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Ahmed Shahin
· November 15, 2017
Page very good,
Welcome to www.globalsmartgate-com
Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO of The Hayzlett Group speaks about B2Bdatapartners and how it can help Organizations break the precipice in Marketing. Watch the Sometime Cowboy speak about the future of Marketing here live.

#Snapchat Signals #eCommerce Ambitions via New Collaboration with Jordan #Brand -

Snapchat is taking its next steps towards in-app commerce via a new collaboration with Jordan Brand.

Reach Technology #Companies Using #B2B Data Partners' #Technology Users List -

B2Bdatapartners provides accurate and updated technology users email list in USA, UK, Canada and Australia for your multi-channel marketing campaigns.
Need some inspiration for your Instagram account? Check out these brands which regularly achieve Insta-excellence.
If you're trying to figure out how to allocate your marketing resources, keep these important points in mind about how to create a marketing budget for the upcoming fiscal year or quarter.

Why AI, Machine Learning And #Big #Data Really Matter To #B2B Companies -…/why-ai-machine-learning-and-big-…/…

B2B companies need to explore and plan for how big data and machine learning can improve success today so they are not left behind by competitors Many companies are already enhancing operations with the insights machine learning provides to improve the marketing, sales and customer service functions

Direct #Marketing Fundamentals: How to #Increase Response -

The success of direct campaigns depends on your list, offer, and creative. Getting those to work in sync, online and offline, will increase responses - and results. Get the details here.
Here are five predictions for what you can expect to see from Facebook in 2018.

Facebook's Adding New #Custom #Audience Options to Improve #Ad Targeting -

Facebook's adding some new Custom Audience ad targeting options to help better focus your outreach efforts.

#Twitter Is Adding a New 'Bookmarks' #Feature to Help Keep Track of #Tweets -

Twitter's looking to add a new 'bookmark' feature to help users keep track of relevant tweets.

5 #SEO #Trends to Watch [Infographic] -

This infographic looks at some key Google search trends to watch - particularly relevant as you go about planning your strategy for 2018.

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B2Bdatapartners offers high quality business mailing lists and email database. B2Bdatapartners provides business executives marketing data for mailing list brokers and resellers across world.

Instagram's Adding #Video Masks to #Instagram Live, Expanding #Creative Options -

Visual content such as infographics can be a great way to boost engagement.

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B2Bdatapartners offers best healthcare email lists, health care mailing addresses to target healthcare industry. Reach physicians, doctors, nurses across the world from our healthcare lists.

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