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Do NOT sign with Aspen! No one that works there really knows anything, it always takes forever to get answers. You will get charged for anything and everything! It’s a complete ripoff and they will NEVER have my business again. The only good thing about aspen is the Maintance guys are awesome and don’t get enough credit!

Ime Caldwell reviewed Aspen Heights Stillwater1 star
January 26

Do not sign a lease with Aspen heights. They are very over priced and will try to rip you off anyway they can. They do have great amenities but not worth it for the price. The building is poorly made. I lived there for three years and they charged me for normal wear and tear when I moved out. Not matter what you'll get charged when you move out. They will try to sneak in changed even after you sign a lease. They make many promises that they do not keep. You can point to something they said in the lease and they'll try to say it doesn't apply. Management is horrible. Parent and students alike DO NOT sign a lease with them.

This place is literally incredible! Everyone that works here is so helpful and kind. They plan super cool events and sometimes they give out breakfast (donuts �and McDonald’s) before class and it’s just really neat. Not to mention my puppy loves it here too! 10/10 would live here another year #becauseIam

Wonderful management, always willing to help and are so nice! I live in a 2 bedroom townhome and my roommate and I both think it's the greatest place we have stayed at in college. All the benefits of apartment living and renting a house in one! I highly recommend aspen.

Aspen Heights is very nice! We had nothing but great experience here and the people are amazing! The staff are awesome to get along with and are very helpful! I totally recommend aspen for anyone!! Love living here!

As far as student living goes Aspen Heights is one of the best. The only reason I gave them 4 out of 5 stars is because there is a lack of communication between management and the residences and they are inconsistent with the answers they give and their reasons.

Jacob Overton reviewed Aspen Heights Stillwater5 star

The houses are very spacious and it’s a great environment to live in. The pool is awesome and so is the hot tub. Darion is a cool cat also!

Logen Noelle Richardson reviewed Aspen Heights Stillwater1 star

I wish I never would have signed here. Please don't sign here. Poor managment. Untrustworthy maintenance, I wish I had enough money to live somewhere else. I have paid on time every month and this company has harassed me ever since I have moved in. Please consider other options. I was roped into the space, and the amenities, and all of the "cute" houses. I would not recommend.

Elizabeth Liz Sims reviewed Aspen Heights Stillwater5 star

Loved today's Wine and sign event. They have tons more events coming for fall that I'm supper excited for. Ashleigh is AMAZING. Always making you fell welcome and is great company. Loved painting wine glasses and meeting the neighbors.

Awesome place to live! They always put on great events and it is a quick way to meet new people!