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Karl F Grandt
· December 6, 2016
I have foot drop, and as a result have had to use many different devices for dorsiflexion. When my doctor recommended an orthotist, I thought it would end up being for just another device that would ...ultimately break, or lack in function.
What I got was an AZ AFO split upright brace, that has been the best one I've ever used.
Yes, you're limited in what kind of footwear you can wear, but not so much that it is a hindrance.
The one small problem I had was a screw backing itself out, and it coming apart on one side, however, when I contacted them about it, they sent me a replacement as well as the tool to fix it myself.
Whenever I need to replace this brace, I will definitely make sure it's an AZ AFO.
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David Roger Dyess
· February 1, 2017
Over a 6 year period I suffered through over 20 pain killing injections deep into to my ankle joint as well as several types of articulating braces including rigid air braces. The goal of the braces to correct my inward collapse of my ankle joint,which caused my foot to roll outward and my big toe to virtually strike the floor on its side while walking causing added pain from thick callouses.
The pain and swelling was almost unbearable and debilitating. My drop foot got progressively worse to the point where the toe of my foot would drag when taking a step resulting in my constantly falling .
I saw several podiatrists who recommend total embobilization surgery to my ankle.

Then Southern bone and joint of Dothan Alabama recommended and fitted me for the unhinged ultra brace which immobilized my ankle, without surgery.
This innovative brace allows me to roll my foot down heal first ,eliminating falling due to toe drag and eliminating drop foot as well as totally correcting the angle of my foot and ankle and big to problems.
The most fantastic result has been eliminating the need for surgery at this point and the elimination of pain and swelling of my bone on bone ankle joint.
I whole heartedly recommend this company and there product line as well as Dothan Bone and Joint.
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Barbara Quill Kish
· September 10, 2016
Only 1 full day and the difference is amazing..swelling has gone down. I have the ability to actually walk.
Robert Acosta
· April 23, 2015
Made my left foot fell a hole lot "BETTER":-);-)
Edward A. - MBB
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