!
Maggie Wade
· August 14, 2017
This is a lovely space. The coffee was great. The staff were friendly and helpful. I would have preferred a slightly larger selection of items available in the case, but what we ordered was I will say I was shocked that there were no croissants. I would consider that a staple bakery item. Also, I wish pricing were listed on the items in the case, rather than having to inquire on each one. All in all, a very nice place to sit and enjoy a coffee and a pastry! See More
Setina Sashae
· February 14, 2018
My birthday cake was ordered from here and it was Amazing!! Lavender buttercream white cake!! I still dream about it!
Laura Adams-Allen
· January 29, 2018
the savory food, the delicious sweets, and the friendly service are all outstanding! Great atmosphere too!
Monica Bosler Puckett
· September 10, 2017
We tried Antoinette for the first time Sat and absolutely loved it! We loved the shop, the ladies that were working and loved the food! We will definitely be back and we highly recommend this bakery!
Misty Brown
· July 23, 2017
This is one of those places I've heard a lot about and was really excited to try because we live in Broken Arrow so we aren't in downtown Tulsa a lot. Earlier this month I had some time by myself in t...he area so I swing in and got a lemon cookie with raspberry filling. It was absolutely amazing delicious flavors moist everything I wanted. Came in this past Friday drove down there just for it for international junk food day and pie night. Unfortunately the selection have been pretty picked over since they have been doing it all day which I can understand. The macaroons were delicious and so were the couple of other things we got. However we waited until we got home to get into our pie one was a special for the day my husband's the mile-high chocolate so something I'm sure they make pretty often. I am a huge pie fan that is my favorite dessert and we didn't like either one. I knew mine was taking a chance because it was a fruitloop pie for the day but the chocolate tasted weird in my husband's the crust was hard and just not flavorful on both pies and the whipped cream just taste like over whipped cream there was no sweetness and it had crossed the point being fluffy to starting to turn dense. I will come back again for the pastries and other items and would like to try cake night but they seriously need to reevaluate their pies See More
Deanna Staul Lombardo
· December 1, 2017
They have awesome cake nights and pie nights!!! Their pastries are fantastic!!!!!! The service is amazing too!!!
Antoinette Baking Co: Teaser Trailer
Making lemon pies for tonight!!!
We had a great first day! So excited to be in The Brady Arts District.

Please help us celebrate Tulsa's best chocolate chip cookies with the second annual Tulsa Cookie Crawl.

Stop by, pick up your official button, then let the crawl begin.

Antoinette Baking Co.
The Altamont Bakery (Congregation B'nai Emunah)
Glacier Confection
The Coffee House on Cherry Street
Queenie's Cafe & Bakery
Old School Bagel Cafe - Tulsa (Brookside)
Coffee House on Your Street
Ida Red on Main Street

No fee to crawl. Cookies are regular price at each location. Vote for your favorites on social media using hashtag #tulsacookiecrawl.

Try them all. Do the crawl.

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Sun 11:00 AM CDTAntoinette Baking Co.Tulsa, OK
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Weekend isn’t over yet! Pie night selections: blackberry blackberry crumb, mile high chocolate, lemon chess, cookies and cream and, key lime raspberry meringue and#gf #vegan almond joy

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