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Stop by and explore our newest At Home in Whitehall Township, PA. At Home is the Home Décor Superstore with endless possibilities for every budget.

Join us Saturday, April 28 - the first 50 customers who sign up for Insider Perks get a mystery gift card to At Home, valued from $20 to $200.

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Sat 9:00 AM EDT2520 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052-3815, United States
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Lauren Kelley
· March 29, 2018
Customer service is awful.
I opened a credit card in January
Used it a couple times.....
Paid it off in full!
And come to find out when I went in to use it again today they put a hold on my card and I can’t use it for another week because of me paying it off in full it triggered a security flag and made them freeze it. When I called while in the store at the checkout with my kids they told me there was nothing they could do. So I closed my credit card and left my basket in the store. I’ll never shop there again. Wish I would’ve known there would be so many issues opening a card and paying it off like you’re suppose to.
Ridiculous. And here I was trying to use my card with a birthday coupon they sent me along with my purchase.
Don’t train your employees to ask everyone to open a credit card and then have this nonsense happen.
I was told it was an added security measure. But even when you tell the company on the phone hey that was me who paid it off over a week ago and now I’m trying to shop please lift the hold on my card....
Nope.. sorry can’t do that.
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Michelle Galloway Martin
· April 14, 2018
I was in the Greenwood, Indiana location today and recieved horrible customer service. My husband and I were in the store for more than an hour and saw no employees on the floor. We were shopping for ...throw pillows and every one we liked were could not find a match for it. We walked the whole store looking for someone to see if they could double check inventory. We found no one. We went on your website to order the match but you can't order online?! I can only add to my favorites... unreal! I settled on 2 matching pillows and headed to checkout. Once we got to the checkout I asked the cashier if she could check stock on an item because I found no one to assist on the floor. She said I couldn't find anyone to assist me because everyone was on a register. It's 5:30 on a Saturday evening and you have 4 total store employees? She then told me there is no way to order items not in stock and she has zero ability to check inventory levels. She said she would call another store but she doubted they would even pick up their phone. Her attitude was awful. It seemed as if my time was a joke. You can't honestly tell me that you have no visibility to your inventory levels! I left my items on the counter and left. I can understand being busy and understaffed, but there is no excuse for the lack of apologies or concern to resolve my questions. I will not return. See More
Katherine Pesich
· March 3, 2018
I would give the Wauwatosa WI less than one star after my experience I just had with one of their employees.
I had a 3 tiered basket with wheels picked out to put in my kitchen for fruits and veggies.... The basket was priced for $5.99. I took it to the cashier to purchase and she rudely stated "just so you know that is not $5.99" without even looking at what I was about to purchase. She informed me that it is $49.99
I asked why it is priced incorrectly and I stated that it is not fair to the customer. She said they were too busy to put the right price tag on the item. I fail to see where that is my problem
As a consumer it is not my fault that you were too lazy or busy to do your job. Your employee informing me that it is priced incorrectly means that they are not doing their job. The fact that your employees know that things are not priced correctly and do nothing about it is absolutely appalling. And when a consumer states that it is not fair because it is not my fault and that it should be sold for the ticketed price, your employees become very unprofessional and shake their hands in your face screaming that it is not as priced. I do not expect to leave a store feeling like I was taken advantage of by a company and its employees. This kind of behavior is not fair to your customers, and it is a very manipulative way to make a sale.
I loved the company when I lived in Texas and it was still Garden Ridge. The service was always so good and the store was alway so well kept. The store in Wauwatose WI needs some serious training in customer service, and cleanliness in the store.
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Jordan LaNee Neal
· March 7, 2018
I went on Monday to find a rug and found the one I liked only in 5x7 but I need 7x10. So I looked for a while but still couldn’t find it because the rug section was so disorganized it was unreal. When... I went to look for an associate, there were none in sight anywhere. I ended up having to walk all the way to the front of the store to find someone. Once I finally did, she told me to hold on because she had to go grab something. So I stood there for 10 minutes and waited for her to come back. She finally did. She scanned the rug and said “well it says we have one in the store but it could have just sold so I’m not sure if we actually have it.” So I when I asked her to try to find out she informed me that she had no way of knowing so I would have to check back. I went back today to find out. Still no associate in sight so I went to the front to talk to someone. She had to page the manager and when he finally came to talk to me, he said no they don’t have it and they don’t know when/if they will and no I can’t order it. No one willing to help. No phone number on their website to call. Only a request form. No way to order online. Worst experience ever. See More
Lyndsey Elliott
· March 26, 2018
Currently in the process of trying to resolve an issue with two chairs Identical chairs I bought from at home and have had for only a few months. Both chairs have broken on exactly the same spot. Both... chairs have the tags on the bottom but instead of making it right they keep asking for the receipt or the card I used. I have had the chairs roughy 3 months and they we’re not used very often. I spent $120 on them and just want them to make it right instead of acting like I’m the problem with a faulty product. Customer service at the store was awful. The store manager wouldn’t give me her name after asking 6 times and kept repeating policy policy policy. What on earth do I need to do to get a store credit to get a different style chair that hopefully won’t break on my clients as the last two did. See More
Holly Hurley
· February 27, 2018
At Home carries items that can’t be found in other stores in my neighborhood of Kansas City, North. Unfortunately, all of their stores stink of an overwhelming perfume odor that aggravates my asthma. ...A week ago I went to the store at Barry and North Oak. I braved the stink long enough to get what I came for, plus a 10-pack of velour covered non-slip clothes hangers.

