Check out my new video that showcases my nearly completed creation...Astrologic!

A Boardgame of Magic and Astrology! Move the elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire from the Four Corners of of the world to the Magic Circle in the center thro...

I was up all night working on the solution needed to make this game elegantly simple, stratigic, with the right amount of chance elements...and I think I've got it!
I also came up with some alternative, yet still funtionally beatiful changes to the design to bring the cost of manufacturing down (because in it's current form, it costs too much to sell at an affordable price) which might just get this crowdfunding thing going for real in a few months.
QUESTION: to those who see this? How much would you pledge in US$ to a Kickstarter to get a copy of the game and see it succeed? 40$..55$...65$? Please comment & let me know! (it would not include shipping)