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Cheryl Wilkins Smith
· January 2, 2018
Great food! Friendly staff. One of the best in Ubud. If you go there, go upstairs for a great view.
Maree Rebecca
· October 18, 2017
I loved this cafe! Both my omni husband and I were both catered for fantastically! Beautiful food, beautiful place and beautiful service!
Michele Cameron
· October 24, 2017
Delicious food and drink, casual ambience and friendly service. Highly recommend.
Rhonda Lefevre
· January 29, 2017
I love Atman Kafe so much! I didn't think I was going to get to visit Atman on this trip to Ubud as we were staying 30mins drive from centre but I managed to find a way to make it happen. The food her...e never disappoints. The menu is extensive it's hard to narrow it down and make a choice on one dish to order! I ordered the Nasi goreng and it's the best I've had in Bali! The deconstructed cold brew coffee with coconut cream is the bomb! ��� See More
Sarah Machon
· November 11, 2017
Lovely service and amazing food and drink. Very nice atmosphere :)
Brownii Rob
· September 15, 2016
When we came in all was perfect harmony. The room with the bench to lie down and all the decorations. The food was something different from all the others, but so good we would like to order the hole ;). The drinks are fresh and fruity and also very special.
The service is very friendly and your order will be done in few minutes!
All in all a realy perfect retaurant for every traveller to come down and for every girl or guy who like to come down and enjoy good food and refreshing drinks.
Very good job! Go on like this!
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Julia We
· February 16, 2018
Very friendly staff and delicious food. Make sure go there when you are in Ubud
Georgina Hale
· July 5, 2016
The menu is extensive and thoughtful - it caters for gluten free and vegan AND meat eater diets... which just so happens to appeal to me 100% as I'm gluten and dairy intolerant yet love to eat meat an...d eggs... every dish I've tasted has been great quality. Plus, great service. See More
Kelly Patrick
· April 30, 2017
The place has a nice ambiance. The servers are friendly and know how to service western customers for the most part. My boyfriend gave his order first because I could not make up my mind. The menu is ...extensive and everything sounded good. All he ordered was a simple egg breakfast with a side of feta cheese. We let the server know he was hungry and not to wait for my order. It took me fifteen extra minutes (long, I know) to decide what I wanted. We waited another fifteen minutes and still his order had not arrived and no one told us anything. After half an hour, I asked the server where his order was and she checked the kitchen and then came back out and apologized and told us that they had a large delivery order. I informed her that it would have been very nice to know when we sat down that the wait was going to be so long. We waited another ten minutes and finally the food came, but it was my order. Another five and my boyfriend's simple egg meal arrived. 45 minutes waiting for an order of eggs is unacceptable. Delivery orders should not take priority over clients sitting at the table and the staff should communicate that the kitchen is backed up. My boyfriend is a very affable, easy going guy who rarely gets annoyed and he was upset and wanted to leave. I kept us there because I figured they had to have started in on our order. The food itself was DELICIOUS. No complaints. We were happy with it. The presentation was also very nice. I wish it had been a nicer experience for us though. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere with our table. Would be wise for the staff to be trained to inform their guests if the food is going to be unusually long. I have been to this part of the world a few times and I don't expect things to be the same as back home, but not even in any local restaurant in quite a few countries in South East Asia has anything ever taken that long to come out of a kitchen. That must have been some delivery order or the fact that different servers attending to the table caused a possible mix up and his order was never placed and they didn't want to admit it. It's hard to excuse 45 minutes. Otherwise, all was good and tasty. See More
Mandie Winstanley
· June 26, 2015
Hi this is one of my favourite cafe here in Ubud, I visit here most days, unfortunately today I was very disappointed to order a meal and to find my self crunching on glass, I stopped eating and informed the staff member who served me, I was informed at the till I would be given a 10% discount, I didn't want to make a scene , biput I am very disappointed considering I was unable to eat my meal and what I did eat was had glass in it. I should of not been asked to pay any of the bill and out of courtesy been given my next visit free of charge See More
Hannu Viitala
· February 19, 2017
I absolutely love this place :) I was just supposed to have a cup of coffee but after seeing the menu I ended having VEGAN pizza (and wine) and raw cake as well.. Really good food ♥
Sean Harris
· June 8, 2015
We loved this place, came across this little gem when we where traveling south east Asia, and ended up in bali for the last leg, we eat here many times, real good heathly food, we just wish we asked f...or the recipe of the Sambel sauce! See More
Imre van Kraalingen
· March 29, 2017
Absolutely a must visit! My favorite spot in Ubud! The cafe has a lovely, warm, homely atmopshere and the food is not only good looking and incredibly healthy, it is a real treat for your taste buttons!
Bethany Blount
· March 4, 2017
This is a lovely restaurant with so many options that choosing was almost impossible! The Balinese Curry (I added chicken) was filled with greens and was perfectly balanced by the rice options.
Denae Dorasi
· December 20, 2016
The pizza is not a good idea for Celiacs - I was sick as a dog all night 🙁 They assured me it was GF however it was a full blown contamination response; haven't been this ill in years. My dinner compa...nions ate the same food are not celiac or GF and they are fine so it was definitely a gluten contamination See More
Adriana Szymanska
· May 24, 2017
Thank you for all the vegan & glutenfree options. I felt like in food heaven �
Anna Sutanto
· December 31, 2016
Atman Kafe is truly excellent for the food, the service and the honesty. I accidentally left my phone there; when I realized and returned there, the kind staff kept it safe for me. Super star staff!! *****
Alok Karmakar
· May 18, 2017
Love the vibe, the people. Serves good local beer and amazing food. Hope to visit again
Anna Wieruszewska
· June 29, 2015
Gorgeous place with unpretentious interior and atmosphere, absolutely great selection of food, friendly, polite and efficient service.
It's a dreamland for veggies and unusual taste combinations

