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More on Magnesium.
Anne Louise Gittleman calls magnesium "the hormone rescuer." When you think about all the functions of your body affected by hormones, you might realize you need MORE magnesium! Epsom salts and magnesium oil are two easily obtained topical sources. Bananas and Brazil nuts are great dietary choices.

Life-halting perimenopause-related symptoms like anxiety, depression, memory loss, and irritability are all commonly linked to magnesium deficiency.

True or False: As we get older, we have less energy, and we sleep less well.
It doesn't have to be true! I'm sleeping better than I have since my 20s! Redox signaling molecules help your cells heal themselves, with all kinds of great side effects!
Get better. Get ASEA.

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Music Boosts Your Brain Power.
I've seen this so many times as a voice and piano teacher! Learning or even just using music helps increase your ability to remember and learn new tasks!…

A new study published in Brain and Cognition revealed that following musical cues to learn a physical task may improve connectivity between important brain regions. To carry out the study, a team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Music in Human and Social Developme

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Brain.
"There is mounting evidence that indicates that the gut is the “second brain.” Scientists and medical professionals alike are now seeing how the gut can affect and be affected by brain processes. Research is now suggesting that gut microbiota or gastrointestinal conditions (such as irritable bowel syndrome) can lead to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety."…

Scientists have now proven a link between gut microbes and emotions in humans. This is the first time that behavioral and neurobiological differences associated with microbial composition have been studied in this way. Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles observed 40 healthy wo

It’s estimated that around 90% of all Americans deficient in it. Magnesium is important to every neural function of your body--your brain, your nerve endings, your heart. Yes, your heart.
Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, so before you spend $$ on a supplement, try soaking (your feet or your whole body) in Epsom salts, which are just magnesium salts. Or you can buy magnesium oil and spray it on. Magnesium provides almost immediate pain relief and calming.
Read more here:…/

Magnesium is super important when it comes to keeping your body's overall level of function at a preferred level. The only problem is that it's estimated...

Redox signaling science is real, with hundreds of studies published every month. Read more about scientific validation for redox signaling molecules in ASEA.…/scientific-validation-for-asea-pr…/

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Every Wednesday, I blog about wellness and nutrition. This week on my blog, I talk about Chia seeds, one of the most affordable, easy to obtain superfoods! Do you use Chia seeds? What's your favorite way to use them?…/healthy-wednesdays-chia-seed…

I decided to change my Wednesday posts to "ASEA Healthy Wednesdays" to reflect a broader focus on wellness. ASEA will still be the backbon...

In Defense of Coconut Oil--an important read about why you should disregard what the AHA says. Always follow the money. The nutrition information behind the AHA recommendations is from the 1970s. There are NO studies confirming that fats make you fat, because it isn't true. Sugar makes you fat, and sugar damages your heart.…/defense-coconut-oil-rebuttal-…

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It's not the wheat, it's the glyphosate.

There is something you should know about wheat grown in the states, and it's not about gluten or hybridization...

Here's why you need to stop eating toxic wheat even if you do not have a gluten...|By The Farmacy

Healthy IS beautiful. There are many forces trying to persuade us that to be beautiful, we need surgery, drastic diets, particular clothes and accessories, and all kinds of "outside" things. But real beauty comes from inside. Make good health--and good skin--part of your beauty routine.

Everyone is born with smooth, resilient skin. Your cells provide the "fingerprint" for this original beauty. Youthful skin renews itself consistently. Over t...

Everything you need to know is within you.

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After the Atlantic Crossing: Q&A with Braam Malherbe
DOT stands for “Do One Thing.” If we all just do one thing, collectively, we reshape our planet’s destiny.…/atlantic-crossing-qa-braam-malherbe/
Reshape your personal destiny by educating yourself about ASEA today!

From February 7 to May 9, 2017, Braam Malherbe lived without land, on little sleep, with immense purpose …

10 Ways to Sit Less & Move More
This is a great article on the dangers of all the sitting we do!
According to Dr. James Levine, famed endocrinologist and world expert on obesity, “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

Most Americans spend at least 13 hours a day sitting. Discover why that's a problem for your health and some fun & easy ways to move more during the day.

Add a little extra glow to your skin this summer with RENU Advanced, the skin care line that works at the cellular level:

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This looks yummy! What's your favorite smoothie recipe?…/banana-berry-smoothie-re…/

A little ginger and tart pineapple juice add a kick to this sweet but healthy blend of banana and berries.

Ann Louise Gittleman has always been ahead of her time. Described by Self Magazine as one of the Top Ten Notable Nutritionists in the United States, she has helped thousands of nutritionists, health coaches, and practitioners. Now she wants you to know about ASEA.

Known as "The First Lady of Nutrition" among her millions of followers worldwide, Ann Louise Gittleman has always been ahead of her time. Described by Self M...

I've been sick. It was depressing and exhausting. But then I got better, which I never do on my own. My immune system is genetically weak, but ASEA gives me hope. And ASEA has no negative side effects. You owe it to yourself to find out how ASEA can help you.

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