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Meaghann Riffle
· February 23, 2018
Literally a disaster from start to finish. I ordered carside to go, went to pick it up... they couldn't find my order. I waited 10 mins, the waitress finally found it (somehow!..?!) She apologized and... was polite. I skimmed the bag and thought it was all in there (big mistake) got home to feed 4 starving kids and half the order was missing. The other half was old and hard. I called to speak to the manager (who was rude and didn't even acknowledge how messed up the entire experience was) offered no apology but could issue a credit. Ridiculous way to run a restaurant and I wish I could have just gotten my money back. Never again! See More
Cyndi Jurica-Brannock
· December 17, 2017
I usually do not do this but here goes.... first the positive.... the food tasted and was prepared well. Plated nicely as well. So it all began with ... you're server is on break but we can take your ...order.... not sure how long we waited but finally got food. Food was good as previously stated but was given silverware and 1 napkin. Same person checked on us within about 2 minutes of meal and gave me more water and napkin but my friend never got his tea. We waited at least 15 minutes after completing our meal for someone to even come near our table which no one ever did as we originally wanted dessert. Apparently our server never came back from break ?!? So I finally find a manager watching the game and told him my concerns. He was like oh..... you have a coupon ( delta sonic) offered a dessert to go but needless to say could not wait any longer so said ... I took your ice tea off your bill. Really??? Is that the way you handle the situation? How about... sorry that happened.... how about I'll address the issue..... what has happened with customer service??? Sad that so close to my home and not planning on returning See More
Danilo Esperon
· December 16, 2017
Had a party of six, we all ordered steaks.Poor service,poor quality food.Christopher was our server, he was clearly in autopilot/bot mode,did not rectify our problem, manager never visited our table. ...Sat at table #15, cobwebs on the corner of the ceiling, dusty flat surface behind seating area , had two fountain drinks prior to our food showing up,plates were hot, food was room temperature. Ordered a 8oz steak was served a 6OZ steak, Christopher made it sound like somehow it was our eyes, and perception of weight that was wrong,and not our steak. This Applebee's location used to be great, it has gone downhill drastically. The reason for our outing was that my wife just graduated her nursing class(RN) and the family wanted to take her out and celebrate/reward her for all her years of schooling. What a negative experience we had here. See More
Starlet Lebrun
· April 10, 2018
Food was good, service was ok. Waitress needs to know when to shut up and let us have what we want. I wanted a Dollarita. Tried to talk me out of it 3 times. Yes I know its not top shelf, yes I stil w...ant it. Waited 15 minutes after my food arrived to get it. Then asked me. "You really like that". Wtf. See More
Briana McDonald
· December 31, 2017
Honestly, the wait was way too long, and the waitress not only messed up something with our order, but was messing up orders of people around us. She needs to be trained better before being on her own.... I’m usually never disappointed with the service here other than yesterday. See More
Debra Bacon Loiacono
· April 12, 2018
BAIT AND SWITCH, advertising dollar margaritas, limit to 3 drinks, charge extra if you get a flavored drink. Website says nothing of this. Bartender gave some cock and bull story about NYS law about... 3 drink limit due to alcohol content yet offered for us to drink an alternative alcohol beverage, don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out they only want customers to $3 limit for their profit. See More
Karra Mallory
· March 11, 2018
Had an awesome lunch with my hubby. Jalene was an amazing server. It's hard to come by someone so sweet, attentive, and on point!
Rebecca L. Sackett
· September 22, 2017
Normally applebees is wonderful. Not sure if the waiter was new but he didnt listen very well. Over charged and didnt hear one part of the order. Food was good service not so much. He did take the... charges off after pointing it out but, not our best experience. See More
Steve Prouty
· October 15, 2017
Food was real good our waitress tho seem in a rush to get our order and a rush to get us out the door when I go out to eat I like to relax a bit enjoy our food not be rushed
Mary M. Risley-Roberts
· October 8, 2017
Food was delicious. Service was slow. The waitress dumped a plate of food on the floor and spilled water all over the table and my son.
