App Promo CEO Gary Yentin speaking on the marketing and promotion of #Apps with the Application Developers Alliance
Meet App Promo CEO Gary Yentin
Advertising Week 2014 Industry Index interview with App-Promo CEO Gary Y...: … via @YouTube

The #Secrets of #AppMarketing as told by @AppPromo CEO Gary Yentin

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Snapchat responds to the petition complaining about the app’s redesign via @techcrunch

Snapchat has posted an official response to users who signed a petition on asking the company to reverse its controversial update, which people say..

YouTube is the most lucrative platform for creators — with Etsy and Instagram trailing behind

In 2016, content creators made a collective $3.2 billion from YouTube.

Apple dictates that all new apps must fully support the iPhone X screen

Apps must also be built with the iOS 11 SDK.

Apple dictates that all new apps must fully support the iPhone X screen

Apps must also be built with the iOS 11 SDK.

In a First Step Toward Monetization, Snapchat Starts Sharing Stats With Creators…/n…/snapchat-stats-creators-1202698318/…

Snapchat is starting to tell creators how well their stories are doing: Snap Inc. announced the launch of a new analytics feature Wednesday that will tell Snapchatters with sizable audiences how th…
Google makes ads show up in more smartphone apps than any other technology company. That is the core of a resurgent business for parent Alphabet Inc.

Mobile App Advertising Rates (2018) -

Since the dawn of the Internet digital advertising has been one of the major engines that drove its growth. In the year 2008 digital advertising began its transformation from desktop to mobile, which lead to advertising in apps and than ultimately to the rise of the mobile app advertising industry.....

Apple is Rejecting Apps for Using Emoji in Screenshots and Text…/apple-is-rejecting-apps-for-using…/

Some interesting new regulations are starting to appear surrounding emojis on iOS. Apple is starting to reject apps that use emojis in ways they deem against their rules. Emojipedia, a lifeline for anyone who works in social media from their computer and needs to use emojis for dank memes on their c

Apple is sending some developers ad spend and install details for other people’s apps via @techcrunch

An issue at Apple appears to be resulting in app developers getting emails of ad spend and install summaries for apps belonging to other developers. The..

Snapchat opens in-app shopping section with Snap Store

Snap could reap additional revenue by opening up its in-app store to outside brands and selling sponsored listings within it.

A traveling frog exposes concerns within Apple's Chinese App Store…/traveling-frog-exposes-fake-app…

An app about a frog that likes to travel has exposed worrying signs that Apple isn't doing enough to prevent fake apps from entering its App Store in China, the world's largest smartphone market and Apple's single largest country for app revenue.

@AppPromo ❤️ loves #ASO- Valentine's Special Offer ❤️

Several changes to which content users see are already having a significant impact on the social network.

FollywoodApp Presents Pandamonium via @YouTube

Follywood App Presents Pandamonium. Download the application and enter to win ridiculous prizes and bragging rights. Make your ...
WASHINGTON, D.C., January 30, 2017 – B2B ratings and reviews firm Clutch named the top Canada and UK-based marketing and advertising agencies as leaders in the industry. After speaking with 600 companies’ clients, evaluating each company’s market presence, and assessing the quality of work del...