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Buck Woodard
· February 22, 2018
I contracted ATED multiple times over nearly 10 years for the American Indian Initiative in Williamsburg, Virginia. Topnotch quality products and I could always trust the representation based on resea...rch and originals. Large orders and small, always satisfied. See More
Jennifer E Hotaling
· January 20, 2018
Bought a gift for my bf for christmas, ward was incredibly helpful and did beautiful work, highly recommend them!!!
John Corsilli
· August 14, 2017
Ordered a shell gorget from Ward , the quality was amazing and Ward was very helpful!! Will definitely be ordering from at the eastern door again!!
Ray Hayton
· April 28, 2017
Just did a transaction with Mr. Oles. I have been a fan of these guys since way before they got on FB, looking at their old website, and salivating over the various amazing creations that are not only... correct, but I feel, a fantastic value, considering the research and the time that go into making the various bits of American history that are vital to historical interpretation as it exists today. I couldn't be happier to have such a smooth and thoughtful transaction take place. I messaged ATED yesterday with a question, and received an immediate response. Today I received a followup response at 8:30 central time, on a Friday night no less, when most other folks are out pursuing their normal lives. This organization is a class act through and through, and I will definitely be doing business with them again. Keep it up guys, it is appreciated! :) See More
Shaun Pekar
· August 16, 2017
A+ work on everything they put out. I can't count the number of Wards or Eric's pieces I own but I'll surely buy more.
Rory Thomas
· November 15, 2016
Needed a Claddagh ring for a special occasion on short notice. Ward could not have been more helpful and amazing through it all. And not only was he able to accommodate my request--the ring turned out... beautiful to boot! Could not recommend them more highly. See More
William Armstrong
· December 7, 2017
I have a couple of different items from Ward and Eric. AWESOME MUSEUM QUALITY REPROS!
Anna Marcin Pejasz
· April 16, 2017
Great People guys are always inclined to answer and very helpful
Paul A. McClintock
· December 9, 2016
Just received my shirt buckle crafted by W. Oles. I haven't a shirt worthy of its use. Just beautiful. Now I need a new shirt!
Daniel C. Palemire
· April 6, 2016
Very nice works indeed, fantastic craftsmanship!!!
Years of experience and thousands of nails later, Eric makes it "look" easy with a 3 inch nail in 29 seconds on a single heat. The resulting nails are not only functional, but also possess consistent uniformity.
Down it goes.
Working on the larger tree.

Everyone was curious to know what all of those loom panels were for almost 2 months ago. At the time there was still a lot of work to be done, but as promised, here’s the finished piece.

This bag takes elements from many examples in the late 18th to early 19th century Anishnabe style to create an example that stays true to the original form without any modern artistic deviation.

5000 likes and followers have continued to encourage a lot of development over the years, and for that we are always grateful. Thank you all for your continued patronage, support, shares, follows, and likes.

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***Sold***Reproduction narrow list stroud matchcoat. 67 1/2" by 61". Only one available. $250 plus shipping.

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Reproduction trade silver “crescent style” earrings by W. Oles. This was a scheduled post from back in December that didn’t load, but still wanted to share. There are new and exciting projects are coming together as we approach 5K followers and big reveals to follow. We hope that everyone is as busy preparing for the upcoming season as we are and that you all remain in good health and spirits as the milder weather trickles in.

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At The Eastern Door is with Belinda Patterson and 6 others.

The latest batch of trade silver, currently available while supplies last. All neatly constructed in sterling silver and as usual, reproduced from original examples.
11/16" ring brooches pkg of 10, $65 per pkg
(ring brooches are temporarily sold out)
Earbobs in a variety of styles and sizes
Small $35pr...
Medium $40pr
Large, “Caldwell”, or “Coffin" style $45pr
Faceted cone $65pr
Nosebobs-clip $25ea (pierced version by custom order)
Plus shipping-(International service is always available)
Detail photos to follow in the comment thread

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At The Eastern Door
Local Business

Reproduction trade silver “moon” gorget with edge-bead rolled over a wire core, earwheels, and earbobs in Sterling silver by W. Oles. Modeled from the original works of Robert Cruikshank, Montreal, 1767-1809. Original objects c.1770. SOLD: custom order

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A few reproduction 4th quarter 18th century cut steel watch chains completed. The work and progress continues as we make our way through the winter months working on a multitude of projects and in preparation for the upcoming summer season.

