Today is a big day. The Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo is tonight at 7.30pm. One can feel it in the air - change is coming - deep, transformative and powerful change. It truly feels like a life chapter is closing up for many - there is an awakening of the self, an urge to be authentic. I'm amazed by the drive, strength and commitment people are putting into discovering themselves and getting out of their comfort zone. It requires courage to take the risk, to step on such an unstable floor but even more challenging is to stay there but stay, stay, stay... a door is opening to the unknown, to new adventures and that is where we have to go - if we are afraid that means there is something to learn. This is an opportunity to raise our level of vibration in the coming months, to connect with our culture, with nature, to be honest with ourselves and address life with consciousness. Eclipses reveal themselves over time, but also this eclipse has been building up until today and once it happens its lessons (which we don't know yet) will effect and impact us enormously. We are turning over a page. Ground yourself, be patient and stay focussed, we need to be strong at this time in the world, we need to fight, be assertive, we need to listen to the echoes and design our lives creatively. Let's be innovative. Today the moon is dark - it has been loosing light during last week and it was hard to go through it (it was for me for sure) but 'light always follows darkness' as astrologer Michael Lupin put it yesterday night, and today we'll experience and see in the sky an opportunity for a change inside ourselves and outside in the world. Are you feeling it? As I said this is happening on a personal level very strongly, but also collectively, and this is hugely relevant and important as we are on the brink of something big in the world. Yesterday night I went to a lecture called Life in the New World: Astrology During Global Revolution by the inspiring astrologer Michael Lutin. He said many things but the most striking one is that we need to find a new way of security - clearly the old way is not working for us anymore, safety is not longer what we thought it was. We are at an inflection point as the human race, society is crumbling. Some people are waking up, others want us to stay asleep and control us and we need to fight this. . Are you ready to wake up??
Thrilled & excited to share our upcoming event FULL MOON ECLIPSE: CELESTIAL NOURISHMENT DINNER 🌕 next Thursday Feb 1st in collaboration with experimental vegan chefs Cocina Shoreditch and set designer Anna Sbiera - hope you can join us! Expect an evening full of conceptual dishes, performance (yes I'll be performing and if I were you I would not miss it!) and astrological wisdom, including a personalised astrological chart to discover where the full Moon falls in your chart. All this will be accompanied by spectacular biodynamic wines produced to dance around the moon's capricious ways. We will celebrate and explore the forthcoming total Lunar Eclipse, following the journey of this Blood Moon and understanding how this celestial unique event will influence and impact the next six months of our lives. For more information and tickets: 💫 JOIN US!
MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN Today as Mercury gets closest to Saturn I want to write about the strength and importance of our voices and our collective dialogue. Our creative and political voices. Our healing and spiritual voices. Astrology is a bridge that connects the stars with the Earth and our voices express and communicate this inner magic. This sacred dance between the movement of the planets is showing us a path and we walk this path in different rhythms, each to their own time, searching for different things. Each voice is unique and needs to be heard. We should listen to each other and embrace this diversity of voices because the dialogue can shape and embody the change we are facing. And in today’s socio-political climate this is a serious matter. We need to incarnate our voices and make them heard. Today I’ll be facilitating a workshop focusing on our creative voice as support, as a vital force, as a shared moment, as an act to build a different reality. And later this evening we will have astrologer Chani Nicholas in conversation with artist Linda Stupart. Can’t wait to here these voices together! Horoscope of the Day Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy @Somerset House Studios text & video: Madeleine Botet de Lacaze @astrologyforartists

Today at 12.13pm the new Moon in Pisces arrives, allowing us to deepen into our personal healing process. With this energy I want to share with you these images of NATURE - the performance I did recently at Steakhouse Live festival. It was an act of deep healing, of liberation, of death and rebirth. I performed for 4 hours non-stop, building resistance by cutting off the past, trauma, fear. A liberation that connected me with my nature. Hair gathers and stores the memories at the time the hair was being produced - what you've eaten, how you were feeling, what experiences you were having. It has your DNA, your genealogy, your roots, your past - all in one hair. I felt so vulnerable and so strong at the same time, as if I was giving birth to a new way of being.

