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Erin Stewart
· October 6, 2017
I asked Dr. Jen roughly 80 questions, told her all my concerns and asked her to recommend a product for me. She recommended the unscented Skin Zen body butter, so I ordered that and a Lipvana lip balm.... I used the Skin Zen immediately, and it soothed my irritated skin and in just 3 days time I'm seeing great improvement with psoriasis. I wore short sleeves, I haven't worn short sleeves in 5 years. Im always nervous when I buy unscented products because they usually smell awful. To smell the skin Zen at all I basically had to stick my nose in it, it just has a very faint natural smell. Easily the best smelling unscented product I've ever tried.

The lipvana is fantastic, I got the kind with shimmer and it was so pretty I also used it as highlighter. (#noshamehere) I went with the pink lemonade scent/flavor and it smells fantastic.

Dr. Jen also sent some samples of her Fissure King High-Intensity Moisture Cream, Aloe & Oatmeal hand and body lotion and No Baggage eye gel. I loved everything, and had my mom try it too! She loved the eye gel most of all and lucky for me she isn't one to treat herself so I now know what to get for her birthday! A huge win.

Communication, shipping, packaging all great!

Thank you Dr. Jen! I'm really glad we talked and you helped me get the right stuff.
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Christy Rae
· September 18, 2017
Dr Jen is amazing!!! I love my custom blended makeup and all the many lipsticks I have from her! Makeup stays on and withstands activity -- lipstick colors stay true and are long lasting!!! I am also ...a fan of her offers to breakdown and make whatever skin remedy you have - prescribed or not to keep your skin healthy and have true cost for the product - it's an amazing gift to anyone suffering with any skin issues!! I further love her posts of truth about the beauty industry and ingredients that are harmful to us - I have learned many things from her posts and definitely look more closer at labels and have now switched to her product line because I have faith that she is making non-harmful nontoxic products!!! Finally I absolutely adore her heart and her voice on Facebook - she is true to words and heart and stands behind her community in amazing ways! Thank you Dr Jen for always being you!! See More
Carly Miller
· October 3, 2017
I was so excited to win the Sweet Pea gift box for my son from a silent auction because I had never tried these products before. I have been blown away so far! The lotion smells wonderful. It's not ov...erpowering, just the right amount of fragrance and it's all natural so I don't mind slathering it all over my baby. I was worried about the diaper cream because he has *super* sensitive skin, but it's perfect and smells oh so good! The gift box came with a baby oil and chapstick and adorable loofah too. I can't wait to work my way through this box and purchase a treat for myself in the future. ��� See More
Karen Michael
· August 28, 2017
Long story short: Really impressed with Dr Jen's products and service! Very happy customer that will be bringing her business back!

I emailed Dr. Jen to ask her some questions about problems I had be...en having with my skin (dry patches on my face and some reoccurring acne). She responded that same day with some follow-up questions so she could offer more specific advice. After emailing back and forth for a bit she gave me some recommendations. I placed my order and patiently waited for my products. I was so excited when I opened my mailbox and saw the bright pink box! Unfortunately, it had been opened, rifled through and then resecured with 2 rubber bands. I brought it inside, did an inventory and realized that quite a few of my items were missing. (Additionally, Dr. Jen put in some free samples, some of which were also missing). I only knew this because she included a handwritten note with instructions on how to use the oil control kit along with an explanation of the samples.
I emailed Dr. Jen to let her know what happened. I included pictures and asked what to do next. Within a few hours I got a sincere apology telling me how sorry she was, how she couldn’t believe the package had been delivered in that way and that she was putting together a brand-new shipment to replace everything (not just the missing items). She told me that she would contact her postmaster and get things straightened out. The new package came the next day in great condition with everything included (including the samples!). I have been using the oil control starter kit and have really noticed a decrease in my pore size and under eye bags. My skin looks and feels better.
I am really impressed with Dr. Jen’s service and professionalism. I was a fan before this, but now will be a lifelong customer who recommends her products to everyone I know! I like knowing that I am supporting a small business that takes into account my health and happiness.
My most recent order consisted of the Oil Control Starter Kit (five-fruit, calming-cleanser, Green tea toner and mattifying-serum), Dead Sea Mud Mask, Nudie Cutie: Undead, Atomic Brush Cleaner, Four-Color Palette, zit-zapper, Lipvana Lip Balms and the Liqui-Gel Eyeliner. The free samples included a new “flavor” of the lip balm, the liquid lipstick and the under-eye lotion.
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Thera Raya
· September 6, 2017
I received my order and I was so excited to see three addition full sized samples added to my order. I ordered the Summer Lovin and the Mega Antioxidant moisturizer. So far I have tried both and loved... them! Both products smelled great and left my skin so soft. I have not tried the samples yet but I got a full sized lip balm, more of the Mega Antioxidant moisturizer and lemongrass sugar scrub. The scrub smells wonderful and I can't wait to use it. I am so happy with my products and I was very happy to get such amazing full sized samples. I don't even know if samples is the right word to use because they were literally full sized products! I am looking forward to buying more products from the this company. See More
Raluca Veres
· October 3, 2017
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jen and her products. Her knowledge and care shows in the quality of products.

