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Happy New Year from Z-Wave! Have a safe, happy and healthy 2018!

Pre Order today directly from Automate Brevard!

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The new Sonos One with Alexa, the smart speaker for music lovers. Pre-order today

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Becca Coen Schwartz
· May 19, 2017
So yesterday evening, Jamie removed my 25 year old clunky sprinkler controller and replaced it with the wireless Rachio controller. Everyone should have this system installed! I have several to replace and under the old system, I had to haul all the way around the house/across the property to turn water on and off - NOW - now I can turn the zone on and off directly with my smart phone. This system is wonderful!
Jamie had this installed in less than an hour, helped set up the system on my phone via the app and then walked the property with me to make sure it all worked and that I knew how to run it on my own.
Worth EVERY penny and expect it to pay for itself in short time. :)
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Bradley Watt
· July 2, 2017
They were able to help me with whole house automation and have made it simple for me.
Nest Learning Thermostat

There is more to Home Automation than just having smart devices. Those devices working better together as a system is what can make our lives better, easier, or safer.

Watch the big Nest unveiling yesterday? We love working with Nest to help protect your home and monitor outdoor water use! Learn how Rachio integrates with Nest products:

Rachio plus Nest equals the first sprinkler controller to protect you and your neighbors.

#1 Smart Home Mistake... Not having the right Wifi speeds and coverage. If your house is over 2000 square feet and you are using a single router or wireless access point, it is time for an upgrade to a Whole House Wireless Mesh System. Contact Us Today( or 321-234-3395) for an estimate!

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Prepping for the storm? Smart Home products give homeowners the ability to understand what is going on with their home while they’re remote and individually safe from the storm. If doors or windows become unlocked, or if something happens and a door is open, homeowners can get a push notification that that’s happening. If water sensors, motion detectors, and remote cameras that are part of the smart home set up, you can understand what’s going on around your home. Whether tha...t’s remote cameras to see what the wind might look like or water, smoke, or carbon monoxide detectors and sensors that will trigger a notification if something goes wrong or provide you with status about what may or may not be happening to your home during your storm, smart home systems would certainly be a benefit for someone who is trying to prepare their home for a storm and monitor their property while remaining safe themselves.

For those of you that are preparing, here is a basic SmartHome Checklist to go through before the storm:

1) Move devices away from windows and other vulnerable areas
2) Make sure your electronics are not on the ground/floor in case of flooding
3) Make sure any exterior cameras are properly installed and secured
4) Make sure any battery operated devices have fresh batteries
5) Check on your Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS) are charged and the batteries are still good and if you have a generator perform tests to ensure its operation.
6) Make sure valuable electronics are unplugged or have an appropriate surge protector in case of lighting strike
7) Make sure data is backed up in cloud (Photos, Music, Device Configs, etc.)
8) Ensure remote access to your smart home works. Check Camera Feeds, Garage Door Openers, Locks, Lights, etc.

Be safe out there!

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Coffee? Check. Perfect track? Check. Back on our grind.

Don't come home to darkness, with a smart home we can turn on the lights, open the garage, unlock your door and disarm your alarm automatically.

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I'm going to soak up the sun! Ring Solar Spotlight Cam, coming this fall and perfect for Florida.

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Home Automation made simple!

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Home is where the Hub is.

Just a few of the reasons Z-Wave is the best protocol for Home Automation.

"Z-Wave already leads in security with AES-128 encryption level. With the combination of existing and new security features released in the S2 architecture, Z-Wave will continue to be the safest, most secure ecosystem of smart devices on the global market."

Technology Editor Bill Wong talks with Sigma Designs’ Raoul Wijgergangs about the latest version of Z-Wave, which includes the Security 2 (S2) framework.

Hi-Fi Music in every room! Turn your existing speakers into smart speakers controlled on your phone or add additional speakers to fill your room with music.

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Stay cool, while staying stylish! Automate Brevard is your local Nest Pro, that can help you save money on your energy bill!

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Catch the bad guys or catch the fireworks with a ring of security this 4th of July!

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With his Ring of Security, Alex didn’t just catch this porch pirate in the act—he got crystal clear footage of the entire incident, including the car he used to... get away. The detailed video evidence helped local police identify and charge the perp with theft. Read the full story at #AlwaysHome

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Have a cleaning service, dog walker, or caregiver that needs access to your home? With a smart lock, each person can have a unique code and only have access when needed. Also, the lock can automatically lock/unlock when coming or going or at bedtime.

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