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Since Hillsborough, all the top teams have scrapped standing areas due to the lack of safety, however their is an alternative: safe standing. Safe standing uses rails to make sure the area cannot get to crowded, whilst still retaining the great atmosphere stadia like Old Trafford or Anfield deserve
Enough is enough. It has become the slogan for Liverpool supporters protesting against the price of watching Premier League football, and on Tuesday night they made their point at Hull City.

Well done to the Liverpool fans tonight, great work the ones that boycotted. No one wants empty away ends! Would you do this at your club?

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Spirit of Shankly leafing by example.

A Liverpool supporters' group calls for a boycott of the club's match against Hull City in protest over what they claim are high ticket prices.

Today's the day folks. Good luck to all who have gone down to London to protest. #twentysplenty

Whats the most you have paid for a home/away ticket this season and whats the cheapest?

Hello all! It's been a fairly quiet pre-season, but there have been some interesting developments over the last few days.

The Premier League have announced that they have freed up £4m to split between all clubs (£200k each) to help give fans a better experience. It's not exactly enough to make much of a difference, but it's a sign that our efforts are not in vain.

Liverpool's have announced that they will use it to reduce away ticket prices by £2-£4. It's hardly significant,... but it's a step in the right direction.

We're still waiting to hear what the other clubs are going to do with the money, we're all hoping that it's not just going to go on facilities. Let's wait and see.

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Following consultation with our Supporters' Committee, Liverpool Football Club are reducing ticket prices for away fixtures during the 2013-14 Barclays Premier League campaign.
Home » Blogs » Hundreds march on Premier League HQ in protest at prices Posted by Sachin Nakrani20th June 2013Hundreds march on Premier League HQ in protest at pricesHundreds of supporters marched from Regent's Park to the Premier League's HQ yesterday in a show of protest at ticket prices, organise...
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June 19, 2013

Images gathered from around the web from the march from Regents Park to the PL offices.

Fans gathering at Regents Park (via RatedComedy)

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Supporters Direct supports the demonstration organised today by Spirit of Shankly, one of its member supporters’ trusts.

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Today see's the coming together of fans of all teams as they march to The Premier Leagues offices where there will be a rally to protest the rising costs in following your football team.

Anyone wishing to join the demonstration from any club should make their way to Regent’s Park and congregate inside the perimeter using the entrance nearest The Secret Garden from 1.00pm onwards.

As well as this protest, Richard Scudamore has agreed to meet with a select group of the to discuss pricing and how clubs can work closer with their fans.

This is a significant day in the fight against pricing.

For more details of the march, visit the link below

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So, you sit down in your £65 seat at Wembley to see your team walk out in the FA Cup Final. You're a bit high up, but the view is still fantastic. £65 is a a lot, but you really wanted to see your team play in this great tournament. You turn around to speak to the guy on the row behind you and he tells you he paid £45 for his ticket. £20 cheaper for a row behind you, but the views are the same, surely?

When you sign The Football Supporters' Federation's Twenty's Plenty petition it trigger's an email to your club & the relevant league. So lobby your club and league NOW! Do it, and then spread the word!

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In the North West? Want to contribute to the campaign for better ticket pricing? Head to Liverpool on the 9th of May for a meeting.

The next steps of the campaigns will be discussed here, including a planned call to take action outside the Premier League offices on the 19th June (Fixtures day).

Home » Latest News » Ticket price campaign meeting in Liverpool Posted by The FSF25th April 2013Ticket price campaign meeting in LiverpoolFootball Supporters' Federation affiliates Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool supporters' union, are to hold a meeting in Liverpool on Thursday 9th May as part of t...

Arsenal introduce £10 teen 'section' and Orient reduce teen prices for next season.

Not sure about Arsenal sticking teenagers in one section, but it's great to see clubs starting to pay attention to ticket pricing. Still a long way to go.

Home » Latest News » Arsenal and Orient reduce teen ticket prices Posted by The FSF19th April 2013Arsenal and Orient reduce teen ticket pricesArsenal have announced a new £10 “teenagers only” section for next season. The club will release 800-1,000 of these seats in their bid to attract a new genera...