WATCH: Fan's React to the Book 3 Trailer.

Fans record their reactions while experiencing the Book 3 trailer for the first time. The finished product is a collage of videos, scream and whoops when Zuko appears, and a black guy saying the "Who is this nigga!?"

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Exclusive Legend of Korra Book 2 behind-the-scenes clip: Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DeMartino talk about Korra's vulnerability and the spirits of Book 2.

HD Version of the Book 3 Netherlands trailer

Remember the Legend of Korra Book 3 Netherlands trailer leak we were able to find? Well here is the exact same one, except it is in HD and not recorded via potato.
Desna and Eska are monotone twins that don't show expression too often. But here is an exlusive clip of them laughing for 10 minutes straight!

Book 2 - Episode 1 & 2 Review & Summary

Get Ready for this Friday! Watch:

Catch the full review of Legend of Korra - Book 2 episode 1: Rebel Spirit & episode 2: The Southern Lights featuring plot summary, analysis, footage, speculation, and more.

The Final Trailer

Here is the extended trailer for Book 2 (Spirits) of The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra — Official trailer #4.

New Videos: "Republic City Hustle" Full Series

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New Nickelodeon Promo for Legend of Korra

Get your very own fake tickets to the extremely fake Pro Bending League Championship, featuring Bolin-sanity, Psycho-Mako and our favorite Korra The Destroya!

How Nickelodeon's "KorraNation" Contest is Unfair

YouTube user describes several reasons why Nickelodeon's KorraNation contest is unfair. The staff of AvatarTube agrees.

New Book 2 - Trailer #3

The Legend of Korra - Season 2 trailer #3 featuring the Friday, September 13th release date. The #1 Korra Fan Site http://t...