AS THE CLOCK TICKS, MORE FAMILIES THRUST INTO CRISIS Finch renews call for plan of attack against horrifying heroin scourge Yesterday, Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) joined a host of Republican lawmakers, including Assembly Republican Leader Brian M. Kolb and Sen. George Amedore, to call on Assembly Democrats to work with them to reach bipartisan consensus on a comprehensive plan to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic. “The first step is generating the funding we need to tackle this epidemic,” said Finch. “We need detox centers, more rehabilitation beds and more practitioners singularly devoted to follow-up care to help recovering addicts avoid relapse. It is time for Assembly Democrats to join us and take action.” Beyond increased funding, Finch noted that there are a number of policy proposals generated by the Assembly GOP Task Force on Heroin Addiction & Community Response that he believes could be considered at the negotiating table. “We need insurance companies to step up to the plate and cover adequate detoxification and rehabilitation care. We know addiction is not a moral failing, we know it’s a disease, and asking families to cover this care out of pocket when they’ve purchased insurance coverage doesn’t seem right. The governor has come to the same conclusion following his task force,” said Finch. Finch said that working closely with Kevin Jones and the Heroin Epidemic Action League (HEAL) has helped him understand just how destructive the disease is. It also made him realize the importance of reaching a comprehensive solution before the end of session. “Sen. Amedore and his colleagues have displayed decisive leadership and passed meaningful legislation. The governor has shown initiative and impaneled his task force. Under Leader Kolb’s direction, our conference has authored a comprehensive report based on best practices that have worked for health care professionals, mental health practitioners, recovering addicts and law enforcement officials. Where are the Assembly Democrats on this? We’ve provided them with an extensive menu of proposals. They need to know that every day we waste is a day that a mother buries her child. The stakes are that high,” said Finch.
WOMEN’S EQUALITY LEGISLATION OFFICIALLY LAW A statement by Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) “Ten million women in New York State went to sleep last night without critical safeguards against harassment, violence and discrimination. They woke up this morning protected by a host of provisions sponsored by Assembly Republicans enshrined into law today. “Our conference championed bills to protect our most vulnerable women from the evils of human trafficking. Our conference championed bills to ensure that visionaries in industry don’t run into a glass ceiling on their way to the boardroom. Most importantly, Assembly Republicans prioritized legislation to strengthen protections against domestic violence and sexual harassment. “Our work is not done. Our conference will continue to work tirelessly to make our state safer and more inclusive. This session, we’re focused on creating dynamic opportunities for all New Yorkers striving to secure their dreams and provide for their families.”
Our Assembly Republican Conference will continue fighting for the public ethics reforms New Yorkers deserve. We must be held to a higher standard.

Our Presidents forged our country. They held it together when it nearly broke apart. They’ve protected our most cherished values- freedom, courage and opportunity- all over the world. Their stories are remarkable. They remind us that, in America, leaders aren’t born into an aristocracy. They’re school teachers, prairie lawyers and peanut farmers. Our children need to know they can be anything when they grow up, including the President of the United States.

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"In making his argument against the Dream Act, Finch cited the state's $4 billion budget gap and growing student loan debt — more than $80 billion — among New Yorkers.

'It is not prudent or fair to burden hardworking taxpayers even more by requiring them to pay for illegals to go to college,' he said."

The state Assembly has once again passed New York's version of the Dream Act.


“Our state is facing a $4 billion budget deficit. A 2016 report from the comptroller’s office stated that New Yorkers hold over $80 billion in student loan debt. Right now, it is not prudent or fair to burden hardworking taxpayers even more by requiring them to pay for illegals to go to college. Washington needs to fix our broken immigration system. In Albany, we need to stay focused on making New York State more affordable for our middle class.”

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I had a wonderful time at the Village of Cayuga’s Chilli Cook Off! It was a great opportunity to catch up with Sen. Helming, and it's always pleasure to see Mayor Bill Sherman and Chantell Hotaling.

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“For years, the governor has defied the federal government and refused to remove illegal highway signs that his administration installed. In response, the federal government is withholding $14 million in highway funding for New York State. Inevitably, the governor will try to politicize this and claim that Washington is attacking him. The Obama Administration also declared the signs illegal because they very clearly are. We need every last dollar we can get from the federal government to revitalize our aging infrastructure. Between the bid-rigging and bribery trials of the governor’s top aides and now this, hopefully this administration will begin to get the message that it needs to follow the law.”

The federal government is withholding $14 million from New York in highway funds for erecting more than 500 'I Love NY' signs that violate federal highway rules and state law...