I’m not big on putting stuff on/in my body that I can do without, but I feel c...omfortable and trust that whatever I use from Dr. Jen will not be harmful in any way.

Opening the package was like unwrapping a Christmas present! I found generous and beyond adorable samples along with my order. I cannot wait to order more stuff!
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Megan Argetsinger
· November 2, 2017
I’m very impressed with the product quality as well as the customer service. I ordered the tattoo healing cream and wasn’t sure if it would arrive in time for my scheduled tattoo session. I sent an em...ail with the date I was getting my tattoo, and the cream was delivered on that day. It was pretty perfect. Also it’s super soothing and moisturizing, so it does its job. I will be ordering more as work continues! See More
Bambi Galore
· October 9, 2017
I HATE DR JEN! This woman! The Nerve! I am 5 months post partum and it shows. Exhaustion is my makeup and I've been working it to my advantage. Now I order some foundations from Dr. Jen and she s...ends me her no baggage eye cream as a gift. Now no one knows how exhausted I am! Even I forget because my eyes no longer feel heavy and dry. In fact they feel firmer than they have in ages and all my little exhaustion/dehydration lines seemingly disappear when I wear it. Now people think I'm sleeping or something, damn you Dr Jen. Oh, and its a big enough size I'm going to be looking alert and rested for a while, gahhhhh! See More
Eva Collins
· January 13, 2018
I ♥ Dr. Jen and all of the time, effort, and hard work she puts into her products AND her customers. She is always there to help with troubleshooting or other questions you may have about your skin / ...why something isn't working / why you should you X product over Z product, and what, ultimately, in the end will work best for your skin and situation. She is happy to help you with custom orders if so needed - and has made me a few vegan lip balms that I can't thank her enough for. The only problem? I'm completely ruined from lip balms off the shelves at the grocery store and it just really sucks when you don't reorder in time!
Dr. Jen is an amazing person with a great heart to give up her days of lasers in labs to have her own lab with Pjork, animal onesies, glitter and pigment galore and I'm just so glad she did and that I've found my way onto her customer list. I only wish Skin Zen hand and body lotion came in a 5 gallon bucket with a pump... actually, you know what? A pump isn't necessary, I'll just dunk my body parts in it... HAHAH #NoLie #SkinZenLotionIsLIFE
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Breanna Soderquist
· August 21, 2017
Literally not enough stars for this.
Always the best at helping you get what you need/what is best for you!
I placed an order for my birthday, ordered it probably a little late to get in on day of/sho...rtly thereafter. Not only did Dr. Jen write a sweet card, she also shipped priority and threw in a ton of goodies! Totally unnecessary but very much appreciated!
Ps: the tattoo balm is amazing. My new tattoo has been feeling hot all day, I just washed and put the healing balm on, it's so refreshing and cooling omg
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Sheryll Pelela Ziemer
· November 27, 2017
So far I love all of the products that I've tried. The Skin Zen line and Fissure King products healed my damaged hands really fast. Adding lots of new items to my Christmas list.
Lynn John
· July 11, 2017
Realized I've never left a review, and today seems like the perfect day for it! Bought a number of skin care items at a pop-up a while back. Loved everything... Except, the 5 fruit scrub had pineapple... in it and it caused me to have an allergic reaction. I wrote Dr. Jen and she immediately whipped up a new version sans-pineapple and sent it to me free of charge. I obviously had much better luck with that! ;) I recommend her constantly, for both her amazing customer service AND the fact that she makes quality products that are actually SAFE! The fact that she chooses quality over profit is so admirable, I will always support her in that effort. Plus, she's a kickass lady scientist that my 6 year old can look up to... What more could we possibly ask for?! � See More
Jill Marie
· February 18, 2018
I requested a Lady Krishna lip color that was not available on the website and Dr Jen made it happen! So happy to have my favorite color named after a very wonderful being! Thank you!
Jillian Blanco
· July 24, 2017
I was first introduced to Atomic when I lived in Cap Hill but this was my first order since then.
I picked up a few glitter sunscreens and a bath bomb and really love it all. The glitter isn't subtle... and it feels and looks like what I expect from a physical SPF. I can feel the glitter but I'm not bothered by it at all. I used it all weekend and my pasty ass didn't even get a little pink.

