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Do you have a sweet tooth? If so you’ll love Sweet! Pick & Mix now open on the lower level between JCPenny and Belk️ We’re in love with their delicious and colorful selection! #MakeitYours

Have a MAGICAL Friday! You can order this adorable unicorn cake from Great American Cookies now at 770.577.2424 🦄

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Prom Flat
Look who’s here! Come visit Santa for on the lower level between Macy's & Bed Bath & Beyond. Tag a friend who’s on the nice list, and we will give away two Santa photo packages at random on this post on Tuesday, November 21st! Click the link below for a list of holiday events❤️
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Becky Harmon
· March 16, 2018
I am from out of town and visit this mall 2 or 3 times a year because I have family nearby. Each time I have visited this mall and used their Women's restroom located in the food court, I have been a...ppalled. The bathrooms always reek like they have never been cleaned. The walls and floors of the stalls look like they have never been wiped down and the white toddler chairs hanging on the doors look so nasty like they have never once been cleaned. I will stick to the department stores within the mall because they do a better job at keeping their restrooms cleaner. See More
Nieman Hammond
· April 4, 2018
OMG!!! My son and I had the best experience EVER....Sooo initially everything went well...until my son canceled his order because he didn't want to go anymore. Here's the fun part ..he changed his mi...nd the day of prom.had to pay to stock a new order ..went to pick up the order from the warehouse but the owner Michael had picked it up and was headed back to the store......BUT GOD......he hand delivered that tuxedo straight to my front door and sent my son off well......Thank you so much Michael for being so helpful and generous. You are so appreciated. See More
Kristin Johnson-Barner
· March 17, 2018
It’s not clean anymore. We went early one Saturday morning to walk around before it got crowded and it was nasty and very unclean from the night before. They need a night cleaning crew . Starting to to the point we don’t like going anymore See More
Tara Whitehead Morrow
· January 17, 2018
The mall should have been closed on 1-17-18 due to icy road conditions. All government and police agencies were advising that only first responders should be on the roads.
William Baylen Medina
· April 9, 2018
I have always enjoyed shopping here, very clean and well kept. Certainly a great place for holiday shopping as well!!
Eugene Walker
· July 25, 2016
This mall used to be great, but it is so outdated. They haven't changed the color scheme since they built the place and it looks like it came from the 1980's. The security there is horrible, which you... need now because it's overrun with punks and wanna be thugs pretty much all the time. Gets worse at night of course, which is why it closes so early. Same old restaurants in the food court. The stores are just typical, there's no Apple Store or anything really new, your typical Belk, Hot Topic, Sears, JC Penny, etc. It's a waste of time unless you just need something while you're in the area. See More
Niki Mcafee
· September 27, 2016
We have the worst Macy's! They need to carry higher end items. And a larger plus selection, just because a woman is full figured doesn't mean she wants to dress like she's fifty! Needs a larger select...ion of shoes as well. The mall itself needs a higher end store maybe Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's. Last night I attended The Gifted Spirit Night at Chic fil A needless to say it was disastrous, I've never seen or heard so many complaining unhappy people including myself! When I called today to speak with the management, I was able to speak with the owner who admitted he was told it was unpleasant yet I'm still waiting for him to contact me to rectify my unpleasant experience! See More
Amy McDaniel
· January 23, 2016
This place used to be nice but is going down hill fast. Seems like every time you go, you are irritated by yet another thing. Today a security guard screamed in my sons face and about a dozen others. ...He is 4" over the cut off for the play area. I get the rules but they didn't need to be enforced in that way. Scare and harass a bunch of kids; officer N. needs to be taught how to deal with the public. Won't be going back; I will just buy online. See More
Alan Fink
· October 14, 2015
To Douglasville Police Department Douglasville, GA:
So Douglasville PD, I am assuming (maybe I should not) that you train your officers for common sense. Maybe not. On 10-14-2015 at approx 1150am I en...tered Arbor Place Mall and was parking when I noticed a grey cylinder type object sitting in a parking space around cars. Keep in mind this is not a see through container and is sitting upright with what appears to be a hose or something tucked by the side and part of it underneath the bottom. It does look like a sprayer of some type. After a female caller contacted your department on a suspicious package or device, I contacted the mall security people. 1. The response time sucked. at minimum 15-20 minutes 2. Rent a cops from Arbor Place pulls up and jumps on his radio. 3. When the officer arrives I explain the situation to him. Instead of calling for a K9 to give it a once over he takes his radio off goes over to the object picks it up and shakes it. Had that been a real device a lot of people could have been hurt or killed. I was under the impression that you folks are trained under DHS guidelines. That terror targets are also soft targets like malls and other public places. Seriously what goes through your mind and you want public support for supposedly protecting the public. Blow off concerned citizens and then potentially place people in jeopardy. Maybe you should just be traffic cops and go to the Waffle House or Dunkin Donuts and police there. You obviously have no clue how to handle a real situation. See More
Sce Ason
· March 20, 2016
