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Alex Young
· July 20, 2015
Apop is not a con, it truly is an experience

Over the past 10 years I've been to numerous conventions, but 2015 was the first year I thought to check out atomiclollipop (largely due to Prozzäk) and i...t was hands down my best con experience. Ever.

The price for a weekend pass is already so affordable, let alone the fact that it includes unlimited access to everything you'd want to see and do at no additional cost. Add to that the variety of food options where combos come in under $10 (if you're a con virgin, believe me when I say this is a big deal) and you're already way ahead of most of the bigger events in the city.

Now we get to the brass tacks of the weekend, sure it's in the science centre, a beautiful and wicked location for this event, but odds are you won't have time to check it out, there's simply too much happening at apop. We had such a busy weekend and such a full experience that any single day would have been killer value for the money spent.

All in all I can't recommend this event enough; everyone and I do mean everyone will get something out of it. The atmosphere is unique, each and every attendee is is there for a good time and it resonates through the crowd.

Atomic Lollipop is sheer, unadulterated, volumous fun and you've never enjoyed anything like it.
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Pyre Grim
· February 28, 2016
I always enjoy going to Apop, I've been going to this con for about 5 or 6 years this is definitely my favourite event I look forward to every year. The cosplay community is simply superb and is alway...s supportive it doesn't matter who you are or how you are we don't care we all have fun and we flaunt our fabulous passion!

The prices is usually fair when it comes to refreshments and nick nacks for your souvenir pile or that growing collection of wardrobe and new toys (this can varie as there are booths with different price tags) between actual Apop on going events if you ever get tired of it there's always room for fun science activities (since it was held at Ontario Science Center) the food and soft drinks are quite nice but if you're on the adult side some rave party is always held with more drinks but with a good kick to them so bring ID.