Trevor Michael Rogers
· July 30, 2016
The sad thing is, Applebee's used to be great. Food quality and portion sizes have gone downhill, yet the prices have gone up. Example: the chicken wings. Used to have 10 wings and 6 celery sticks. since switching to the crappy double crunch style, it's down to 9 wings and 2 sticks. Food variety has plummeted as well, now they have no chicken broccoli Alfredo pasta. At one point they had 14 desserts to choose from, now it's 5. The only saving grace is the server at the restaurant we go to, if he leaves we're done with Applebee's. See More
Merrin Iannone
· February 15, 2017
This is one of my favorite places to eat. My boyfriend and I went last night for Valentine's Day the service was great and so was the food I ordered the bourbon chicken and he orders the butchers meal... I was only disappointed that when the butchers came out it was quite small in portion compared what is advertised however being we had orderd a app which also has gotten a little skimpy as well and 2 side salads we did end up filling up and being satisfied! I'm amazed at the side salads those were quite a great portion however if we had not ordered them I believe we may have left still hungry lol! I will continue to go to Applebee's as I have always had good experiences some not great but was always fixed management is usually on top of things. Maybe a suggestion that on Valentines offer a dinner special for couples ? See More
Kristi Hosner
· November 28, 2016
My son walked to Applebee's yesterday intending to have a meal. He waited for quite sometime and was never seated. He said many employees walked passed him, looked at him, but never approached him, no...r attempted to seat him. At that time, he took it upon himself to seat himself at a small table in the bar area. He sat there for half an hour while again, many employees walked passed him, looked directly at him but never approached him to offer a menu, ask if he wanted a drink or if he wanted to order food. After feeling like crap for being ignored repeatedly he left without ever being served, much less spoken to.

Crumby way to treat customers. I promise, my family of seven will never step foot in this restaurant again. If you can't serve one, you certainly can't serve seven of us.
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Aly Ortman
· September 15, 2017
The waitress was great, the food was great and it wasn't busy at all! Only thing I don't like is that the appetizer portions are a bit small.
Doug Wicks
· May 14, 2016
Worst service of any restaurant I have ever eaten at, if you sit at the bar you will be ok.The managers are the worst ,usually have to ask for silverware.The staff is constantly making excuses for ...why things are so screwed up. Have never did this before but I am curious to see if anyone else has had the same experience here. See More
Wendy Lou Bayer Castaldo
· October 14, 2016
I always have liked Applebee's our service was excellent 10-13-16 Tony and the manager were very attentive to us. The food was good and hot but the portion sizes have decreased and the prices have inc...reased which is unfortunate. For 3 of us to have lunch, and 2 appetizers soda and water no mixed drinks with 20% tip was $75.00 yikes! See More
Mike Doe
· October 23, 2017
awesome service and great food i will be back again
Ashley Danielle Meilunas
· January 24, 2015
We got there probably around 8ish.. didn't sit down till almost 830ish cause it was a little busy and we ordered.. appetizer didn't come out till almost 915pm and we didn't get any plates or napkins a...nd took a good almost 5 minutes to catch someone's attention... food came out at about 930pm and a couple of our meals weren't even hot.. also had my almost 2 year old and he didn't even eat his food cause he sat around for too long.. didn't stick around even for the receipt for do the formal survey because we were just over the experience tonight.. never again most likely See More
Donovan Pascone
· August 7, 2016
My husband and I stopped in for a quick bite on our way back home to New England. The hostess seating us (my husband with a leg brace and me on crutches) upstairs when there were plenty of tables in t...he first floor. I ordered iced tea after asking if there was Splenda. The iced tea tasted like water and the waitress told us they don't carry Splenda so I sent it back and asked for water. I also asked not to have onions on my salad. When food finally arrived my salad was covered in onions and I had to ask again for my water. One hour later, (it was not busy) we asked for our check and it still had the iced tea on it. This particular restaurant is not recommended. At no point was a manager visible. See More
Hon DaHam
· January 4, 2017
So I went to this place on an idle Monday, dinner shift. Ive never had a problem going to this location. I'm not entirely sure if our waitress was new or they over sat her area, however I noticed she ...had 7 tables of couples. Ordered an app, now I always get leary about ordering apps, because usually the entree comes out 4 mins after we get the app. But I got our app, 2 mins later our food. Wasn't too happy about that, basically threw our app away. So amongst 7 tables, our waitress, however I do know her name which I won't name drop, waited on each table fine, didn't come to ours after we got our meal to make sure everything was fine. So, neglected for refills or asking about our meals, I spoke outloud, saying we should just leave. A older guy next to me, went up to the waitress, whispered something in her ear, next thing you know, our check was at our table? Weird? Didn't ask for boxes for food, no refills, completely neglected me as a customer. Now, I'm not one to complain about things, I don't yell, or get the manager involved, however what I will do, is leave you a 0.00$ tip on a 50.00 dollar bill to make my point. Unprofessional, and quite frankly, I didnt know my existance, inconviences your working abilty. Horrible. Horrible horrible. See More
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Ah, the beauty of savory chicken and buttery shrimp. All on one plate.

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