Ridiculous! Last year they did Pet Pictures with the Easter Bunny! This year, the same workers are telling me they never took such pics. Well, I didn't know i would have to prove it. I have only had t...his phone since June 2015. Forgot about Facebook. It wasn't the whole not taking pictures of my boy, my baby! It was more being called a liar. Telling me I was mixed up with Santa pics. Giving me a whole speech on how Santa has to have his costume changed for Pet Picture days (not true, plenty of kids in line without animals and no posted sign about allergies - sure bc they dry clean his suit daily , not). And constant speeches of how they have never done Easter pictures with pets. All BS!!! ---- I especially loved upon leaving that the brunette told me another person said the same thing (that I was). Well... I am going to try and post a pic on here. 2015 Easter picture that should not exist, as it is a figment of my imagination! See More
Don Estes
· October 25, 2015
Arbor place mall grounds and outside area is not well kept or clean. It's as though the property manager does not care about the appearance of the property.
The inside is nice but they have had their... share of problems with trouble with people inside the mall.
I prefer to shop in Carrollton or Newnan because the stores in those areas care about the appearance outside and the overall environment is much better.
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Joaquina Stearnes
· February 8, 2018
Nice indoor mall.. Georgia on my mind....
Cris Vessell
· September 17, 2015
As a veteran and a concealed license holder, this mall, while offering many unique venues to shop makes me feel unsafe as they see fit to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to carry and lawfu...lly defend themselves for their protection a firearm on their person in a lawful and peaceful manner. As such, I respect their view but feel I must spend my money elsewhere. See More
Jeff Harris
· June 28, 2014
I will not take my son there again.. The security guards, stand and socialize with people and want enforce the rule's of the dress code for mall..grown teenagers and adults male's walking around with ...their pants hung down around their Butt.. It's disrespectful, and truthfully if i wanna see men in undies..I'd go to a strip bar..thanks again arbor place for showing me and my son why not to shop here See More
Yvonne Webb
· December 4, 2016
I enjoyed the mall. I did a little shopping in a few stores and I was very pleased. I also purchased some food from the Food Court and it was delicious. So this was a very good experience.
DeeDee Evans Cosby
· September 27, 2014
My family comes to this mall at least once week and it has always been an enjoyable experience until a recent encounter at the Helicopter kiosk. The mall itself is very good but the "Heli Shop" deser...ves less than one star. I have NEVER in my 40 years encountered such poor customer service. We bought our 13 year old son a helicopter. He had it less than one week, played with it 4 times, less than 20 minutes each time. He never hit anything with it or mishandled it in any way. It stopped flying after the 4th time. We take it back to the shop and ask for it to be fixed. Workers said ok, and that we would receive a call to follow up. ONE MONTH LATER, we had heard nothing and returned to the shop. Helicopter and our phone number were still sitting in the same place. We asked to speak with the manager/owner. He calls us and when my husband says hello, the manager/owner says "yeah, yeah what do you want." We ask for the helicopter to be fixed or exchanged and if that's not possible, a refund. This man literally cursed at us and said we weren't getting anything. I am a physician and my husband a retired US Marine, we don't need the money nor do we entertain drama. However we do expect respect. By the end of the conversation, his best offer is for us to pay to get the parts to repair something he sold us that was defective or clearly severely overpriced for the quality. We have all bought toys/things that were shoddy in quality but this man's reaction and customer service made the experience HORRENDOUS!! See More
Wendy Wilkie
· August 2, 2014
My family and I just visited Arbor Place and I am completely in shock. There are teens in groups walking around spouting curse words that would make a sailor blush with no regard for children. A code needs to be implemented immediately. Families, the ones that are actually spending money there, do not want to see breast and butt cheeks that are barely covered, nor do we care anything about seeing underwear.

Most kiosks are okay but I do not like being followed and harassed about massages and I don't want my hair straightened with anything that has been in hundreds of other people's hair. If you say no thank you, they continue to follow you.

Of the three times I have let my 2 year old play on the playground he has gotten extremely sick. He has only been sick three times since he was born. The high chairs in the food court are filthy and the food court ladie's restroom is filthy.

What once was a clean, family friendly mall is quickly becoming a very unpleasant shopping experience. If it gets much worse we will be driving to another county to spend our money.
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Hope Bell
· August 1, 2016
Really wish all of these rent-a-cops they have walking around would actually enforce the height restriction at the play area. These 6+ year olds don't pay any attention to what they're doing and off the giant tree in the middle isn't safe for anyone. See More
SJ Woods
· October 11, 2016
This mall is just ok. It needs more upscale stores and nice restaurants. I love the Dillards but Macy's is ok and Belk is horrible. The inside of the mall is dark and outdated. I have to travel to Per...imeter or Cobb for really nice clothes or shoes. It has potential. Get it together management! See More
Daniel Josiah Norton
· April 3, 2016
I won't shop here because there have been multiple shootings and Arbor Place now has signs declaring that no guns are permitted on the grounds. Soooo, I will not go there without protection.