The cosplay community and Apop has always welcomed many people it's such a friendly environment I love it so much I hope to continue to join in on the events~
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Daniel Sustac-Roman
· August 9, 2017
Loved it when I went in 2015! It was an absolute blast or should I dare say an atomic blast of happiness !
Ilyena Erato
· June 6, 2015
Unbelievable activities, always something outrageous to do! This isn't a con where you sit around wait for panels - I've been the last four years and each year is just better than the last. Think: run...ning around in a life sized hamster ball, sexy nerdy burlesque, sewing your own brain slug, Simpsons trivia and awesome parties!! Everywhere you look is all bounce house, pool party, kPop dance off, free cotton candy, cartoons, amazingness! Protip: wear a Pokemon kigu or cosplay to get free apples throughout the con from photographers playing the weekend long Pokemon snap! See More
Tia Camilleri
· July 28, 2015
To think..I got to listen to my childhood music (Prozzak) whilst kicking ass at Laser was the dream. I love this con. ♥ Wish there as a bit more cosplay but you know..Its a party con I get it I love the venue and all the fun things to do! See More
Nina Ziltoid
· March 20, 2017
Best event I've ever been to in my life. Can't believe how amazing it was. My heart breaks every year it's not a thing, though I know that the creators have had some issues :(
Tj Simmons
· July 20, 2015
Was my first Atomic Lollipop and I wasnt disappointed so much to do and see great people and a great atmosphere. An event you can Definately be yourself 100% without judgement. From the music and per...formers to the setting selection and events its a great time! See More
Bianca Angod
· August 3, 2015
I absolutely loved Atomic Lollipop! The venue could not be anymore perfect. The only thing I wanted to mention that people may not have mentioned would be the mess leftover after Saturday night. A gam...e or a contest could be made either Saturday night or Sunday morning to clean the place up. A contest if you will. Provide plastic bags/gloves and give them to guests and kindly ask to clean up any messes made. That or have the person fill the most bags win a gift card or a ticket to the next Atomic Lollipop. Idk something to get the place cleaner so it doesn't get trashed every year. See More
Elizabeth Ferguson
· July 20, 2015
This con was the best place ever! I only went for a day but that's all that's needed to have so much fun! I hope I can go again next year! :D
Jasmine Lee Burke
· July 19, 2015
I don't even have the proper words to describe it. It was WAY better than I ever expected!! Most people were so friendly and asked to take my pictures alot :') I felt so special there ~♥ The Prozzäk c...oncert was my most favorite event EVERRR!!! I ended up in the front (I've never done that before) Overall the best first time ever going to a Cosplay event!!!! It was my best first EVERRR! ~♥ I also enjoyed the Cosplay cat walk! (I didn't know what I was doing since I'm a noobie at this place) I still had plenty of euphoric FuN!! =^>,<^= I'm just wondering when you will post our free pictures they took and that music video they will make this year! Please tell us!! See More
Courtney Lunn
· January 8, 2013
I've been going to APOP since it's first year and enjoy myself every time. There is always something fun to go check out whether its panels, events, or checking out the dealer room/artist alley. The n...erd burlesque that happens every year is a lot of fun too, haha. I definitely recommend this for anyone that enjoys anime/gaming/raves/cosplay. See More
Toby Varga
· October 19, 2014
They took a picture of my Twisted Fate Cosplay from the front office, before the escalators, and by the photo shoots in front of the dance floor. Was told by camera man that my pic would be posted on ...facebook and I have yet to see it still to this day. Much disappoint. But the event was fun. See More
Alexandro Mikhail
· July 30, 2013
I had a blast last time, I can only imagine this year will be just as good. So many fun workshops and activities all day, then parties that go all night - SO GOOD!
Briar Tawse-Smith
· August 11, 2013
OMG BEST PLACE EVER! it was my first atomic lollipop and definitely not my last. I've been to lots of conventions but apop is the best one i've ever been too. :D
Dana Louise
· February 3, 2015
Had an amazing time! For the child at heart ♥ or the adult that wants to have fun :)
Susan Vinovich
· August 11, 2013
Absolutely amazing! I'm so proud to be on the volunteer team to help out my awesome brother Elliot with this amazing event! Definitely recommended :)
Cat Falco Uzumaki
· September 3, 2016
APOP is the best con so so incredibly excited for 2017
Lydia Shortreed
· July 21, 2015
Such a wonderful environment of eccentric and accepting people. Was my first A Pop, but not my last!
Megan Lamonaca
· July 13, 2014
I had such an amazing time this weekend! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped out with rhis amazing event!
Maria Patrycja Bloch
· July 8, 2014
Love it! Just wish the schedule came out sooner. Tease us with snippets of super fun programming then so many last minute decisions!

STOP RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for an unforgettable night and a million incredible moments! Only '90s kids will much we LOVE you, Toronto!

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A million magical thank you's to The Great Hall Toronto, WANNABE: The Spice Girls Tribute Band, Phil Guerrero, and the Atomic Lollipop #cracksquad that never gave up on the good times! Special thanks to the unstoppable Adam Fabicki, Yuen Ho, Rena Ashton, Colin Thomas Campbell, Leelando Mitchell, Christine Ma-Sheen, Sway Commodore, Air'leth Aodhfin, Sasha SG, Yosefa Rina, Jamie Lindsay, Chris Lacelle, George Stratigacos, Lori Cherilyn, Mia P, Abigail Daniela Serena Alexander, Martin K. Alexander, Madeleine Rose, Andrew Agnew-Iler, Austin Simps, Chris Polley, Asia Steel, Sam Channing, Andruid Weizman, Lucien Pie, Casey Bettridge, Barton Othersill, Pete Raekelboom, Lovina M Yavari, Mike Dineen, Julie Eileen, AdamVirus Michael, Charlie Quinn, Jordan Timmons, Joseph Primeau, Daniel Haase, Lauralee Tedford, Cactus Mafia, The Littlest Gift Boutique, Gracie Klutz: a beautiful disaster, David Macleod Promise, Silver Snail Comics, Pink City,, Peepshow T.O., and Cosplay for a Cure!

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