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I love photography, but never really enjoyed making portraits as a "business" (especially weddings) ...tried it several times ...felt I created some good portraits, but I was just never able to perform well in this amount of "pressure". There were times, however, I was able to capture the best in them and reveal an unexpected beauty in them they'd never noticed before.

I remember a photographer friend who took some "Senior" portraits of a girl who just never saw herself as a...ttractive. But the photographer just had a nack for making people feel special and was always able to catch the best in them in even the most difficult of situations.

The next day, the mother of the girl sneaked down to the photographer's studio, without her girl knowing it, just to let her know how much she appreciated how well she treated her daughter the day before. The mother was almost to tears when she said what her daughter had told her... "That was the first time in my entire life I actually felt "beautiful".

You never really realize just how much you can do for someone just by listening to them and allowing them to feel "special". It may be one of the very few times they were allowed to feel that way. THAT makes life worthwhile!

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Beautiful work from my photog friend in Italy! To get the fullest detail, click on the link in the description, then click on the image to "magnify".

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Antonio de Santis

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