The Moon is conjunct with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, giving us an opportunity to connect with our deepest wounds. Embracing the pain, fear, discomfort of this dark place can transform and liberate us from the old, from what needs to go, from what is holding us back. Acceptance and forgiveness is needed, inspiration and compassion shows the way - don't forget that Pisces is the sign of spirituality, use this energy to connect with what you are feeling and what you need to let go to allow the new to come. We are just a few days from the Spring Equinox, a new astrological year will start and with it the narrative of 2018 will start unfolding, bringing change and new life experiences. We have until the new Moon in Aries on the 15th of April to close, let go, cut off, clean, repair what we don't need anymore.

An audience member from NATURE wrote to me "Had so many moments of beauty and peace amongst the many challenging thoughts it brought up for me: thoughts of death and loss and winter and sadness followed by the new birth and new growth that we know must and will come."

To see images and videos please have a look at my Instagram Astrology for Artists.

Images by Manuel Vason and Teamfridge

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined me on today’s workshop The Moon is Illuminated by the Sun 🌙 and yesterday’s workshop on Saturn Return: A Time of Deep Transformation ⚡️What a weekend it has been - filled with realisations and interesting insights!

Teaching astrology became such an important and urgent practice for me to communicate further. Astrology is a very useful, accessible and meaningful tool that helps us navigate uncertainty by giving us confidence, trust and ...a deep understanding of ourselves, others and the world.

Thank you to everyone who came, the sparks in your eyes inspire me to continue this journey!

‘Our destiny, our being’s heart and home
Is within infinite, and only there’.

Good night 🌙

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Gerry Carroll
· November 10, 2017
Madeleine is very caring and also a very good teacher. You know you are in safe hands and with someone who has deep knowledge and wisdom.
Joy Ful
· March 14, 2018
You must go to Madeleine's workshops, they are incredible!!
Maria Peralta Ramos
· July 13, 2017
Madeleine is an exceptional artist and astrologer. Her approach to Astrology is unique and refreshing. She is a serious professional and an emphatic, receptive and wonderfull person. ❤
Mai Vi
· June 14, 2017
Madeleine is wonderful, full of insights and knowledge. The workshop I attended has clearly changed something within me and I now can't wait to attend her next ones. :)

Are you coming on Sunday?

The moon shines by reflecting light from the sun. The moon makes us feel safe, she protects us, nurtures us, ensures us that even when we feel low the tide will rise and we will gather our strength. The moon represents the feminine, the goddess, the mother, the deity. The cycles of our lives.

In this Sunday's workshop The Moon is Illuminated by the SunI'll be exploring the moon, it's many phases and its position in our charts. What makes you feel s...afe and protected? Are you in contact with your body? How important are your roots, your traditions, your ancestry..?

Last tickets left - JOIN ME!

xx Madeleine

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Sun 1:00 PM UTCChisenhale DanceLondon, United Kingdom
53 people interested

Last tickets left for the workshop Saturn Return: A Time of Deep Transformation - come to delve into Saturn's meaning of change, transformation and boundaries though it's myths and archetypes.

Who of what you are is real?
What are your boundaries?
How big is your ambition?


Join me to discuss, develop and answer these questions and learn more about this striking timeless planet who is asking to do things one step at a time!

Get your ticket and send me your birth details - it will be amazing! xxx M

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Very excited to share my Astrology for Artists March Newsletter - haven't send one since December Wow!

Hope you like it and please join me in some of the events coming up this coming weekend!

Lots of love, Madeleine

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by Madeleine Botet de Lacazei am a woman i am a poem - visceral Tomorrow is International Women's Day - a day to celebrate equality, diversity, understanding the self and, most importantly, understanding the other. We are deep into Pisces season, the last sign of the Zodiac, meaning we ar...

Have you ever wanted to learn ALL about the Moon?

