The Children of Lehom is somewhat dystopian, so it's pretty obvious I like dystopian stuff.
Interesting article:…/ready-player-one-book-facebook-i…

The 2011 book wants to have it both ways — just like Mark Zuckerberg
Lamar’s historic milestone—becoming the first hip-hop artist to win a Pulitzer Prize for music—figures in the grander, affected consecration of blackness within élite spaces.
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This is presented as career advice, but I think it's valuable for writers who are challenging themselves to improve:…/13-things-that-will-happen-whe…

You'll get your stride back and be more evolved.

Hmmm.....people are replacing the word "Facebook" with "printing press." The results are interesting!…/facebook-printing-press-meme/

Facebook is on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism these days. But is it as benign as the printing press? A new meme begs the question.

Good news...The Children of Lehom is still hot and trending on Kindle Scout. Thanks, everyone for your support!

Even though this series is getting panned on IMDB, I'm still very much enjoying it!

Searching for the woman promised to him by Aphrodite, herdsman Paris learns his true identity and falls for Helen of Sparta, igniting the Trojan War.

Quipu: the Inca "writing system," for lack of a better term.

Andean cultures did not have a recognizable written script prior to the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s; however, the Inca did utilize a method of recording through knotted cords, known as quipu ( khipu ; “knot” in Quechua). The quipu (khipu) have Z-spun, S-plied cords. According to Ann Rowe...

Here's an interesting article on "ikigai," or "reason for being/source of happiness/motivation," per this article. Writing is certainly part of my own "ikigai."…/ikigai-japanese-purpose-lifestyle-t…/

Happy western Easter to those who celebrate it!

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