Check out this new album from Strange Appeal and dig it hard!

12 track album

Strange Appeal is running a Kickstarter to press physical copies of the new album with some pretty sweet prizes, check it out if you're interested in being a part of it!

"Through Thick and Thick" is our first full-length studio album and it's getting released on CD's!
Art School Baseball Team updated their cover photo.
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Hey friends, today we're going to be featured on BCC's TV show, Broome Up Front! Tune in at 5 PM to catch a live stream where our singer will be interviewed and where we'll be playing a toned down live song.

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Had a ridiculously awesome time with Shattuck, Bake Sale and Paul Ski this weekend, nothing like getting a living room of people dancing and going nuts to our music. Stay tuned for more show info soon!

Playing a house show with our buddies in Shattuck and a couple of other dudes this Friday!


Hey friends, if you're bored tonight check out Pat's new band play at Atomic Tom's (200 State St) at 7 PM! They also just released a new EP up for FREE DOWNLOAD so check that out as well!

5 track album

Check out this video someone made with footage from our show last Friday, our part is in the middle. For some reason they used our sound-check instead of an actual song but it's still pretty sweet.

Also shoutout to Thoughts As Devices, they were awesome and we'll hopefully be playing with them again sometime soon!

Week 1 of the Off the Wall fall concert series taking place on Peacemaker stage every Friday for four weeks. Featuring food and live art from the Quarter Yel...

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us downtown tonight! We braved the cold and had a blast. No shows lined up for the near future but we'll hopefully have more soon

The weather is clearing up and the show is definitely going on so come on down to the bridge tonight for FOOD and MUSIC! The first band is on at 6 and we'll be on at 7 so see you all there.

Thanks to everyone who came and saw our most zen show ever. Details for next week's downtown show coming soon!

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WE'RE BACK, in the most unexpected way possible. If you're a fan of our music, tomatoes, or both, come see us play at Binghamton's Hillside Garden Center for their TOMATO TASTING 2013. This Saturday 9/7 at 1 PM!

We've got a sweet show announcement for next week as well so stay tuned!

The leading garden center in Binghamton and Broome County, NY, Hillside Garden Center offers Landscaping Services, Nursery & Plants, Fresh Flowers and Garden Shop.

If you're a fan of ASBT check out a new band Pat is playing in with guys from our friends in Steve Labrecque's Wild Ride and Karmascend!

Had our first practice in three months last night and we're totally stoked to be back. We've got a pretty sweet show announcement coming up soon so stay tuned!

Hope everyone's having an awesome summer! We may or may not be getting back together and playing a full-band show in September in Downtown Binghamton so keep your eyes peeled. Until then enjoy one of our old tunes

The last few months as a band have been awesome, and we want to thank everyone who's come to our shows, watched our videos, and overall just given us feedback and supported our stuff!

That being said, it's looking like this might not be the end of Art School Baseball Team after all so keep an eye out for some fun things this summer and beyond

Thanks for everyone who came out to see us play at Chest-fest and Spring Fling this weekend, both shows were a blast!

We've got ONE MORE show before we aren't really a band anymore, and that will be at SENIOR FEST this weekend. Come check us out then!