Next Sunday the 11th I'm facilitating a workshop called THE MOON IS ILLUMINATED BY THE SUN. We will deepen into the meaning of the Moon: the moon phases, how to follow the Lunar calendar, why does a new and full Moon affect that so much, what does it mean a Blue Moon or a Black Moon and - most importantly - which are the RITUALS we can do, how we can use this energy to help us decide, choose and move forward. Knowing what you ...need is vital to be able to ask for it!

Please join me - it's going to be a insightful workshop on how to take care of ourselves by connecting with the beauty of the Moon.

Lots of love, Madeleine

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Sun 1:00 PM UTCChisenhale DanceLondon, United Kingdom
53 people interested

In exactly a week I’m facilitating the SATURN RETURN workshop - if you are 27 to 30 or 58 to 60 years old, please JOIN! 💫

The Saturn Return is not what we call a good time. It is what one might call an interesting time, a time filled with stark realisations and ultimatums; of coming up against the wall and challenging wavering beliefs; of testing and pushing and, in the end, living at the limit.

Saturn transiting marks a time of CHANGE and transformation. So how do you transi...tion through this part of our life in the best way possible?

Don't miss the workshop - get your ticket and send me your birth details!

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Sat 1:00 PM UTCChisenhale DanceLondon, United Kingdom
82 people interested

During the night a demanding full Moon in Virgo occurred. We crossed the threshold of a new lunar cycle in an unusual way - as the Sun is in Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, together with Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Chiron ⚡️ Just imagine the intensity of this Virgo/Pisces axis - one being shapeless and dreamy, and the other wanting order and pragmatism.

This full Moon in Virgo allows us to see with more clarity the changes we need to put into practice to materialise our d...ream and inner vision that emerges and blossoms from Pisces.

With the stellium of five planets in Pisces this Moon comes to put order, give shape but most importantly to anchor Pisces magical energy.

This Moon has been feeling very chaotic to me - I personally had a hard day yesterday. I became super critical of what I’m doing, feeling my dreams are too big and I’m not capable of making them happen. I was swimming in Pisces waters and suddenly I had to order my chaos and that confrontation felt so uncomfortable that was difficult to transit.

We are indeed on the last sign of the Zodiac, we are closing a year cycle. In April we will have a new Moon in Aries where the journey of the Zodiac will begin again .... the energies are rolling, moving forwards. Mercury and Venus will soon move to Aries, Mercury will get retrograde, Chiron will move into Aries after 50 years, Uranus will move into Taurus in May. Big time 💫

The unknown is scary. Not knowing what will come feels uncertain but the sky is preparing us for a big energetic change this year. Let’s swim Pisces deep waters - we need to let go, to close chapters, to clarify, to purify and to connect with the sacred order of Virgo as a way to evolve with the cosmos.

📷 Ceren Bülbün

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And the past is gone. Thank you to everyone who came yesterday and experience NATURE - four hours of transformation. I learned so much in the process of creating this performance; had incredible insights about my art practice and my life. Holding the four hours of the performance was a big challenge - thank you so much for being in the space with me, you were all giving me strength.

Today I celebrate art & life but, most of all, the incredible language of astrology. It’s powerful, transformative, healing and creative way of looking at my nature gives me so much freedom and belief 💙

Thank you Mary, Katy and all of the team of Steakhouse Live for making it happen

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I’m performing NATURE today.

An experiment.

An idea.


2-6pm Toynbee Studios / @steakhouselive

Hair gathers and stores the memories made at the time the hair was being produced - what you've eaten, how you were feeling, what experiences you were having. It has your DNA, your genealogy, your roots, your past - all in one hair.


Hope I see you later! ⚡️

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Pisces season feels like.... 💙
📷 animation by artist Matilda Ellis

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

I’ll be doing the very famous workshop SATURN RETURN: A Time of Deep Transformation - if you are getting closer to your Saturn return, or in its revolution or would like to look back at that time of your life - please JOIN ME!

Saturday 10th of March / from 1pm till 5pm / Chisenhale Dance

Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun.


