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Proverbs 20:5--Our intent--our motivation--is a very private, intimate trait of our character. For many of us, we guard it carefully. Why?

I don't know about you, but there are times when I might be wearing a smile, but I'm seething inside. At those times I feel like a coward for not being truthful with what I'm feeling. Other times I am ashamed that I lose my temper--even if you never see it.

For some, their intent goes very deep. It's weighed heavy by circumstances from past, or greed, or selfishness.

Someone who behaves admirable, may hide a wicked intent. Someone with inappropriate behaviors may hide an intent of pain that cries for GOD's healing. It's not always obvious.

Discernment can alert us to the disconnect between behavior and motivation. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding can aid us in getting to the bottom of it so we can direct them to the source of their restoration.

The Holy Spirit can alert us to someone who on the surface may seem sincere, but as we dive deeper there may be depths of deceit that can harm us.

If the Holy Spirit gives us insight and likewise gives us the go-ahead to speak into their lives, we must do it wisely. He may tell us to move away and on and leave that soul to Him.

Whatever our direction, we need the LORD's wisdom and discernment.

May we draw out the intent of those GOD shows us, my friends.

Proverbs 20:5--The intent of a man’s heart is deep water, but a man of insight draws it out. Tree of Life Bible Society Tree of Life Version - TLV #tlvbible #tlvproverbs

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Terri Gillespie, Author

Proverbs 19:17--How amazing is this! There are a few passages that give us insights into how to bless GOD--you know, the Creator of the Universe.

Worship and praise are blessings to Him, of course. But, one of my favorites is this proverb--"lending" to the LORD.

GOD doesn't need our resources, our finances. He owns all the beasts in the forest and cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10). He created the universe. He is everything. How is it He considers our acts of kindness a...s a loan to Him?

Could it be we are on loan from Him? We're His hands and heart to those He loves?

To be His emissary to others in need is an honor to be treasured. No repayment is necessary.

Whether we give a gift to a charity, work in a soup kitchen, or give our time to help someone, we can be the sweet fragrance or delicious aroma of Yeshua--Jesus--in that person's life. (2 Corinthians 2:15)

Demonstrating kindness from a grateful heart shines brightly in a dark world. Imagine if every child of GOD did this--it would be blinding!

May we be kind to those in need and bless GOD--and ourselves, my friend.

Proverbs 19:17--One who is kind to the poor lends to ADONAI, and ADONAI will reward him for his good deed. Tree of Life Bible Society Tree of Life Version - TLV #tlvbible #tlvproverbs

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Terri Gillespie, Author
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