Thank you so much for the generous samples! �
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Alicia Hamilton
· August 1, 2017
A friend of mine turned me on to Dr. Jen and I had been lurking until I saw a post that said she did Skin Zen body butter with AHA's for psoriasis! I've been battling with a patch on my shins for two ...years and had gotten it mostly under control- but I was desperate to phase out the steroid cream entirely.
Not only did Dr. Jen send a lovely postcard **making sure I ordered the right product** (Who HAS that kind of customer service??) but she included a shimmer lip balm and two samples of other Skin Zen products! Also... the product I ordered IS AMAZING!! I wish I could post pictures of how much better my skin is. As someone who has always thought my lower legs were my best feature, having ugly skin there has been so tough mentally. Dr. Jen, thank you to the moon and back for providing safe, effective skin care paired with amazing customer service and a kickass social justice stance!
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Ana-Elizabeth Arnao
· July 12, 2017
So Dr Jen has just had such a huge impact on my experience with cosmetics and skin care. Aside from really caring about her clients, she's just so genuinely delighted to be able to help you out.
With... tons of health problems and sensitive skin, I can use her skin Zen line with ease, her lipvana balm is a legitimate godsend, and her lipstick is one of the only ones I've ever used that I only have to reapply like twice compared to the half dozen times I get with other brands. (Chronic dehydration from conditions and meds means my lips demand unreasonable amounts of moisturizing.)
Jen has gone above and beyond with samples and trials, really wanting to help a girl out, which takes the anxiety and frustration for me way down.
She is someone I know is in my corner and for that I am deeply, deeply thankful.
Plus she's always looking for feedback, suggestions, and is quick to reply so you know you're heard and if that isn't the very best, I don't know what is.
Dr Jen really kinda restored my hope that maybe I can get skin care that works and make up that does too. Lots of love from this Seattleite satellite.
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Jenny Irizary
· August 10, 2017
Dr. Jen's Hydro-Bomb Post-Apocalyptic Moisture Night Cream and Body Butter have changed my life. They soothe my dry skin and help it retain moisture in a way other products just don't. I can't wait to... try more of her body butters and moisturizers, and I recommend the Hydro-Bomb line with no reservations! See More
Jillian Andrus
· September 4, 2017
To put it bluntly, Dr.Jen is absolutely the science guardian angel you want to trust with your flesh prison. Atomic Cosmetics was the first company to match my foundation correctly (all other places r...efused to acknowledge my undead glow and would cause me the neck line of mismatching foundation).

The ingredients are really clear and unlike a lot of skincare/cosmetic places she can tell you the exact reason an ingredient is in a product. She goes above and beyond by reformulating for people with allergies and sensitivities and can match colors to make your transition to safer makeup MUCH easier.

Another reason I love supporting Atomic Cosmetics is Dr.Jen's strong ethical values. The only negative reviews you'll find were written by people who refused to check their privilege and do not reflect the products at all. As you can see by people who actually review the products, not their personal discrepancies, this is a great company to support.

The level of personalization and care put into these products are worth far more than she sells them for and it is absolutely 500% worth every penny. My broke college ass is making sure to keep scrapping together money to order again because Dr.Jen is someone who CARES and will never disappoint you (unless you're being a jackass)
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Susan Ciaccio
· July 22, 2017
It's like Christmas when my order comes! Not only are the products fantastic, but Dr Jen goes well above and beyond to get the right products to you. I asked about a hundred questions before I ordere...d, and she had recommendations and advice for everything. She even customized my skincare line. I love both the product and the customer service. I love referring friends and family, because I know they'll be thrilled as well. See More
Soozie Bea
· July 11, 2017
This woman is a freaking unicorn! She's got her degree and doctorate - she knows how to be in a lab AND look gorgeous. She's done serious sciency work into the care of aging skin ... and that is somet...hing I have plenty of.

I'm a 45yo performer and I've tried so many off the shelf and internet purchased stuff to wear on my face while performing. Everything drops off my face with sweat and I end up looking very tired and old. I've even been using face antiperspirant... it's not great for your skin and doesn't work in very active conditions.

Dr Jen has worked with all shades of glamorous burlesque girls, fierce drag queens, and other performers who need to look fresh and young with stage-proof makeup - up close and at a distance. She'll even make up a batch of custom colour!

With my ever-changing bold hair colour, and that fact that I perform outside and catch a bit of tan... Dr Jen has helped me pick out foundation and colours that work.

Also - as someone with half eyebrows - half sparsebrows... I've been using brow colour since I was 17... Dr Jen's is AWESOME and has not shifted as I mop sweat off my forehead while performing. BRILLIANT!
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Check out our new holographic shimmer powders in action! Ooooh! So pretty!
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FYI, I've gotten a few reports of Skin Zen products arriving with hard little bits in them. I have determined that it is the aloe gel I use freezing and precipitating, so I am switching to aloe juice instead to alleviate the problem. If you received a Skin Zen product that had this problem, please contact me ASAP so I can replace it for you. Sorry for any inconvenience. ❤️