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Kathy Sullivan Evans
· September 22, 2016
Original, exciting storylines, unique characters! Overall, love it!

So I have been doing a series of game master aids for DND, Pathfinder, Generic Fantasy RPGs. The Side Quest series is meant to give GMs a one shot adventure to run over the course of one or two gaming sessions with plenty of plot hooks and interesting locations and characters that could spawn a short campaign all on its own. Side quests are usually dungeon dives of some form or another set in interesting but not specific to any particular gaming world.

This is the fourth ins...tallment that lets the characters explore and interesting town run by a retired paladin who is under siege from forces that have kept his forces pinned in protecting the town. He needs a party of brave souls to investigate the old ruins and figure out what is causing the disturbances.

There is a competing adventuring company of evil mercenaries who are also exploring the site and may be responsible for the outbreak of monsters.

The dungeon has 20 rooms to explore and can be expanded if necessary if the PCs want to explore or search around the local forest and the rest of the ruins for other clues to the rise in local monster population.

The exact cause of the monster incursions is never explicitly stated and left to the individual GM to tailor it the way they want to. There are numerous potential causes to the incursion of monsters from the initial opening of the ruins by the Invisible Hand, to the invisible hand using magic and having it run out of their control due to the wild magic zone in the area. It could also be a bowl and a brazier used to summon and control elementals which are reacting poorly to the area of wild magic around the ruins.

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Side Quests IV: The School of Sorcerous Arts - "The ruins of the School of the Sorcerous Arts was a common destination for spell casters, academics and sages. It

This is a long term project of mine that I have been working on for over a year now. It is a rules light RPG system set in my own Desolate Waste game setting but including more star systems and information than just the Waste most of humanity has been relocated to. It is essentially an interstellar post-apocalyptic setting where the galaxy has been decimated through warfare, bio-weapons, plagues, economic failure and infrastructure collapse. The whole galaxy has been reduced to a wasteland with a few beacons of hope here and there. The characters have to find their way in a civilization on the verge of extinction.

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Art of War Games updated their cover photo.
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Been working on some generic and 5th ed DnD supplaments over the last month or so.

The City of Ravenclaw will slowly be fleshed out with interesting locations, personalities and adventures within the city until eventually there is a fully fledged living city to play in.

The Instant Towns and Side Quests line will give game masters small towns and Short one night adventures to keep parties busy in between major campaign events or to use when the players go "off the reservation" and do something unexpected.

Art of War Games updated their cover photo.
May 13, 2016
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Art of War Games updated their cover photo.
May 13, 2016
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Alpha and Bravo team are back in action... this time they have to save the governor from the Synod Security Service agents who are holding him hostage inside a remote mountain fortress.

The Black Company: Operation Camelot: Compatible with FiveCore Skirmish and Five Parsecs from Home - The Synod Security Services are on the back foot and cut off from their reinforcements. For the last few weeks freed pri

Playing a Desolate Waste campaign using FiveCore and Five Parsecs from Home. DumPoole leads his band against some bandits who have been terrorizing the town of Kiloton.

Continuing the battle for the Hevan sector with a new Gruntz scenario pack. The 15th MEU (SOC) must take a research facility and hold it against Synod counter attacks while Myrmidon commandos search for Data and Samples from the facility. All while keep an alien observer alive in order to secure an strategic alliance with his warlike people.

A War in the Heavens Campaign: LynchPin: Compatible with Gruntz 15mm - The Chang Er system lies at an important jump nexus and must be secured. The populace is not affiliated with the Synod o
Art of War Games updated their cover photo.
May 7, 2016
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On a roll, a short campaign where the Black Company commandos wage a guerrilla campaign against the Synod Security Services on Ysgard. Added team member info for both alpha and bravo teams.

The Black Company: Operation Mongoose: Compatible with FiveCore Skirmish and Five Parsecs from Home - Now that the diplomatic overture as been made and rejected by the Ysgardians, Mr. Johnson approached Commander Black for

Photos from the scenario play test this morning while writing.

After a long Hiatus for family and work I am back to writing finally. So I'll start with something I have wanted to mess with for awhile and write a short 4 scenarios "quest" for Five Parsecs from Home which is itself a Sci fi supplament for the great FiveCore skirmish system by Nordic Weasel Games.

The Black Company has been hired to protect a Terran Diplomat while he meets with a Planetary Administrator to discuss a non-aggression pact and a trade deal. Meanwhile Alpha and Bravo squads are tagging air defense sites for orbital fire and breaking into secure facilities to steal data and eventually disable the planet's Bifrost Bridge if negotiations fail. Their opponent's? Synod Security Services who do not want to lose influence over Ysgard.

If the Alliance cannot have Ysgard's friendship then they will have their obedience...

The Black Company: Meeting on Ysgard: Compatible with FiveCore Skirmish and Five Parsecs from Home - The Black Company has been approached by agents of the Terran Alliance Diplomatic Corps. The main thrust of the Alliance

Working on a fantasy card game for the kids to play this Christmas. And I'll probably put it up on when I'm done.

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These are intended to work with the Desolate Waste Campaign but can be used in any generic Post-Apocalypse roleplaying or skirmish campaign.

Post Apocalyptic Loot Cards - 60 unique loot cards for use with post-apocalyptic skirmish or roleplaying games. These cards can be used with any game

Finally finished the Desolate Waste campaign. Includes background for 11 power groups in the Waste and complete rules for creating a Crew, Crew Leader complete with background and motivations. It has a 25 scenario campaign in the back as well as a complete starting crew and their backgrounds and stat cards.

A Desolate Waste: Post Apocalyptic Skirmish: Compatible with Gruntz 15mm - The Desolate Waste Campaign is a post-apocalyptic, science-fiction campaign designed to be used with a slightly modified