A six man strong Tanzania team including our club`s riders Richard laizer, Hamisi Hussein and Denis Julius came 9th out of 28 participating countries in the team time trial in the African continental championship in Rwanda. Hongera sana and good luck at the Road race on Sunday!
Laizer in the lead group in yesterday's final at the first stage of the 2016 Tour de Machakos.

Our club member Richard Laizer placed 17th in #kigali at the #africancyclingchampionships2018! In an effort of just over one hour he came in 7 minutes behind winner Mekseb Debesay of World Tour team Dimensiondata without a proper TT bike. Big up to him, and best of luck to all team members in the road race tomorrow!

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A six man strong Tanzania team including our club`s riders Richard laizer, Hamisi Hussein and Denis Julius came 9th out of 28 participating countries in the team time trial in the African continental championship in Rwanda. Hongera sana and good luck at the Road race on Sunday!

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This weekend the Arusha Cycling Club organised a race over a spectacular track of 8 x 6 km = 48 km - sponsored by Arusha Bicycle Center! Winner was Richard Laizer, with Raymond Julius coming in on a well-earned second position and Thomas Holden third. Prices were also awarded to the fastest wazee & vijana - hongereni to all winners! A big thank you to the sponsor, organizers, participants and all those who came out to support the riders! Asanteni sana!

Northern Arusha bikers weekend. TPC, nyumba ya mungu

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Arusha Cycling Club added 6 new photos — with Ricardo L Laizer and Bram Marchisio.
July 3, 2017

On Saturday 1 July the Arusha Cycling Club organized a 40k mountain bike race, around Oljoro, starting and finishing at Arusha Bicycle Center. Prizes included high quality cycling gear & supplies, bottles, training material and cycling wear. Many thanks to leaving Board Member of the club Bram Markey for organizing this race and for all he has done for the club in the past years, karibu tena!

Announcement - Tangazo

Kiswhahili (Google translate) version below:

This coming Saturday 1st of July, the club is organizing a 40 km MTB race from Arusha Bicycle Center. The route will extend around Oljoro on rolling (not very difficult) terrain, and should be nice, green and relatively dust-free.


Registration fee: 12 000 TZS. By paying the registration fee, you can become a member of the club and get a cycling shirt and shorts for free!

Registration starts at 7h, and closes at 7h45. Start of the race is 8.

There will be prizes for the best in the following categories:

Elite (all ages)

Vijana (14 to 18 years)


Wazee (40+)

Babu (55+)

Prizes include cycling gear & supplies, bottles, training material, cycling wear, ...

Jumamosi hii ya 1 Julai, klabu hiyo inaandaa mbio ya MTB 40 km kutoka Kituo cha Baiskeli cha Arusha. Njia itapanua karibu na Oljoro juu ya eneo la kusonga (si vigumu sana), na inapaswa kuwa nzuri, kijani na vumbi.

Ada ya usajili: 12 000 TZS. Kwa kulipa ada ya usajili, unaweza kuwa mwanachama wa klabu na kupata shati ya baiskeli na kifupi kwa bure!

Usajili huanza saa 7h, na kufunga saa 7h45. Mwanzo wa mbio ni 8.

Kutakuwa na tuzo za bora katika makundi yafuatayo:

Wasomi (umri wote)

Vijana (miaka 14 hadi 18)


Wazee (40+)

Babu (55+)

Zawadi zinajumuisha vifaa vya mkokoteni na vifaa, chupa, vifaa vya mafunzo, kuvaa baiskeli, ...

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Sat 7:00 AM UTC+03OlasitiArusha, Tanzania
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Thomas Holden, who one the big Habari Node Ltd road race organized by our club last week, rode the race in the Arusha Bicycle Center team jersey. With thousands of spectators along the roads in Arusha and a finish at Arusha stadium, the race was a succss for the club and its sponsors. We 'd like to thank Habari Node for making this race happen, and we hope to reorganize this event on a yearly basis. Thomas donated his prize money back to the club, asante sana, but still got a... huge reward from Habari: a year of free internet!

