Performance at Arabic Night January 2016
Competition dance at Bellydance Trophies, December 2012
my performance at this month's Bellydance Cabaret Show - Arabesque Nights, London Music by Natacha Atlas. Video by Phillip C-photography

New #bellydance classes in NW #London with the lovely Frederique!

Mon 7:30 PM UTCHampstead Town HallLondon, United Kingdom
8 people interested

Some good points well made here

I love haflas! I have been to hundreds over the years. From small local events with …

I now have some availability for gigs on #NYE #NewYearsEve in West or Southwest #London (e.g. Chiswick, Kew, Mortlake, Barnes, Acton). PM for enquiries.

#Bellydancers love #glitter: please look for biodegradable brands!

Environmental scientists have pointed out that banning glitter is an important step in protecting the future of the world’s oceans and aquatic life.

Performing an #Egyptian classic here this week, t
Thursday in #London at Dar Marrakesh - wonderful dancers, lovely venue, hope to see you there!

Thu 8:30 PM UTCDar MarrakeshLondon, United Kingdom
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Amazing! This young prodigy plays the beautiful "Enta Omri", classical #Egyptian #music

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Posted by Souhad Najem
Souhad Najem is with Hayat Enffouss.

اغنية انت عمري / الحان محمد عبدالوهاب .
اداء تلميذتي المجتهدة ذات ال 6. سنوات ياسمين .
استمتعت كثيرا وانا. استمع لهذا الفديو الجميل بهذه الاناقة في التنفيذ ط...بعاً هذا نتاج متابعة يومية بأدق التفاصيل واجتهاد ومثابرة من التلميذة وحرص كبير جداً من الوالدين .
اجزم بأن هذه التلميذة اصغر تلميذة تؤدي هذا العمل الجميل بهكذا مهارات تقنية جميلة بالتنفيذ . سعيد جداً بما وصلت الية مع هذه الطفلة الموهوبة الذكية نتاج سنة واحدة فقط لدراسة آلة القانون بمنهجية علمية دقيقة .
استمتعوا معي اصدقائي بسماعها وحاولو ان تدندنو الاغنية وانتم. تسمعون لتلاحظوا دقة التنفيذ.
الاستاذ المشرف
سهاد نجم عبدالله .

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This is a UK based initiative, but no reason not to do something similar elsewhere! #refugees #charity

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Ruby Bayley-Pratt

[Friends and fam] Women for Refugee Women have just put out a call to action for toiletries and beauty products for women this Christmas. I will be facilitating... a collection in the office and out which will run until November 29th. If you want to contribute you can:

- Hand over anything next time I see you socially.
- Pop by Loraine Mansions when one of us is in.
- Drop anything off at my office (New Yard Inn).
- Post anything my way (incl. Amazon deliveries). Just let me know and I'll send you the address.
- Send me some cash and I'll go buy a load of stuff on your behalf.

I will be dropping everything off at their offices at lunchtime on the 30TH OF NOVEMBER. Please spread the word!

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This was fascinating (not dance related, but #Egypt & region)

Jonathan Guyer examines the rise of neo-noir fiction in Egypt.

I will be there!

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Tara Lee Oakley

Last one of the year... this is gonna be a busy night guys get your tickets .. now available at

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Farah Nasri to Get Egyptianized! 2 Exclusive Bellydance training Sessions

Yeah! Winter time change on Sunday ! You have one extra hour to sleep!
HOWEVER that is not a valid excuse to come to the workshops on Egyptian time!
I ll be w...aiting for you all at 10am this Sunday!
Workshop 1 : 10 am to 12 Shaabi combos
Workshop 2 : 1pm to 3pm Modern oriental on a classical song

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I make a brief appearance in this great #musical show - tonight near Caledonian Road, #London - do come!

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Joe Cushley

Tomorrow is the opening night of the latest iteration of The Extra-Ordinary Cabaret Of Dorian Gray. Playing at two different London venues

I'm playing a conflic...ted, desperate theatre owner on the trail of evil. Let's make it all about me shall we...

Okay, okay, I'm not on the poster, but I do have quite a few lines to say...

See attached flyer for details of perfs at Pleasance Theatre and King's Head Theatre

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Not dance related, but this is important: "As men, we are so used to women accommodating our needs that the absence of this effort can feel like a grave injustice. These beliefs are not limited to those we might identify as overtly sexist or “misogynistic.” Even those of us who pride ourselves on being seen as “good men” will have developed similar patterns of thinking — to which the only remedy is identifying and actively resisting the current of mainstream ideology."

We know that most men are not Harvey Weinstein. But in the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, “…morally speaking, there is no limit to…

#London workshops with our #bellydance star, recently returned from successful contracts working in #Cairo!
#Shaabi #Oriental


Who will be the hero on the final stretch?

Charlotte Desorgher
Only £10 to go!! Who’s going to get us over that final line?

#Dance meets #art

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British Museum

Today marks 100 years since the death of French artist Edgar Degas. Well known for capturing the movement and dynamism of the Parisian ballet, Degas used innova...tive cropping of his subjects to give his works a fly-on-the-wall atmosphere. The artist produced this oil sketch in the 1870s, using thinned-down paint so he could work rapidly and convey the form of the dancers.

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Domestic abuse, rape, terminal cancer, slavery, trafficking; dreadful traumas which have a devastating effect on a woman's sense of self, on her confidence, her self esteem and her body image. Now Company of Dreams is bringing joy to shattered lives through the surprising art of bellydance. This uni...