Today is a big day. The Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo is tonight at 7.30pm. One can feel it in the air - change is coming - deep, transformative and powerful change. It truly feels like a life chapter is closing up for many - there is an awakening of the self, an urge to be authentic. I'm amazed by the drive, strength and commitment people are putting into discovering themselves and getting out of their comfort zone. It requires courage to take the risk, to step on such an unstable floor but even more challenging is to stay there but stay, stay, stay... a door is opening to the unknown, to new adventures and that is where we have to go - if we are afraid that means there is something to learn. This is an opportunity to raise our level of vibration in the coming months, to connect with our culture, with nature, to be honest with ourselves and address life with consciousness. Eclipses reveal themselves over time, but also this eclipse has been building up until today and once it happens its lessons (which we don't know yet) will effect and impact us enormously. We are turning over a page. Ground yourself, be patient and stay focussed, we need to be strong at this time in the world, we need to fight, be assertive, we need to listen to the echoes and design our lives creatively. Let's be innovative. Today the moon is dark - it has been loosing light during last week and it was hard to go through it (it was for me for sure) but 'light always follows darkness' as astrologer Michael Lupin put it yesterday night, and today we'll experience and see in the sky an opportunity for a change inside ourselves and outside in the world. Are you feeling it? As I said this is happening on a personal level very strongly, but also collectively, and this is hugely relevant and important as we are on the brink of something big in the world. Yesterday night I went to a lecture called Life in the New World: Astrology During Global Revolution by the inspiring astrologer Michael Lutin. He said many things but the most striking one is that we need to find a new way of security - clearly the old way is not working for us anymore, safety is not longer what we thought it was. We are at an inflection point as the human race, society is crumbling. Some people are waking up, others want us to stay asleep and control us and we need to fight this. . Are you ready to wake up??
Thrilled & excited to share our upcoming event FULL MOON ECLIPSE: CELESTIAL NOURISHMENT DINNER 🌕 next Thursday Feb 1st in collaboration with experimental vegan chefs Cocina Shoreditch and set designer Anna Sbiera - hope you can join us! Expect an evening full of conceptual dishes, performance (yes I'll be performing and if I were you I would not miss it!) and astrological wisdom, including a personalised astrological chart to discover where the full Moon falls in your chart. All this will be accompanied by spectacular biodynamic wines produced to dance around the moon's capricious ways. We will celebrate and explore the forthcoming total Lunar Eclipse, following the journey of this Blood Moon and understanding how this celestial unique event will influence and impact the next six months of our lives. For more information and tickets: 💫 JOIN US!
MERCURY CONJUNCT SATURN Today as Mercury gets closest to Saturn I want to write about the strength and importance of our voices and our collective dialogue. Our creative and political voices. Our healing and spiritual voices. Astrology is a bridge that connects the stars with the Earth and our voices express and communicate this inner magic. This sacred dance between the movement of the planets is showing us a path and we walk this path in different rhythms, each to their own time, searching for different things. Each voice is unique and needs to be heard. We should listen to each other and embrace this diversity of voices because the dialogue can shape and embody the change we are facing. And in today’s socio-political climate this is a serious matter. We need to incarnate our voices and make them heard. Today I’ll be facilitating a workshop focusing on our creative voice as support, as a vital force, as a shared moment, as an act to build a different reality. And later this evening we will have astrologer Chani Nicholas in conversation with artist Linda Stupart. Can’t wait to here these voices together! Horoscope of the Day Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy @Somerset House Studios text & video: Madeleine Botet de Lacaze @astrologyforartists
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Gerry Carroll
· November 10, 2017
Madeleine is very caring and also a very good teacher. You know you are in safe hands and with someone who has deep knowledge and wisdom.
Joy Ful
· March 14, 2018
You must go to Madeleine's workshops, they are incredible!!
Kata Kaluga
· November 29, 2016
Intriguing and highly inspiring workshops! They make you connect with the creative part of you and explore ways in which the artist within you expresses itself. I love how they make you reflect on you...r inner self and leave you so inspired. They are very thought-provoking and might commence a journey of transformation that will continue long after the workshop ends. See More
Maria Peralta Ramos
· July 13, 2017
Madeleine is an exceptional artist and astrologer. Her approach to Astrology is unique and refreshing. She is a serious professional and an emphatic, receptive and wonderfull person. ❤
Mai Vi
· June 14, 2017
Madeleine is wonderful, full of insights and knowledge. The workshop I attended has clearly changed something within me and I now can't wait to attend her next ones. :)