Relax, breathe, let all your stress melt away.... Enjoy Judy Sparkes's work at Studio G this Saturday and Sunday. #ourtour2017
Art is being created right here - right now! Studio F is alive with the love of art. #ourtour2017
Kim Tucker Studio location (C) 10040 Hwy 28, west side, just outside Apsley She handcrafts scarves in the art of felting merino wool and hand dyed silks of habotai, chiffon and georgette. This process of fusing wool and silk together is known as nuno felting. This is a video of Kim's process of creating one of her pieces.

David Grieve joins the Tour for the first time this Fall at Studio G and we know you will love his work!

"I have been making a living through the sales of my paintings for 20 years. Over time it has inevitably evolved and changed. From day to day these changes seem slow. When comparing a few examples through the years these changes seem drastic.

I began my career painting still life, exploring compositions with fruits and flowers; with an interest in the changes in the colo...ur of fruit over time. Those warm colours lead me to look at autumn landscapes. Painting the fields and trees around my home in Brantford. After purchasing a cottage on Jack Lake in 2008 my interest has shifted to capturing images of the lake.

Throughout all of the work I believe there is a consistent use of strong colours and bold brush marks."

David Grieve

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From weaving silk to silver.

From childhood onward I have made stuff – by sewing, embroidering, crocheting, knitting, paper making, weaving, pottery, beading, and quilting. I discovered weaving… and I was in love. I eventually became certified as a Master Weaver, marketing at One of a Kind in Toronto and a wholesale venue i...