“During his testimony today, Empire State Development CEO Howard Zemsky said that he “couldn’t be more comfortable with the oversight” of the state’s development programs. Lack of oversight and accountability allowed top administration officials to rig bids for politically connected contractors. Lack of oversight and accountability allowed a $90 million factory to be built for no one but a fortunate develo...per. Lack of oversight and accountability allowed the state to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on START-UP New York without any concrete metrics to evaluate the quality of the investment. Vague references to “intellectual capital” and his children’s musings about living in Buffalo wouldn’t fly in a shareholders meeting, and I hope they aren’t good enough for middle-class taxpayers who are actually paying for this.”

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I was so pleased to attend the 19th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon. I presented New York State Assembly Citations to recipients of the 2018 Coretta Scott King Unsung Heroes Award. The recipients were Jenna Heery, Rina Hernández, Carolyn Murray, Marsha Whitley, and Verna Wilson. I also presented a Citation to Susan Gibides, who was enshrined in the Auburn/Cayuga NAACP Hall of Fame.

All of these public servants have made our community a brighter place to live. Pres...ident Eli Hernández said it best:

"Without the foot soldiers, change is impossible."

Again, congratulations to all of the honorees!

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If your pistol permit was issued before January 15, 2013, time is running our to recertify ahead of the January 31 deadline. This helpful video walks you through the process. Believe me, I remain staunchly opposed to the SAFE Act and continue to carry legislation to repeal it. Failure to recertify, however, could have severe consequences, including the confiscation of all of your firearms. Certifying can be accomplished online in minutes.

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I was pleased to join so many strong supporters of the Second Amendment at the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen's Club President's Dinner. It's always great to see Sen. DeFrancisco and Stephen Wowelko, past President of the Federation.

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“The governor wants to rewrite our state tax code by April 1. This is the same administration that can’t send out school tax rebate checks on time. It’s not feasible. Real tax reform isn’t about accounting gimmicks, and it certainly shouldn’t involve new administrative burdens on small businesses, family farms and manufacturers. We have the worst tax climate in the country. We’re facing a $4 billion deficit. Our problems won’t be solved by convoluted, knee-jerk responses to policies coming out of Washington. For once, let’s address our financial problems with a simple solution: spend less money and provide middle-class New Yorkers with real tax relief.”

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Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport) wants to make sure pistol permit holders in his district are aware of the January 31, 2018 deadline to recertify permits issued before January 15, 2013.

“We want to help get the word out. Unfortunately, the penalties for allowing your certification to lapse, even unintentionally, can be extremely severe. All of your firearms could be confiscated, even rifles. I don’t want that for a...ny of my friends and neighbors who are law-abiding, responsible owners of firearms. Recertifying is free and can be accomplished online in minutes. It’s the best way to protect yourself as a citizen and second amendment supporter,” said Finch.

Finch believes that the process is just another way for the administration to burden law-abiding citizens.

“The administration continually targets second amendment supporters who are diligent about compliance and want to do things the right way. They’re harassed and inconvenienced even though they’ve done nothing wrong. Something tells me that violent criminals will not be rushing to their local county clerk’s office to make sure all of their firearms are registered properly,” said Finch.

Finch continues to carry legislation in the Assembly to repeal the NY SAFE Act, the governor’s much- maligned gun control law.

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Recently, I joined my colleagues in government to share some of our experiences in public service with members of Leadership Cayuga. It was great listening to Mayor Quill, Legislator Daly and Supervisor Oltz tell their stories. I was so pleased to see a room full of people who want to make our community stronger and more exciting.

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“I’m disappointed, though, that the governor continues to blame Washington for his economic record. Washington has nothing to do with our $4 billion budget gap. Washington didn’t riddle the administration’s development programs with corruption and waste. Washington didn’t burden our manufacturers with escalating state energy taxes, our farmers with job-killing mandates or our middle-class families with the highest property taxes in the country."


“I’m pleased that the governor reiterated his commitment to eradicating the harmful algal blooms that threaten our water supply. It’s a necessary investment in economic development, in tourism and, most importantly, in the health and safety of our residents.

“I’m disappointed, though, that the governor continues to blame Washington for his economic record. Washington has nothing to do with our $4 billion budget gap. Washington didn...’t riddle the administration’s development programs with corruption and waste. Washington didn’t burden our manufacturers with escalating state energy taxes, our farmers with job-killing mandates or our middle-class families with the highest property taxes in the country. I was hopeful for a budget presentation that would chart a new course. Unfortunately, this sounded like more of the same.”

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s words changed hearts and his actions changed our country. His ideas changed the world. His message of equality, justice and opportunity is still so important today.

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