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Monica Karam
· March 10, 2018
I have an amazing massage with Geraldine. She is so intuitive and knew exactly what my body needed. I highly recommend her.
Catherine Colosimo
October 6, 2011
We now have a great Thai Massage and Yoga Therapist at the Westmount Wellness Center, on 1225 Greene Ave in Westmout, Geraldine Garcia, great prices and great massage!!!!!!
Keven Villeneuve
· September 12, 2017
Une âme extraordinaire de partager et avoir la chance d'avoir une séance unique MERCI �
Pilar-Sanchez Humanisation Naissance
· July 19, 2017
Merci Geraldine. Exceptionnelle. Une aide précieuse pour la guérison. Merci. Merci. Merci.
Successful Life
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Kambo Cura Natural

🐸 Bonjour Tribue! Voici les dates du mois d'avril!!
Je vous offre la chance de faire une cure de Kambo durant la plein lune et nouvelle d'Avril!.
✯ 6 jours de ...ceremonies privés, semi-privés ou petit cercle pour purifier, nettoyer et détoxifier votre pensée, corps et esprit avec cette puissante médecine de jungle.
✯Le Kambô est une médecine traditionnelle Amazonienne (du Péru & du Brésil) 💯 % légale et non psychédélique qui a plusieurs bénéfices au niveau de la santé physique, mentale et spirituelle.
Pour plus d'information je vous invite à me contacter à:
Au plaisir 💚 🙏 🐸 🕉

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Kali Yuga Yoga

When we consciously breathe in its proper mechanics, clarity is sharpened. Continuing a daily practice of "Proper Conscious Breathing", sets one forth to enter ...the state of "Higher Mind". This "Higher Mind" is a space where clarity reigns over "lower mind" (senses and information gathered from the outside world forming ego). This space of CLARITY permits a shining through from one's DIVINE OBSERVATORY NATURE of reasoning faculty, and no longer falls victim to the egos involvement of the value of words and definitions set forth through languages man has created.

One comes to see the ridiculousness of human structure of language and no longer falls victim to emotional reactions. There one gains back entry to the BLISSFULL PEACEFULNESS OF THE SOUL overriding the lower faculty of the mind the masses are governed by.

Interested to claim back your sovereign right and "UPGRADE YOURSELF" from what has been conditioned in you?

Visit us at

Peter Kali Yuga Giannaris (Yogi Pgian)
Spiritual Upgrader Facilitator
Kali Yuga Yoga (Laval)

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