My choice was Beetroot, Cacao & Coconut Pie. It conquered my heart and palate.
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Chad Barlow
· January 31, 2016
Really enjoyed the organic, vegan, gluten free, raw, uncut, superfood, handmade, kosher, free range bacon double cheese burger.
Pemangku Pante underway with the Mecaru ceremony 󾍛🏻
Atman staff and Ibu Pante blessing the offerings throughout the cafe 󾍛🏻
One of the final stages of the ceremony, where the staff complete the process of offering the 'bantan' (offerings) and then celebrate the completion! 󾰀󾬐󾰀

Click the link below to access our latest Pizza and Atman Kafe delivery menus

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Great news! We now have Atman Kafe kitchen staff cooking breakfast for our guests at Atman Villas.

Atman Villas now offers a fully hosted service including breakfast, daily return Ubud Shuttle and daily housekeeping. 😀


We have ALSO applied a DISCOUNTED ROOM RATE for the remaining dates available in November and into December 2017.

If you would like to stay with us, please check villa availability in the booking calendar on AirBnB by following this link:

We hope to host you really soon! 🙏🏻

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Thanks so much to our customers who took the time to comment on our food and drink offering. 🙏🏻

Below are some of our happy customer reviews.

Please know that your suggestions on how we can improve our food/drink/service are also greatly appreciated and we are working on improving (and implementing) where possible.


Many thanks from the Atman Kafe Team ❤️

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We have just applied a discounted price to the remaining dates available in May 2017.

If you would like to stay with us this month, please check villa availability in the booking calendar on AirBnB by following this link:


We hope to host you soon! 🙏🏻😀

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Villa Danu is now occupied until the 26th of April.

We still have some openings in May at this point.


Atman Villas availability calendar is on AirBnB so you can check our calendar and book online if you are interested to stay with us. 🙏🏻

During our Soft Opening period, we offer a self-catering service (breakfast not included), but now include daily shuttle to Ubud and daily housekeeping in the room rate.

An 5% discount applies for weekly bookings (7 nights+) .

A 10% discount applies for monthly bookings (28 nights+).


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A video tour of Atman Nourish Kafe, the Vegetarian/Vegan/GF cafe, further down Jl. Hanoman on the right side.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Atman Nourish Kafe is at Atman Nourish Kafe.


Here is a full tour of Atman Nourish Kafe (in Ubud, Bali) from busy Hanoman St right to the picturesque ricefield in the back section.

We hope to see you soon! 🙏🏻

Vegan Indian Samosas (Updated Recipe)

We have recently changed the recipe for our Indian samosas to a more traditional style including cubed potato, peas, ginger, Indian spices & chilli with the following two condiments:

- Mint, Green Chilli & Coriander Chutney (VG)...
- Tamarind and Chilli Chutney (VG)

We have also added a Vegetarian Yoghurt & Cummin raita that can be substituted for one of the above chutneys for Yoghurt lovers.