They were in my laundry room for a few days, and when I got ready to hang clothes on them, I noticed the smell had come in with them. They have been outside on my deck in fresh air for five days, and they still stink.

If I can’t bear to spend time in the store, and if they make all of their soft goods stink, there is really no reason to enter the store again. This is the same insane practice that makes Kirkland un-shoppable.
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Mary Walters
· February 11, 2018
I was so happy when At Home opened in Ballwin, MO and have done much shopping there but am afraid today is my last visit. I went in to look at area rugs and saw a sign where some (with a green line t...hrough the tag) were 25% off. I looked through many rugs and found a nice 5 x 7 one I liked and was happy to see the green line. Well, I got to the checkout and it rang up regular price and I mentioned the “green line” and the cashier said well, that’s not our green line, we don’t use that color green :( Did she just imply that I came in the store with a green marker and put it there myself??? She did call a manager who agreed with her that was not their mark and walked off with the rug in the cart without waiting to see if I still wanted it. Well, ok then. I left still stunned at what they were implying. The 25% off was nice but for me it was in no way a dealbreaker. What the cashier was implying most certainly was and I will never set foot in there again. See More
Farah Love
· April 11, 2018
Your greenfield location is horrendous! The wall decor area is impossible to walk though since everything is thrown in a place leaving it impossible to find a identical item or one that isn’t damaged.... You can’t even look though the great items you have to offer. I wish I could attach the photos I took so you could see how bad it is.
Also, though out the entire store there are flat beds filled with items but they are in middle of Isles making it impossible to walk though and creating trip hazards. I love garden ridge but who every over sees this location doesn’t care much about it.
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Brandi Hagan Rogers
· March 19, 2018
I just want to share how wonderful our experience with the At Home store in Clarksville, TN was. We were there this weekend and purchased some drapery rods and got all the way home before seeing that of the glass ends was shattered. We called the At Home folks on Sunday and they are shipping us a new end so that we don’t have to make the drive. That type of service is so hard to find anymore and we just appreciate it so much. Wonderful people working there and a wonderful store. We will be back and hope others check them out too. See More
Jillian Aller
· March 4, 2018
Just in the Chesapeake, Va location. We were about to redo our whole living room w a new area rug, throw pillows and curtains. The curtains were marked with a red line. There had to be at least 10 ...of two different sizes in the aisle that all had the red line marked thru it. When I went to check out I questioned why they rang up full price and the rep told me that it was marked wrong I advised him all of them were marked half off and he wouldn't honor the price at all. Left everything on the counter and walked out. Customer service and help throughout the store was terrible. Won't ever go back See More
Marianne Bonner
· April 7, 2018
Apr 4, 18:28 CST
I am so disappointed at this store and company. I received an email that all pots and planters were BOGO 50% off. I went to the store because I knew what I wanted. I put the last 2 planters in my cart and happily took them to the register where they didn't ring up on sale. Upon my discussion with the manager there was very small print on the sign in the store that excluded coco liners. I couldn't believe a ceramic pot for over $100 was not excluded but a metal planter was excluded? It doesn't make sense why these are excluded. What is so unique about coco liners? Why wouldn't AtHome put all their planters on sale as stated in their email? I emailed the company and I got an apology but no explanation except to tell me if I clicked in the email it would take me to the website and see the exclusions. Do you as a customer know to go searching for exclusions? I don't. This seems like a bait and switch to just get the customer in the store. The manager didn't offer any compensation for the miscommunication. If she had I may have bought the planters even if it was 10%. That would tell me they want to do right by the customer. They lost a sale and a customer and maybe more once you all read my comment. There are other stores that take care of their customers...those I will frequent.
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Lee Cruz
· March 29, 2018
I am trying to find this mirror (UPC 191607124944) in the St. Louis, MO area. Have had a terrible time with customer service and inventory accuracy. Was told a store 45 minutes away had it in stock. W...e drove to the store only to be told it was not physically in the store (could be in transit). So complete waste of time. We were told another store had 2 so I called to verify (lesson learned) and they don't have them either. So website and scanner used by the associates in store are useless. To make it worse, the associate (the store manager no less!) who told us to drive 45 minutes showed absolutely no concern or remorse when told it was a wasted trip. See More
Karen Scovie
· February 15, 2018
It's great to find everything in one store but damaged or dirty items are too common. Many items are way too high up to reach and there isn't an employee in sight. Every store should have at least one... employee walking around to offer help. You would sell more. I have left many $$$ in merchandise behind simply because I couldn't reach it and there was nobody to help. Easily enough $$$ to pay an employee. I'm not going to bother to walk all the way to the front to get somone. See More
Lety Lorena
· April 6, 2018
Odessa one sucks! This store is too big and no workers are seen! I literally walked around the store trying to find someone to help me with a runner that I wanted and no one was seen on the floor, jus...t two ladies at a register with one huge line! That runner hasn't even been restocked and you can't get it online. I was wanting to see if I could purchase the display. I guess I have to go somewhere else! See More
Lori Turner
· April 17, 2018
Worst customer service ever the two ladies ( managers) They on those walked and that's it you loose any chance of any situation. No smile, no apology, no let me show you something comparable to what y...ou want. It's you get merchandise or don't feeling.#21 Norcross, ga. Not first uncomfortable experience but gave them the benefit of the dought. Been shopping At home several years even before name change. If you know you have to interact with managers (females) don't go............................................................ ..............,,;,,;................................. See More
Sharon Callaghan
· February 23, 2018
I enjoyed the variety and great selections in the store. On my way to pay for my purchases, I grabbed a box of Milk Duds. I found that when I ate several of them, they had a distinctive taste that to have come from the same fragrant smell that is pumped into the store. I had to throw them out. Moral of the story-don’t buy any food that could absorb this smell. See More
Bryanna Richards
· March 31, 2018
Not impressed with the way we were treated at the Shreveport Louisiana location tonight. Came in to spend money at 9:25 knowing the store closes at 10:00. Upon entering I was yelled at by a woman who ...said they were closed. Doors were open and there was no advertisement of an earlier closing time which I pointed out. She said they close early for Easter and was told to leave. You must be too big and too important to need my money. I’m not happy at all with this. I’ll take my money elsewhere. See More
Jessica Vivian
· March 22, 2018
Super disappointed and I know why it's always empty, now.

