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It's Hobbit Day! What is your favorite quote from The Hobbit? Or any of the Lord of The Rings books? #hobbit, #LOTR,

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Just a quick reminder, the Finding Purpose in Your Home conference from Homemaking Ministries starts in 4 days! And there's a bonus offer of a 51 page PDF, "The Organized Life Planner" if you get in by friday night!
And the topics? Everything from Peace to Hope, Organizing to Prayer, Faith, Getting Children Involved, Thriving Teens...
I'm Really Getting Excited, This Starts Monday!

Join us for the 4th annual Homemaking Ministries Online Conference with 5 full days and 23 incredible speakers!

A great review of what looks like an awesome book by Nichole Nordeman. Very inspiring for moms in all stages of life!

Slow Down is a great book that every mom can relate to. It makes you feel appreciated, encouraged, not alone, no matter what stage of life your kids are at.
brendalovessharing.com|By Brenda Loves Sharing

Exciting news! I am helping Sarah Koontz launch her brand new online Bible Study of Ephesians titled “Worthy of the Calling.” The study begins October 16 and is packed with powerful truths to help us walk worthy of the calling we have received (Eph 4:1). All you need to complete the study is 15-minutes per day and your mobile device. Learn more at SarahKoontz.com/Worthy Sarah Koontz

I invite you to join me for this 31-day journey through the beautiful book of Ephesians as we learn how God has equipped us to walk Worthy of the Calling.

Sorry, no new post, thanks #irma. But I thought it was a good day to repost this article. There's nothing like a crisis to clarify a general lack of direction. And these are great tools for creating the life you love. They confront the lies we believe, help us spend time in God's Word more effectively, and creating routines instead of schedules. the one I am most excited about, the Homemaking ministries conference. Most people wonder about their purpose, while keeping busy with the daily routine. This conference, entirely online, will help is discover the purpose and ministry of homemaking! The conference goes live next Monday, the 25th, and you get lifetime access, downloadable audio, & video, & printables! #homemaking, #ministryofmoms

Feeling Stuck? Check out these three incredible resources for Christian Life Change. They address Truth, Planning and Purpose.

Check out this great giveaway! Homemaking ministries is offering a couple of prizes, digital and physical. We all need a little help sometimes, especially in remembering that what we do is a ministry. #christianhome, #giveaway

Enter to win this hand curated bundle of amazing homemaking resources! Do you need some resources for your homemaking? Here's your chance!

Many emotions run close to the surface after a crisis. The builtup fears and stress show themselves in various ways.
Anger and frustration, tears, sudden joy or sadness. People say things. Remembering that everyone is just as tired, hot, frustrated and emotional as you are, is hard to do, but so important. Give each other extra grace.whether your area received total devastation or the minor inconvenience of days without power, this is an excellent opportunity to show God's Love in action. #hurricaneirma, #aftermath

Whatever the storm, Calm is Key!

Hi, everyone, we came through #hurricaneIrma okay. Lost some trees, but all family and structures are whole and well. No power, and probably won't get that back for a while.

I've had a few comments on my calm this last 3-4 days, and thought I would share my reasons. ...
My life 'word' has been Whatever, for as long as I can remember. Partially because of Philippians 4:8, whatever is pure, whatever is true... dwell on these things. But partly, because whatever is going on,
getting worked up doesn't help, and
If it's bad, you can't focus and help if you're worked up
If you have a few wise and experiencedpeople around you, trust them and stay calm. Otherwise, be wise, and calm those looking to you.
Whatever comes, take it one step at a time, and remain calm so you can function. God is in control, and he is way better at dealing with stuff than I am, so I'll let Him!

