This boy loves to swim 🏊
Ayden wanted me to let go I did and he did amazing!!!! Don't ever tell him he can't do something just cause he's blind! #mymiracle
Ayden and i have been working on this for the past 4 hours. Its the start to his project we will finish tomorrow. He had to pick a zoo animal and picked a gorilla. So this is his jungle display board with 3d everything for him to explain it all to his class. I think we did a great job so far what do yal think? The video is not the greatest and the things hanging are vines lol

With dance marathon 5 days away today I honor the fight! The will to always keep going and always bear a smile through it all. To face the days head on exhausted, scared, nerve wrecked but most hopeful in the end. There are so many others just like us who bear the weight of childhood sickness everyday. Our hospitals are our second homes, our nurses are our best friends. The doctors know all our little details and know just how to make us smile and get through treatments with as much ease as possible. Each day is a blessing and a true gift to each of us.

Please consider donating to aydens page and helping him and other kids and families fight through another day.

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Imagine. Imagine walking into the O’Dome one week from today. Imagine rising. Imagine standing. Imagine fighting. Just Imagine.

You may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. We hope that you’ll join us, and we will stand as one. Exactly one week from today, we will walk into the O’Dome to see our efforts come to life. For 26.2 hours, we will dance, we will cry, we will make miracles. Imagine the impact we will make.

To be a part of this impact, please consider don...ating to my page! Every dollar helps kids like ayden at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital.

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Took the boys and puppy on an adventure today. We stopped at a little farmers market. After we went on 2 beautiful oceanside nature walks. Then took a walk on st Augustine beach and collected shells. Followed by a wonderful lunch at salt life and no trip would be complete without taking Ryan by his favorite winery. The doggy loved the beach but not the other people and dogs lol. The boys had an amazing time taking in a the nature and enjoying quality time with Ryan and I. Love them so much and making memories together

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Challenge Saturday.....
Today we challenge you to make a difference in children's lives. To donate to life saving machines, child life programs, vein finders, medicine pumps and lots and lots of other medical needs and wants. Being able to provide the tools necessary to save a child's life!!!!

Today I challenge you to donate at least a $1 dollar to help saving kids lives!!!! Will you take that challenge??? Please support kids like Ayden who rely on these machines and doctors ...everyday!!!! Please be the change donate today!!!!

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Posted by Ayden My Angel

This is Ayden and brayden they have been going through treatment for 3 years together at Arnold palmer. They both have rare brain cancer and had lots of hard times. With the help of DM and donors these two boys are able to enjoy life together. Please donate to aydens page and help these two plus so many others live another day full of hope. (Sorry bout the squinty eyes it was bright and moms always gotta get pic)

8 days away..... Please donate today…

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Ayden's face when we are 9 days away from DM and you still haven't donated to his page 🙃…

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So here is the just about aydens belly issues.

Last week we tested Ayden for cdiff after following a two week regiment of vanco. We had him retested last Thursday and the results came back negative! On Sunday he had very bad accident and it was very bloody and full of green slimy mucus. This happend twice Sunday night and we were advised to visit our local ER.

Upon arriving to the ER the same doctor that told me 5 years ago in the same ER that Ayden had cancer was or doctor...!!!! I was so surprised but delighted to see him again and let him know Ayden made it through.

They ran multiple tests on Ayden and examined him very well. The next morning around 7 I got a call from Monroe's lab telling me he tested positive again for cdiff!!!!! So he was only rid of it 3 days!!!!! That's just nuts!!!!

Monday we visited our hospital Arnold palmer and we ran lots more tests and got fluids. We discussed the game plan with the infectious disease doctors because due to the medical protocol there isn't a lot more options. They suggested we hit it hard with more vanco orally since we are trying to cure it I'm the gut and not get it into him blood stream.

He will be on very high dosing of vanco for the next 2 months as of now. These meds are very strong and make him very sick. His belly hurts so bad. He gets horrible body aches and head aches. He can barely leave the house cause he may have an accident. I'm finding myself medicating him all day long.

And to top that all off he has a sinus infection as well 😔. So a lot of our time will be spent home and sleeping to feel better cause that's all that seems to relieve the pain these days. And one month of the meds is $2000 so all together for all his meds we are over $22,000 just to fight this nasty cancer. Its so sad these meds are so expensive especially when you really really need them.

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Who's joining us in the walk to fight childhood cancers and raise money for our hospital? We love this event please come join us

And here we sit....poor aydens belly has gone buzzerk!!! We have ran many tests, running fluids cause he hasn't eaten much in a few days and been having alot diarrhea with blood and mucus. He also has a sinus infection , really bad tummy pains and very nauseous. We will sit here for a few hours and medicate him. Once we do leave here whenever that will be, hopefully later today. He will be on vanco very high doses for the next few months! They consulted with the infectious diseases doctors and they suggested the same thing. First day of spring break not so fun mom they say 😔. Oh well days will get better

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Spoke too soon 😔. I spoke to Dr. Smith and she advised us to come to our local ER after another incident. So here we sit... We were able to give a sample and gonna see what happeneds next. Poor little dude. Sure hope we find out what's going on.

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Cancer we hate you!!! After a great day of shopping with runway to hope Ayden came home and had a serious tummy problem. He did not make it to the toilet on time and poohed himself. Only it was mostly blood and lots mucus. We just had him tested and all the cultures came back NEGATIVE!!!. So we called the doc. Told her what was going on and gonna chat again in the morning and develop a plan. So hope we don't end up in the ER over this that would totally suck! I feel so bad for him it seems he can never catch a break 😔. Please send positive vibes and prayers his way .

Making cookies with his daddy 😊 (his gran gran sent me this video)

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Posted by Ayden My Angel
Ayden My Angel is with Tiffany Henke.

Ayden is getting to spend the day with his daddy and gran gran .

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Dance Marathon at UF

Today marks 15 days until Dance Marathon 2018. There are 15 days to make change in the lives of thousands of children seen at UF Health Shands Children’s

In honor of “15” we wanted to celebrate by coming together as a family to attempt to receive 1,500 donations. We choose to honor this day and every day to support our Miracle Children, including Ayden. Ayden is shown holding a hospital band with his name inscribed in braille, as he is completely blind due to the pressure of cancer on his brain and optic nerves.

While life changed completely for Ayden and his family after his diagnosis, he has been able to receive state-of-the-art care and treatment at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. Despite the hardships he has faced, his jubilant and resilient spirit shines bright to all those around him.

Help us support children like Ayden by donating at today. #RedefineTomorrow

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Today while having our regular check up I was approached by a nurse from the research department. Last year I signed Ayden up for a research for patients with rare brain cancers to study the genetics of it all and help develop better medicines and hopefully save more children. So today I was asked to donate my blood because now they are studying the parents genetics and trying to find other links and cures through ours as well! This is huge!!!!!! Without hesitation and before she could even finish her pitch I immediately said, yes of course!!!! I'll do anything to help these children now and futures from now . I'm so thankful for opportunities like this in life its truly incredible . I sure hope they find what they are searching for and stop childhood cancer all together!!!!!

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Thank you to the best hospital,staff,doctors,nurses and donors on the planet! We are so thankful for your love and support for our kids .

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