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Want to celebrate Bindi's Birthday with us but can't make it to Australia Zoo? Join us for our LIVE stream of the Crocoseum Show with Terri, Bindi & Robert to catch all the action. Starting at 11:45am AEST (international time will vary), no matter where you are in the world, you can tune in LIVE by following this link…/calendar/546-bindis-19th-birthday.
We hope to see you on July 24 🐊🎉

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Happy Birthday to our fearless leader and ultimate Wildlife Warrior, Terri 🐊🎉 For the last 25 years you have worked tirelessly to ensure the conservation work Steve was so passionate about, continues. You work every single day to keep Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors growing, to truly make a difference. Without you we couldn't continue to do so much for wildlife conservation and educating millions of people. All the funds you generate go directly back to the conservation projects you and Steve built together. Thank you for all that you do and Happy, Happy Birthday!

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Cathy Broadbent
· July 11, 2017
This park is by far the best place to visit in Queensland. We were here 12 years ago with our niece and we met Steve and Bindi. This year we took our nephew on and he loved this place too. The zoo is so well set up, clean, easy to get around but most of all the animals appear to be well cared for. We had a great day and would loved to have stayed longer. See More
Laurie Brooks
· July 15, 2017
But have a complaint.....

As a fan of the zoo, I get to go fairly regularly. 8 yrs ago I started to have grandchildren (just found out #5 is coming next year!...).

But today I was very disappointed and shocked with my zoo visit (Sunday 16 July).

You were promoting "today only", an annual adult pass for $40. I thought that was excellent value, especially since I'm retired and low set income, so went to take advantage upon departure as it would allow me to bring the kids more often.

Unfortunately, because I paid Senior entry today, as I always do, I was told I'd have to pay $52 ($12 more) to get the annual pass at today's special.

Why are us Seniors always punished? Or do you have Special annual sales for Seniors during the year that I don't know about.

A lot of us Seniors are free child minders for our grandkids, while their parents are working to pay mortgages and all other expenses to raise a family.

I just find it very sad that on a one day sale, Seniors don't get the benefit as Adults. Poor marketing technique.

Out of principal, I passed on getting the special.....

But I still love your zoo!
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Warren Rerden
· July 10, 2017
It's big, and it's very polished yet also very environmentally focused. The grounds are beautiful and the range of animals surprising. There are lots of shows a...nd a very large and efficient "Feeding Frenzy Food Court". Make sure you don't miss the Wildlife Warriors show in the Crocoseum! Crikey!

Highly recommended.

It's kind of expensive but you totally get what you pay for!! Make sure you arrive early so you don't have to rush - there's a lot to see!
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Kelli Rutherford
· July 18, 2017
Last week my girlfriend was given two tickets to the zoo for her birthday. Both so excited to see all the animals, walk around and watch the shows! However, I a huge palm branch fall right on me, due to the terrible wind. It fell right on my neck and ms ending up in tears. When we told a staff member what has happened I was not asked if I was okay, or if there was anything they could do.
All I can think is, imagine if that was a child! I had no duty of care and that was such a let down, considering all of the great friendly positive experiences I've had at the zoo previously.

