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Keri Key
· May 24, 2016
Great group of kids raising some fabulous animals and learning responsibility and manners!
Tan Riggs
· January 23, 2017
Another year gone by of stock show at ACLS!!!! SA here I come!!��Hope to get first!!!��
Laurie Halbardier Burchfield
· January 16, 2014
Yes I agree. I would like to be able to see more placings to check in on all of the kiddos.
Sherry Goslin Rankin
· January 15, 2014
Would like to read and see more about local placings! Love the idea though!!!
2016 Atascosa Co Livestock Show

An update on the 2018 ACLS Auction & Exhibitor Checks – As of today, some checks have been written to Exhibitors. Your Ag Science Teacher or County Extension Agent will let those of you know who have checks to pickup. Remember in order to receive your check, you must have written and mailed your Thank You Notes to your Buyers.

To date, we still have 21 unpaid Buyers. These accounts are delinquent and have been sent a 2nd invoice. For these 21 buyers, PLEASE PAY YOUR INVOICES ASAP to avoid PUBLICATION of your name or business name. You are holding up the checks to approximately 160 exhibitors. Buyers if you have questions or concerns about your invoices, please contact Tom Heffernan at 830-570-2854.

Please share this post. Thanks for your help!

Still have 71 unpaid buyers from our very successful 2018 Atascosa County Livestock Show. These accounts are delinquent and we cannot write any checks for the exhibitors. The list will be available at the meeting on the 28th. Please share this post. Thanks