I need a couch. ...
I got an athome credit card to get said couch.

I do not keep a muscly man with a truck in my pocket, so I have no way of bringing said couch home.
I've ****never**** heard of a home furnishings store that doesn't offer delivery, even if through a third party.
I found out they do...after walking around the store looking for a staff member. Seems there is one every several miles.
The third party delivery starts at $125.

It doesn't cost that much to get IKEA delivered from Atlanta, ffs.

And I live less than 10 mins from the athome store.

When I expressed that I was surprised a furniture store doesn't deliver I was told athome is "not a furniture store"

Mmmk well neither is Sam's club and they deliver.

All in all, it's clear the place won't be there long with their poor staffing, poor customer service and frankly ableist furniture policy.

They should build an IKEA in its place.
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Carol Rice
· April 1, 2018
My customer service experience was great! I was walking around and loading up my arms when an employee quickly went all the way to the front to get me a basket. Btw, why don’t stores keep baskets in ...the back, too. The large selections are great but the prices are high. Hope they start having some major sales. See More
Jenny Feinstein
· March 10, 2018
Who designed these stores? Most aisles have huge poles down the center so if you have a cart or are chunky you can’t get through. Also the super wide carts, 2 cannot go down an aisle at the same time ...� this was a problem at both your Roseville & Troy, Michigan locations. Otherwise nice merchandise and helpful staff See More