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Here on the anniversary of 9/11, on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, all of the Wildfires, and with Hurricane Irma Tearing through Florida, I want to say a Huge Thank you to all of the First Responders. We are so grateful for you, for what you do, and for your sacrifice of comfort and family time to take care of the needs of others. Throughout this country, there are brave men and women who take care of us in emergencies. You see us at our worst and still keep taking care of wh...at needs to be done. Our Police, Firemen, EMTs, Doctors, and Nurses who ride out the storms in hospitals and shelters to stay near patients and be available. Our Road Crews, Tree Crews, and Electricians all on standby to clean up the mess, and People on the relief crews waiting to come do cleanup, repairs, hand out needed supplies are all wonderful, May God Bless You for your kindness and diligence.

(Please note that this post was scheduled ahead of time, not knowing if I'll have power or Internet access. I wanted to be sure to share my gratitude, and thankfulness for those who put themselves into difficult and sometimes dangerous places, for our benefit. When it's possible after the storm, I will post something new.) #9/11

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Hey guys, don't forget, we have this incredible opportunity to take one of Arabah Joy's Challenges, for Free. it's the 5 day Back to the Bible challenge, for creating better Bible habits, and confronting our excuses! Sign up now, so you don't miss it.

In Light of #Hurricane Irma, and all the other disasters going on right now, I want to share Monday's Post a bit early. We all need Comfort sometimes, and these songs that many of us learned as kids, are an excellent source of comfort when life gets crazy stressful!
Sunday School Songs that Comfort In the Storm http://www.arynthelibraryan.com/sunday-school-songs-comfort/

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As much as I'm Not looking forward to this coming Sunday/Monday, due to Hurricane Irma, I am very excited about Monday. Yes, We're all Stressed, we're all Busy. But if we will get back to the Bible, It WILL Help. God promised us that His Word would never return void, so time spent there will accomplish great things. There's a FREE 5 Day Back to the Bible Challenge, that Arabah Joy will be delivering via email, all of next week. I hope you'll join me so we can take this challenge together!

Confronting the lies behind our excuses, finding motivation and consistency, it's all covered!

Do you remember back to school time as a kid? I do! Even now I can smell freshly sharpened pencils, imagine picking out a new lunch box, and feel the warmth of a just- ironed skirt. Back to school was exciting for me… but I have something even more exciting, and it’s for YOU: OurContinue Reading
arabahjoy.com|By Arabah Joy Blog

We forget that having friends means Being a friend. Julie says it so well!

I apologize for not putting in to my friendships as much as I could lately!

If you had to take a test on being a good friend to someone else, would you pass? I know I wouldn't. I could blame my introverted personality or my busy schedule. I could say I live too far away or that I didn't want to interrupt someone's day. But those would be excuses, not reasons. B

Hi, everyone! Looking for another set of Faith-Building Fiction? Here are some of my favorite Allegories, including books for kids and adults. I hope you'll find something you enjoy, but more so, something to learn from! It's a great way to escape from reality, while engaging in something educational at the same time!
Allegories, Adventures And Dragons, Oh My! Part 2 http://www.arynthelibraryan.com/allegories-adventures-and-…/ #christianfiction

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This is very encouraging! We all know at least 1 other mom who understands our exhaustion, but the reminder that Jesus gets it too, from experience? Huge!

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Messy Tired Love

We have limitations on how much our bodies can endure and there are days when our bodies are pushed to the limit, if not beyond it. Pregnancy, labor, sleep depr...ivation, sick kids, 4325 things on our to-do list...it's maddening when we have days that leave us exhausted. Did you know that Jesus experienced physical limitations too? God's Word once again reveals that exhausted mommas have a lot to learn from Jesus: https://messytiredlove.com/…/07/18/exhausted-devotional-da…/

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Just read an incredible, faith-post from a hurricane Harvey evacuee. My God is Bigger! He has a plan, and when we focus on Him, we can be 'calm in the storm'

In case you've been living under a rock or out of the states, a very devastating Category 4 hurricane ripped through the great state of Texas.

8+ Go-to Bible Storybooks-That Aren’t Watered Down http://www.arynthelibraryan.com/8-great-bible-storybooks/
Are you looking for a Bible Storybook for a child in your life? Check out these favorites, that entertain, educate, and help with memorization. Ideas from First Bible through age 10.

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