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Authentic8 Silo is a secure, virtual browser in the cloud designed to insulate and isolate web data. Silo is built fresh on launch and executes all web code in a secure sandbox. Users connect via a secure RDP connection, giving full interactivity of web sites while creating a perfect insulation layer between the device and the web. And when the session ends, the virtual instance is destroyed - zero forensic residue remains on the client device. To sign up for a risk-free trial, visit

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Browser Security & Productivity: Silo Browser Beats Chrome, Georgetown Study Confirms…/

Silo, the secure cloud browser delivered by Authentic8, protects enterprise users better against malware than Google’s Chrome browser, according to researchers.

2017: Fraud and ID Theft Reported to the FTC

The FTC takes in reports from consumers about problems they experience in the marketplace. This new report highlights 2017's fraud and ID theft trends:…/consumer-sentinel-network-data-b…/main

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Spoiler Alert: ...across different browsers NOT named "Silo"...

Browser fingerprinting across (local) browsers? Not surprising. With remote browser isolation as provided by Silo, the secure remote browser-as-a-service?

Nah. Not happening.

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Web browsing just got a little less anonymous: New browser fingerprinting software correctly identifies 99% of online users even if they switch browsers

2017 in Review: Data Breach Statistics and Trends

A quick reference for use in planning and presentations in 2018:

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What were the biggest data breaches in 2017? Which industries had the most cybersecurity incidents? This post provides quick references:

More than 500,000 users impacted by four malicious Chrome extensions, reports BleepingComputer

Background: How local browser extensions put your data at risk - (Authentic8 blog)

Nissan Canada Finance Investigates Data Breach -

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Excellent. “Things cannot be hacked if they cannot be reached.”

Embrace the web without letting it in.

As a citizen of a world in which digital technology is increasingly integrated into all objects — not just phones but also cars, baby monitors and so on — it is past time to panic, writes Zeynep Tufekci.

Modern computing security is like a flimsy house that needs to be fundamentally rebuilt.

Authentic8 company statement on Meltdown and Spectre -

The Meltdown and Spectre attacks have recently been publicized, revealing vulnerabilities in all systems using modern microprocessors. Authentic8 systems share these vulnerabilities. While there have been no publicized practical in-the-wild exploits of these vulnerabilities, we are applying system p...

'Tis the Season for Increased Cybersecurity Vigilance

Cybersecurity vigilance is crucial during the holiday shopping season, but it's equally important to carry that security awareness into the new year.

Here's All The Data Collected From You As You Browse The Web.

Hint: the "incognito" mode won't help much. (via Gizmodo)

Unless you protect yourself, as soon as you open up an internet browser, you begin to leave digital footprints behind you that the sites you visit can use...

A Quarter of Phishing Attacks are Now Hosted on HTTPS Domains: Why?

The green URL padlock merely means that the site owner has acquired a certificate and that the connection is secure. The site may well (still) harbor malicious code. - via PhishLabs

As more websites obtain SSL certificates, the number of potential HTTPS websites available for compromise increases.

Your cyber security posture is right of boom.

Whether you're focused on IT or national security, exploits and data loss incidents put your mission at risk. Your... current tools assess and analyze content after it's breached your network - they all work right of boom. It's only a matter of time until boom happens to you. Don't let it.

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Good-bye, selfies.

Just kidding. Anyway, it was a close call:…/facebook-bug-delete-photos-w…

A security researcher found a critical bug in a new Facebook feature, and got a $10,000 reward for telling the social media giant.

"Open Up a New Browser..."

...and re-type the URL - that's one of the tips this reporter has if you receive emails with links that you don't fully trust.

There's a better way: Cyber Monday is a great day to start using - and point friends and family to - Silo. Tell them to try secure remote browser that blocks ALL web-borne threats.

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SPOKANE, Wash. -- It is something you have probably heard a thousand times in terms of scams: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Uber concealed hack of 57 million accounts for more than a year

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The company's former chief security officer kept the hack a secret.