Here 's an entertaining race report from the winner himself:

The race was on the A­rusha-Dodoma road…the­ rolling terrain perf­ectly suited for me. ­There were about 50 r­iders including a big­ bunch from Moshi and­ Manyara, plus the Ar­usha crowd. I told my­self before the race ­that I was going to r­ace with aggression a­nd an attacking-style­. So, I had to attack­ from the opening gun­, and got away but wa­s caught after 15km b­y a group of about te­n riders, all from Ar­usha. When they reach­ed me, I began attack­ing, using huge effor­ts. The wind was at m­y back and I had noth­ing to lose. At the t­urn- around point at ­60km, I was with Denn­is only, and we went ­into a strong wind wi­th only a 300m gap on­ the group. So we sat­ up and we worked tog­ether a bit, but then­ guys stopped working­ and I starting attac­king again. The only ­problem was that it w­as really ­hard maintaining a ga­p on a group going in­to that wind. It bega­n raining..glasses ca­me off, but it was st­ill hard to see becau­se it was wind-driven­. Every time they wou­ld catch me, I would ­launch off again. Fin­ally riders started t­o drop, and I’d have ­to do it on sections ­with speedbumps or on­ downhill sections. F­inally dropped a few ­guys with a sharp att­ack on that rough bro­ken section before re­aching Kisongo. Laize­r was there, but wasn­’t helping anyone. He­’d also be attacking ­and then slowing, egg­ing me to keep attack­ing (which I did). In­ the end, he was comp­licit in letting me w­in, but he made me ea­rn it. The race ended­ in town (at the Arus­ha Stadium) on closed­ roads, and I had­ a two-motorcycle esc­ort clearing my way t­hrough town, like the­ way they do for gove­rnment big-people!...­ a super-bizarre expe­rience for me, and I’­m sure also for the r­oadside crowds! By th­at point I was so wou­nd up, alone in the f­ront with my motorcad­e clearing the way… a­nd was standing on my­ pedals trying to fin­ish it off, my left h­amstring screaming in­ cramp, face contorte­d. I donated my priz­e money back to the c­lub, but couldn’t den­y myself the gift of ­one-year of free inte­rnet service from Hab­ari, the main sponsor­!

I’ve never made so ma­ny repeated big effor­ts in a race

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Yesterday, Arusha Cycling Club and Habari Node organized a spectacular road race through Arusha town with a finish at the Arusha stadium. In the men's elite race Thomas Holden finished first, reaching over 38km/hr on average. Second came Richard Laizer and third Denis Julius. Over 60 participants competed in the youth, wazee, women (60km) and men (120km) races. Hongera to all winners!

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Jonathan Ljungqvist is with Namanga (Tanzanian ward).

After riding a bike from Sweden to Tanzania during five months, this is one of the best moments of my life!

Jonathan Ljungqvist

Busy days for the club as we are currently racing in two different countries at the same time! On Mount Kenya, a 10+ strong delegation is currently suffering on the first days of the hardcore Mount Kenya 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge. They have to climb to over 3400 meters of altitude and suffer in a relentless sun. Richard Laizer is leading our team, with no less than a podium position in mind! Meanwhile, our road racers who did well in Dodoma (Gapser, Denis Julius, Hamisi Hussein, John and Emma) flew to Egypt to compete in the African Championship road race and time trial. Cheer for them!

Feb 17, 2017 - Feb 19, 2017Borana, Laikipia, Kenya
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For those interested in some biking in the beautiful Usambara's, Mambo View Point is hosting a two day MTB event to sponsor drinking water projects in the vicinity. The event is taking place in the weekend of 4 and 5 March. Karibuni wote!…/…/BikeEvent.htm

Last weekend, this delegation of our team went to the Dodoma to race in the Tanzania Championship Race. Under guidance of directeur sportif Richard Laizer, Hamisi Hussein won the race with a solo breakaway that lasted 65 kilometers! Hongera sana, big effort! Runner up was Denis Julius, and a rider from Mwanza took the last podium spot. Emmanuel, John and Gaspar filled the rest of the top 6 positions. In addition, all 5 Arusha riders will go to the African championship in Égypt in february as the rider from Mwanza does not have a passport.

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Saturday raceday at Arusha Bicycle Center! This morning`s mountainbike track around oljoro, south of Arusha, was won by Richard Laizer in a super fast average of 28 km/h. Thomas holden came in close in second, followed by Denis Julius in third.

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Arusha Cycling Club added 39 new photos to the album: Karatu MTB race 2016 — in Karatu.
December 26, 2016

The Arusha cycling club went to this year's Karatu race to claim the first four in the women's race, and the first six in the men's race! Richard Laizer won the men's race in front of Didas, and Emma on a 50 km rolling hills course. Annemarie Griffioen won the women's race in front of Habiba and Lore Desagher on 30 km of rolling hills. Hongera sana to all participants! And thanks to the Olympic committee of Tanzania for hosting this great event every year in beautiful Karatu.

Arusha Cycling Club is with Huzeifa Fakhruddin and Adam Kapasi.

For all adventurers out there, join the fun in Western Tanzania on a three day cycling trip to Kilipi, Lake Tanganyika from 12 to 14 of January!

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The Olympic Sports Committee is organizing the famous Karatu cross-wind MTB race again!

Sat 9:00 AM UTC+03Karatu Town
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