March 14

Preorders are now live for “The Actual Proof” VINYL. We also have CDs and 3CD packs available as a bundle featuring The Actual Proof, Knowledge of Self, and Return to the Golden Era CDs. The link is in my bio or just go to #dontsleeprecords #awon #phoniks #theactualproof #vinylpreorder #hiphop #jazzyhiphop

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If you love Hip Hop, specifically underground Hip Hop and you live in the Boston area, I’m sure you know about Leedz Edutainment and the Middle East Night Club. The CEO of Leedz Edu us my friend Ned Wellbery he had us out to open for Rakim a while back. Leedz Edu has teamed up with the producer The Arcitype for the Eastern Standard compilation. I have the honor of being on the project and I wanted to share their journey.

A brief history on Leedz Edutainment at the Middle East Nightclub and the making of the Eastern Standard compilation. Directed by Trevor Finney Eastern Stand...
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Hannah C.
· December 13, 2017
Love everything about his music. A great listen at the end of a long day on the grind and I can relate to it. Mad respect ��.
Raytang Lee
· March 6, 2018
always my top one MC! much respect from Taiwan salute!!
Philip Trippe
· October 12, 2017
So dope. Much needed old school soul and flavor in today's world.
Devon Heard
· October 13, 2017
So much to say. So much to listen to. So many dope beats. Has restored my faith in hip hop.....
Zsolt Pal
· December 29, 2017
deserves much bigger audience.. a true talent with an exceptional flow!
Olivier Feuillebois
· October 26, 2017
More Than Simple Hip Hop ! REAL hipHop for hiphop head !! � Full Support
Kaven Lamarre
· June 27, 2017
Real authentic hip hop! Nothing but classics.
After a long wait I’m happy to announce that Awon & Phoniks - The Actual Proof will be released via @dontsleeprecords on March 20th which is also my 10th wedding anniversary so bottles will definitely be popped on that day. @hookedonphoniks has animated the artwork for the LP which is extremely dope. @ill_consciousdagod dropped some mean bars on this one, I appreciate you my G. We have a lot surprises and a great release package in store so stay tuned. Thank you all for your support and patience. #awon #phoniks #theactualproof #dontsleeprecords #hiphop #illconsciousdagod
It’s finally arrived. The Actual Proof is popping up in some spots even though the actual release date is tomorrow. So tomorrow I will celebrate this new LP and my 10th wedding anniversary. What a day for me and my family! I appreciate you all riding with @hookedonphoniks and I throughout our journey. It’s been real dope, I never imagined it would be like this. We are truly blessed. This track is called Time Continuum and it’s on the new album. You can preorder the album by clicking the link in my bio. It’s going to sell out, we are almost halfway through the entire run and all stores haven’t ordered yet, please don’t sleep!!! Again thank you, let us know your favorite tracks. CDs and CD packs have been shipped! Let’s go! #awon #phoniks #theactualproof #dontsleeprecords #jazzyhiphop #timecontinuum
March 20th which is only 11 days away! This vinyl will be released via @dontsleeprecords this is a limited edition which will sell out. Be sure to get your copy on that day! Shouts out to all the people involved in making this record. Peace to @hookedonphoniks @tiffthegiftofficial @mynamesanti @hexagon1 @ill_consciousdagod @skyzoothewriter @djfellbaum and everyone else who I may have forgotten to mention. Thank you all for supporting our dreams. #dontsleeprecords #awon #phoniks #theactualproof #jazzyhiphop