We also offer a 3rd condiment if you would like all three condiments, for an additional Rp 11K.

Selamat Makan! 🙏🏻

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Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food

New Specials Menu Addition:

Balinese Corn Fritters (V, GF)

Delicious corn fritters with fresh corn, red chilli, coriander, egg, garlic and onion with corn flour. Served with Atman Tomato Sambal on the side (spicy Sambal is an option).


Selamat Makan! 🙏🏻

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Here is a video tour of Atman Nourish Kafe (the Vegetarian/Vegan sister to Atman Kafe) just across the road and 300 meters down Jl Hanoman from Atman Kafe (on the right side). It is next to SOA and Anjaly clothing and opposite Mata Dewi boutique.

It has bamboo and a grass roof awning and has many cozy cushion-seated nooks to eat and relax in, as you will see in the video below.

So if Atman Kafe is full in the coming high season (happens often with limited space!) you may be a...ble to find a table there. 🙏🏻

Hope to see you there soon! ❤️

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Posted by Atman Kafe
Atman Kafe added a new photo.
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Our 'updated' Beetroot & Chickpea Felafel - fried crispy and golden (no longer pan fried) and served with Cucumber & Yoghurt Raita and Pineapple Salsa on the side.

Substitute Yoghurt Raita with Mint, Chilli & Coriander Chutney.


Also available at Atman Chill Kafe (air conditioned), 2 doors down from Atman Kafe.

Selamat Makan!

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Atman Nourish Kafe is photographing the Nourish menu at Atman Nourish Kafe.

Ready, set, shoot!

Come down and say hello, we're doing a food photo shoot today so you can see what's on the menu 😃😃😃

Here's a peek inside Atman Kafe, drop by and say hi and enjoy Ubud's finest foods ❤️you can also enjoy the same menu 2 doors down at Atman Chill in full air conditioning ❄️❄️❄️

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Atman Nourish Kafe's Menu expands (a new cafe) to include many Atman Kafe Vegan and Vegetarian faves...

So if you find Atman Kafe and Atman Chill Kafe have no seats available, please cross the road and wander 500 meters down Jalan Hanoman towards Monkey Forest and you'll find our ever-expanding Atman Nourish Kafe!

We currently have 5 tables with comfy cushion seats along the wall and 2 traditional tables with chairs available to our guests whilst we continue to renovate the next door.

Atman Nourish Kafe has a grass roof and bamboo facade and a Vegan Sorbet showcase in the front, and is just past Satya and Anjaly boutiques (opposite Mata Dewi).

Hope to see you there soon!

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Atman Nourish Kafe has an extensive menu featuring Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw and Gluten Free, healthy dessert options & many menu favourites from Atman Kafe.

To all of our fantastic Facebook followers we'd love to introduce you to our beautiful Luxury Atman Villas, located just 5 minutes drive from the heart of Ubud and our amazing food havens Atman Nourish Kafe, Atman Chill Kafe and this Atman Kafe.

Atman Villas are built to take advantage of the tranquil and rejuvenating Ubud jungle surrounds. Next time you are looking to pamper yourself and recharge your mind, body and soul, come and let us cater to your every need.

Message us ...from this page and we'll reveal our fantastic opening accomodation specials just for our group of Atman Kafe clients.

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Atman Villas's photo.
Atman Villas

Revealing Atman Kafe's 'recently improved' Pad Thai!

We recently had a review of our Pad Thai, and whilst many diners have said they enjoyed it, the not so favorable feedback struck a chord, so we wanted to see if we could improve it... and improve it we did! 😀

We added spiralized carrots and zucchini, concocted a much more complex and flavorsome sauce and have a DELICIOUS Pad Thai that we proudly welcome anyone to review now!


As always, we have opted for a mildly spicy standard recipe to suit all palates (including kids!) and can be 'spiced up' upon request.

Available Vegetarian (with egg), Vegan (no egg) or with an option to add Chicken or Mahi Mahi Fish, and served with extra chili and a wedge of lime on the side, we feel this will satisfy the most discerning Pad Thai connoisseur!

Selamat Makan!

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