In This School, the teachers come equipped with much more than a ruler and a stick of chalk...

When students misbehave, they're sent to detention. But this Futa Succubus and her TA have a whole new plan for teaching the students a lesson...

Play Time is a 17,700 word futa-on-female, Succubus-on-male. oral, anal, Double Penetration, Futanari, Teacher, coed, college, Paranormal erotica that is not for the faint of heart or quick on the draw!

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This weeks newsletter is live!

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Well, tomorrow is the day ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow i unveil the cover for Sweet Temptations: The Boss's Daughter.
Hope you will all be there!

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Coming December 8th! Sweet Temptations: The Boss's Daughter Cover Reveal Party!
Book 1 Currently #FREE!
#Erotica #booklover

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Dec 8, 2017 - Dec 9, 2017Gloucester, United Kingdom
117 people went

Hi Guys and Girls, I'm organising a swap for my Cover Reveal, if anyone can take part I'll be happy to return the favour with whatever you want sharing. All Details listed on the form

Hi I'm putting a Swap together to share the Cover Reveal for my new WIP. The Reveal is set for the 8th December If you can take part I'll be happy to share for you. My Newsletter goes out every Friday and currently has 3,700 Subscribers, but it has a steady growth of about 200-300 new subscribers a…

So, took half the night and i'll probably tweak the final version before it goes live, but for now I'm satisfied with these two covers. Will probably post a vote in next weeks newsletter to help me decide which to send through to the cover reveal in December/January time.

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So, i'm going to be focusing on Sweet Temptations 2 for a few months (except for weekends when i'll work on Shattered, it may have a year and a month before the deadline but that doesn't mean i should take it easy.) I've just tied the paragraphs up i've been working on for the last month on a on off basis, what do you think?

His back was ablaze and the spray cut clean to the bone as fat wet snakes slithered down his arms and legs, so cold they burned.
Eyes hooded and vacant, ...

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Title – Stepdaddy’s Bad Girl

Price - $0.99/#99cents or Free With Kindle Unlimited

Blurb – It was wrong. So very wrong. He knew he shouldn't want her, but she liked to play games so he was going to teach this bad girl a much needed lesson......
Eric has a problem. A rebellious stepdaughter whose mother is gone, leaving him her sole legal guardian until she turns 21 next year. And she knows just how to push his buttons.

Fortunately, he's got a plan to show her who's in charge.

Links –
Amazon -

Extreme Non-Amazon Safe Edition

#Amazon – Sorry, no amazon link as this is considered too hot for amazon, but smashwords does provide mobis.

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So seven months to prepair for my first ever signing. I need swag, paperbacks and a banner and a form.

My Newsletter is Live, to join either sign up via the form or download Sweet Temptations over on Instafreebie!

Form -

Insta -

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Sinful Friday Reads - (Hunks, reviews and FREEBIES)

L.M. Mountford's Newsletter has all your sinful friday delights...

Anyone got a few minutes, can't decide if I should extend this scene even further before Garrick gives in. What do you think?

Wet and ready as she was, when he pressed forward, the rounded crown stretching her so deliciously, every muscle in her body instinctively clenched around him.

“Ash.” The desperation in Garrick's tone thrilled her as much as the delicious feeling of her husband inside her. It felt so right, like they were two pieces of a jigsaw sliding into place. She ...

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OK, i know this isn't much, but as it is the opening page so to say it's important is an understatement lol. This is the opening of my story 'Shattered Love' for Elizabeth Knox's Alpha Anthology. What do you think, to vague? exciting, needs more detail?

Shattered Love
L.M. Mountford
Wrapped in crisp black Armani with expensive shades, ear pieces and badly concealed Uzi sub-machine guns in shoulder holsters, the pair of gorillas standing on either side of Chris Price were a cl...iché straight of out of a Hollywood Blockbuster. The typical former special forces turned billionaire's private security of flying monkeys.
They checked him carefully. One his right side. The other his left. From shoulder to boot, boot to shoulder. Movements efficient, uniform and unimaginative. By the book.
Intimidating. Predictable. Armed to the nines. A smirk tugged at Price's mouth. IDF.
No word was raised when the Sig P226 was pulled from it's holster. Ejecting the magazine, the Guard to his left racked the slide to empty the chamber then placed both beside Price's phone in a transparent container. A blinking green LED confirmed the contents to be clean
The valet behind the station looked up from the vellum card. “Mr Price.” A nod from the right guard confirmed he was clean. “Welcome to Shangrala.”
With a nod, Price took back the card and slipped it back into his jacket pocket.
“Mr Saint-Claire will address the guests in his penthouse. The lift will take you straight there- i'm sorry Mr Price. There are no phones or weapons allowed beyond this point.”
Already sensing the Englishman's intent, the left guard stepped between Price and the counter and took the lid for the box and replaced the lid of the security box. The green LED switched to a bright red lock.
“Of course, my apologias.” Price smiled at the guard, who turned to face him with his hands at his side and expression unreadable. The UZI was just visible beneath that expensive Armani Suit, within easy reach. “If you can't trust the world's top arms dealer,” He turned to the Valet behind the counter. “who can you trust?”
The valet matched price's ironic smile with a forced apologetic gesture that could cut diamond. “You can collect your personal affects when you leave the premisses.”

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So i know I should be writing, but i find after putting the opening line of ST: The boss's Daughter on paper i can't help wanting to share them. So what do you think?

His back was ablaze and the spray cut clean to the bone as fat wet snakes slithered down his arms and legs, so cold they burned.

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