Buffy fans, can you believe it's been 20 years since the TV series first aired?

Are we the only ones who buy random movies from the bargain bin, that we never would have thought about buying before? These are just a few of the movies we bought on a whim because they ranged in price from $3 to $5.

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We visited the #HelloKittyCafeTruck yesterday and got some goodies! @ Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

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Our recent card games include Drinking Fluxx, Nanofictionary, Pack of Heroes and Port Royal. What have you been playing lately?

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Awkward Geeks added 8 new photos to the album: GenCon50 (2017) — with Amanda Perry.
August 19, 2017

Just a few cosplayers at GenCon.

Awkward Geeks added 3 new photos — with Amanda Perry at Gencon.

Snapping a few pics of cosplayers at #GenCon50!

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What Disney songs do you find to be relatable?

In this post we decided to focus on some of our favorite 90s Disney heroines, featuring songs we love, that help us to understand who our heroine is. We pi

Are any of our gamer friends making it to GenCons 50th this year? We will be there!

2017 marks 50 years for Gen Con, the original, best and highly attended, gaming convention. Come celebrate with us here in Indy! Gen Con 50 to Expand to Fi

Our favorite card game #Fluxx turns 21 today! To celebrate the occasion there will be a #DrinkingFluxx for you to enjoy! (Post coming soon)

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Whenever this meme popped up I never realized...

(Note: I don't know who to credit pic to)

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Random Friday quote (Do you know what this is from?):

"I come from the net. Through systems, peoples and cities. To this place: Mainframe. My format: Guardian, to mend and defend."

Do you love Guardians of the Galaxy, and baking yummy treats? Check out Nerdy Nummies to learn how to make Awesome Mix cookie tapes!

Today I made Cassette Tape Cookies in celebration of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 coming out! Let me know down below what other videos you would like to se...

It's National Superhero Day, and to celebrate Marvel has a bundle of free digital comics for you to enjoy! Use code HERODAY17.

We still haven't seen the live action Beauty and the Beast, but we are planning on seeing it this week. Until then we are being kept pretty amused by the various Beauty and the Beast stuff on YouTube, like this skit from James Corden.

Film stars Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans join James' theater company for a performance of Beauty and the Beast in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard a...

We've had this parody song stuck in our heads for a week. Great video by The Hillywood Show!

She is rotten. He is damaged. They’re a match made in hell. Blast open the psychotic mind of Harley Quinn as she admits her obsessive, mad love for the Joker...

Have you ever taken the Bean Boozled challenge? Or maybe put them out in a bowl for guests and not tell them what they are? (You're totally thinking about doing that now.)

This is me, after the challenge. The bad flavors didn't seem too bad at first, but the flavor lingers for way too long and makes it worse.

I dare you, take the challenge with your friends!

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Buffy fans, can you believe it's been 20 years since the TV series first aired?