Zoo is amazing, just wish I had, had the staff member if I was alright, as it did hurt me.
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Emma Read
· July 17, 2017
First time to the Zoo today with my 2 children- aged 9 and 6. I've been wanting to come here for many years and a holiday up this way meant we were able to get What an experience we had having a private tour with Steve and Brodin for 5 hours. Saw the whole Zoo and had access to areas we wouldn't ordinarily. Best family day we have had in a while. Highly recommend!! See More
Kellie Bowser
· July 14, 2017
What a beautiful place ..... such value for money, better place to share with your kids then any other "theme park" or fake fun ...... wholesome, fun, educational ....
The Irwins should be so proud of them selves , can't wait to go back ...... thanks for an awesome day
Jackie Bayes
· July 15, 2017
Visiting from nz...went with my family on Saturday...absolutely loved it...the presentation of the zoo was amazing and it was so clean and tidy.the animals look...ed very well looked after...Steve's legacy is still being treasured where ever you go in the zoo...well done team keep up the great work See More
Simon Bromley
· July 16, 2017
Australia Zoo is fantastic.
Plenty of viewing areas to enjoy and not feel crowded or pushed. The Crocodile show is awesome for kids and adults. Plenty of exper...iences on offer to get close, touch and hold some of the animals. Expansive grounds mean get there early and plan the talks you want to see. Kids are 2 and 4 and both got heaps out of the day, as did I See More
Dekara Case-Lambert
· July 17, 2017
It was fantastic we all had a marvelous day out, so much to see & do. About 25yrs ago we went & saw Steve do the croc demo it was amazing. So much has changed. ...They have put so much thought & planning into creating this awesome animal park. With super friendly staff plus very well trained & healthy animals who seamed contented within their environment. Very interesting at the animal hospital too.
Well done. Steve would be proud. ⚘�⚘�
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Leanne Tattersall
· July 11, 2017
Great Zoo! Have never been so close to a Lemur as I have on the 10.07.2017
Well layed out park with a great little train to get you to the top of the park for a easy walk back down, wheelchair and pram friendly
Sanjay Boothalingam
· July 10, 2017
The best Zoo in Australia and possibly the world. Thought San Diego zoo was great but our experience here yesterday surpassed it. Congratulations to all staff i...ncluding the one who welcomed us as we entered near the car park for keeping Steve's legacy going. Thankyou from Sanjay, Shai, Rishab and Reyansh from Canberra. See More
Carolynne Goff
· July 10, 2017
We were blown away by Australia Zoo, I love animals and it was evident that all your staff love animals with a passion. You are making a difference to all the a...nimals who are endangered and all the extra ways of raising money at the park is done well. World class Zoo and all the hands on animals were amazing , staff very abliging .... immaculate grounds and animal enclosures. Steve lives on through the Zoo ...and through the work Terri, Bindee and Bob are doing..... thank you it was an amazing experience yesterday . See More
Julie Sherwood
· July 14, 2017
This is an awesome zoo which is not only stunning and kept extremely well maintained but also educates people of the conservation of these animals. The staff extremely friendly and helpful and were obviously very proud to be part of the Irwin family. Loved every part of it and so will you ��� See More
Cassandra Coleman
· July 15, 2017
My family and I visited late 2006 over 11 years ago when my children where only 3 & 5 years ago. I so appreciate the fact that we took the opportunity on our trip from Hervey Bay to Brisbane to visit again. I truly love this Zoo, nothing else compares to how clean it is and the wonderful interaction the public gets with the animals, birds and awesome reptiles. It was great to see the new exhibits and I hope it doesn't take me another 10 years to get back. Australia Zoo is a credit to the Irwin's and it's staff. See More
Diana Strano
· July 9, 2017
We have been to the Zoo a few times this year and still amazes me at what else you can find to see. Loved the visit and both my girls loved meeting the Cheetah cub and having photos. Be back in September for the Meerkats.
Christina Goncalves
· 4 hours ago
Amazing day! Got there at 12, left at 4.30, definitely needed more time. If you're going to the tiger presentation or any other talks, get there at least half an hour early, it was packed! But definitely worth going to the keeper talks and presentations!
Anne Blakey
· 12 hours ago
We had a great day at Australia Zoo seeing all the beautiful animals who are clearly well cared for and taking in the environmental message passed on by the Irwin family. Crikey what a great memory we take back to England 😎
Dominique Wilson
· July 14, 2017
I've been to many zoos over the years, but this was another level!! Absolutely amazing experience the enclosures for the animals is just perfect!

Absolute credit to Steve Irwin!! Would highly recommend to anyone stunning place
Shelley Easton
· July 19, 2017
Highly recommend a visit to the zoo, couldn't fault anything about it. We ran into a volunteer called Joel, what a top guy. He spent some time with our children explaining to them about the lemurs, where they live, and about the country. Thanks heaps Joel �
John Kennedy
· July 11, 2017
I have no idea if this will get answered on here, but I need to know as it has been driving me crazy. Is Bindi Irwin in Cairns? I work at the Event Cinemas in C...airns Central and on Tuesday 11/07 a lady bought a gift card and she looked and sounded exactly like Bindi, and I was too chicken to ask if it was her, so maybe someone on here can tell me. Was it Bindi?! See More
Happy #Chewsday ! Did you know that a red panda’s favourite food is bamboo? For anyone who might be unsure, we have video proof of Ravi devouring fresh shoots provided by his keepers! Red pandas are found from western Nepal to Myanmar and China and it’s thanks to their extremely low metabolism that they’re able to sustain enough energy from bamboo to go about their days as they look for food and hang out in the treetops!
Happy #chewsday! Turn up your volume to hear Wattle munching on her favourite treat, sweet potato! You can join Wattle for morning tea and her morning wander through the Zoo by booking your encounter here:
We’re going nuts for our koala joeys! Especially young Macadamia here who has been one of the first brave explorers to venture out onto his mother’s back! Being a marsupial, Macadamia has spent the past seven months tucked away inside his mum’s pouch developing into the bright-eyed and healthy koala joey he is now! Stay tuned as we slowly meet and get to know the other 11 koala joeys that have been born this season at Australia Zoo!