This means that when we are between 28 and 30 years old the Saturn in the sky meets the Saturn on your natal chart, as it’s back to the same zodiac sign as when we were born. This is what in astrology we call Saturn Return - when a new 30 years life cycle begins.

Saturn is about work, responsibility, limits, boundaries, time, integrity, authority, commitment, self-respect, work, work, work, being tested, being pushed to our limits - we will come face to face with our own blocks and be forced to push through them to find new ways to do things in life.

It’s a struggle - an inspiring crossroads that can shift our life and connect us with who we are and what we want. Saturn will ask us to stop hesitating and to jump into a new stage of adulthood.

During this workshop you will learn about the Saturn Return and how it might be affecting you. This is a moment in life where change is inevitable and the way we approach this energetic cycle can make an enormous difference to our experience of it – it can be extremely challenging or an extremely rewarding time of self discovery.

So how do you transition through this part of our life in the best way possible?

This workshop is ideal for people who:

- will soon go through their Saturn Return: 25-26-27 years old and 58-59-60 years old (second Saturn return)
- are in the middle of it at the moment: 28-29-30 years old and 58-59-60 years old - or would like to reflect about that time in their lives
- or want to understand more about lifecycles in astrology

Yay can’t wait! 💫 Join me! .

ONE STEP AT A TIME says Saturn 👊🏼

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Sat 1:00 PM UTCChisenhale DanceLondon, United Kingdom
82 people interested

“Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing...
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
‘Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”

Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman” excerpt from And Still I Rise

I would like to wholeheartedly share with you what the wonderful team of @secretyogaclub have organised for Women's Day.

Please join them - I will 💙


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Wed 7:00 PM UTCCore ClaptonLondon, United Kingdom
61 people interested

This coming Sunday 25th from 2-6pm I'll be performing NATURE at @steakhouselive - a festival of performance and live art focusing on fierce feminism, dirty desire, queer culture and resistance. Please come this Sunday. Be with me in this shared space.

NATURE is a performance that subverts the idea that there is one way to be, and that that one way is essential to being. Resilience, fluidity and uncertainty are great parts of the transformative process of becoming. Madeleine e...xamines our relationship with ourselves, with others and with nature by addressing the cracks inside herself, the inner fragmentations that beg for liberation and unity. A liberation that symbolises cutting off the past, toxicity, trauma and fear. A liberation that becomes nature.

My Sun is in the last degree of Libra aligned with 3 other planets one on top of the other. At the moment Uranus is transiting the last degrees of Aries - meaning it's making a tight opposition to my stellium in Libra. I know that this might not mean anything to you but this is the biggest internal revolution I have ever lived. The level of instability, change and disruption but also creativity and awakening that emerged during these last months has been enormous. The rebellious feelings I had and the urge to break free from old patterns had pushed me to do things even if I didn't feel prepared. Uranus is not asking for permission, is not allowing me to think so much or work in a disciplinary manner as I always did. My Moon in Capricorn is trembling, is having disastrous nightmares and is holding to any little habit to survive. But Uranus doesn't care about the past and old ways of doing things - it wants the new, the original, the authentic. So here I am - experimenting with this new performance piece which questions my identity. Even though I'm terrified what keeps me going is the idea of allowing myself to be transformed.

I'm posting this here because there is no astrology if it doesn't liberate.

Sunday 25 Feb / Toynbee Studios / 12-9pm / £15-£12 (for all day pass) Tickets link in Bio 👆🏼

📷 in collaboration with Mariana Pena

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you know when you are about to do something different and you feel afraid by the uncertainty?

when destiny comes with what you were longing so much to happen but you don’t feel entirely ready?

when life takes you to unknown places, and in one way or another you get out of your comfort zone?


life is funny. life is magic. life is our most important creative act.

what you are looking for is looking for you, that’s a fact. but it’s so hard to recognise, or acknowledge or just let it be.

we are transiting such difficult and unknown territory. the sky is demanding attention, the world is shaking & the earth is yelling loud.

#loveaspoliticalresistance 🖤

📷 by Collin McArdoo

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