Anyone have a problem with me shutting down this page since we got the Trader Joe's we hoped for?

A little over 5 years ago I started this page in the hopes of getting a Trader Joes in Asheville. Today, with my goal realized, I became their first paying customer.

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Who is going opening day? Who's going to wait until the crowds die down? Who has already drove by, drove through the parking lot, or actually walked up to the windows to look inside?

Who's happy to hear that we're also getting a real Whole Foods in 2014?

Whole Foods Market press release: Asheville store will open in 2014

Have you all seen this? Trader Joes finally lists Asheville on their Coming Soon page.

Today's question. Do you think Asheville can support a second Trader Joe's?

I think it's time to shut down this page. We all wanted a Trader Joe's in Asheville and now it's coming and all I keep hearing is negative bitching. I truly hope that the complainers stay away, it will make parking easier. But, you know they'll be secretly shopping there too. Trader Joe's came to Asheville and found property that was for sale. THEY didn't kick anyone out. The owners of the property sold it. Besides, when was the last time any of you visited any of those businesses that are being affected? I'm done with my rant. Thanks to those of you for the years of comments and support. See you next year at TJ's.

Hey everyone! Thanks for helping me to spread the word. We only need 32 people to put us over the 6000 mark. Invite friends to join the page!

I think that it would be nice for a Trader Joes to go in the same complex as the new Harris Teeter on Merrimon.

I heard a rumor this weekend that Trader Joe's has chosen a location in Asheville, off Long Shoals Road at the entrance to Biltmore Park. I'm not sure if this person is reliable but they seemed very sure about this information. Anyone else heard this?

Ohhhh, only 20 more "likes" before we reach 5000. Let all your friends know.

As of 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates Asheville's population was 76,636. As of today we have 4564 people in our Group. That's 16.79% that know about and have joined this Group. Seems that would be enough to get Trader Joe's attention?