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Quilled bag by S. Brevik. 7.5”x8.5” Based on a number of original 18th century examples. Another great example of a well executed piece of quillwork. (Custom order)

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A quick update on the loom quillwork. Panel 3 is done and now moving on to finishing older projects now that the workspace isn’t maxing out at 40* with the heat turned on. The next update will be 4 panels side by side, however this is currently shelved and may be a while as we move forward on more pressing projects and commitments. Thanks again for all of the interest, likes, shares, and support as we break into the new year.

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Many thanks to all of our customers, friends, and followers for a great 2017. We’re already off to a great start despite the subzero temps with the beginning steps of some new projects starting with this loom quilled panel. Additional progress to follow. A very Happy New Year to all of you and we hope you’re all looking forward to a happy, productive, and prosperous 2018.

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Almost all of what we do is in a constant state of preparation, often months and occasionally years in advance. These steps can be as simple as collection or require more involved processes. Sometimes even the best laid plans are subject to the season or weather as is the case here. Chopping ice wasn’t necessarily part of the plan.

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Some of the seemingly simplest of projects can be the most challenging. Here’s a late 18th century “lever-back” ear-bob component, each of which is made up of 6 parts to achieve a lightweight, hollow lentil, with a sturdy well articulated hinged ear wire.

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c. 1770 Reproduction "Caldwell" style ear-bobs. Sterling Silver, 100% hand fabricated cones, swaged bead, earwire and flat base; all finely brazed. Yet another common ear-bob style. Ear-bobs are found throughout the Northeast, Midwest, Great Lakes, and even the Northern Plains. Reproduced from ethnographically collected originals, Canadian Museum of History, Caldwell Collection. $45pr + shipping.

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At The Eastern Door added a new photo to the album: Trade Silver and other Ornaments — with Andy Hobgood and 22 others.

Reproduction patterned ring brooches in sterling silver. (1.0625 inches/27mm diameter) $25 each plus shipping****Temporarily our of stock****

This particular style of ring brooch and slight variations have been found on sites in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and in Ontario Canada to date. There is no doubt that these were common from 1760-1790 within a native context, however these also fall into the scope of shirt-buckles in common usage, to fa...sten the collar of a European shirt within the same time period.

Quantity discount on 5 or more.

Additionally, we want to thank all 4901 of you that have taken the time to like and follow our page and please share with those people you know who may be interested in our endeavor to provide the highest quality reproductions.

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At The Eastern Door added a new photo to the album: Quillwork (various ATED artists) — with Hopocan Brevik and 5 others.

Quilled bag based on an example in the Canadian Museum of History. This bag follows all of the design elements of the original, however in a more condensed version. The original has faded considerably, but when other well preserved pieces in other collections are examined and added to the equation, the brilliance of the colors can be determined more precisely.

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It’s that time of year again and we often find ourselves looking for quality gifts for friends and loved ones that not only will be liked, but used. We have in stock, all of our tinned brass pins in Gen IV Fine and Medium as well as hat pins in 4” and 6” lengths. Also an excerpt from “Casemates and Cannonballs” the Archaeology of Fort Stanwix, as a reference to pins in just one of countless sites across the globe.

Gen IV Fine: $20 doz.
Gen IV Medium: $25 doz.
Hat pin 4 inch...: $4 each
Hat pin 6 inch: $5.50 each

Shipping: $3 USPS 1st class or $6 priority
(Tracking provided for both)

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