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Stacey Pilato
· December 17, 2016
I've lived in about 8 different towns before I moved to Bound Brook. The community of friends and neighbors, no matter what street you live on, are truly the definition of finding a place to call home.... So glad my husband brought this city girl here kicking and screaming 20 years ago. See More
Rose Marie Green
· November 4, 2016
My name is Rose Marie green I lived in Bound Brook for 70 years and now live in Bridgewater in a senior complex I have many precious memories from my childhood and from raising my children in Bound Br...ook I have been living in Bridgewater the past 4 years but my heart will always be in Bound Brook I still go to st. Joseph Church and I am in the choir in my forty-third year I have many precious Memories and I am glad to see that the community is working together to make Bound Brook better keep up the good work See More
Eileen Schroeder
· January 15, 2014
The person who started this and keeps it going because they believe in this town, should be given more credit than they get and deserve!! This is hard work and not easy to do most of it alone...just s...ayin!! A lot of time and effort was and is put into this page every single day, throughout the whole day to keep the town and others informed of all that will happen, is happening or has gone down in this town and surrounding areas!! This includes weather, construction, road closures, meetings of all kinds, garage an yard sales, lost pets, parades, reunions, old archives of the History of BoundBrook since the beginning, disasters going back a long time, things the town needs to make it better and more presentable to get the town back to where it should be, more and better businesses downtown that would increase the revenue for BoundBrook, bring more people to live here now that the flood project is complete, and much more....I could go on, but I won't because it's obvious that there are some people who care and want to make a difference in this town, that they were born an raised in!! I think the one who created this page deserves more than just likes or a hand!! What do you all think?? Your input is needed and appreciated more than you know!!! See More
Cynthia Collazo-Rojas
· May 21, 2014
The page is great but the town has become a complete dump! I was born and raised in BB and I can't believe my eyes when I drive by. I honestly feel like I'm driving through Plainfield, it's disgusting.... It has nothing to do with color or race, it has to do with the people. Smh. See More
Bill Curtis
· June 4, 2014
Excellent! Love seeing all the pictures past and present. Good to see all that goes on in town. Many thanks to the manager of this page for all the hard work. Bound Brook is a great town with a po...tentially great future ahead. People like you who believe in the town and invest time in promoting Bound Brook will bring us toward an even better future. See More
Bradlaugh Higginbottom
· December 16, 2016
Bound Brook is a great place to grow up. We make citizens here from a diverse population and watch out for each other. Proud to be from Bound Brook.
Lee Allibone
· April 25, 2016
Been here for 13 years! Love Bound Brook and can really see the improvements being made in this great town! Great town, great people!
Howard Eryou
· November 1, 2015
I think Bound Brook did a great job putting together all of the halloween activities this year. But your not going change BB nor the people here. There is no money here to be made and our merchants ar...e having a hard time keeping the lights on. See More
Caryn S FitzGerald
· April 22, 2014
It's been yrs since I lived in Jersey and this page brings back good memories! Love seeing all the pics! Doing a great job on this page. .keep it going!!!
Bill Mild
· December 17, 2016
This a great town to live in! Great people. Great restaurants. Fun events. And a train station!
Bill Lazenby
· June 22, 2015
Great site.Thank you for all of your work in promoting BB.
I just drove through BB today and I can see the improvements being made
Please keep it up
Hal Dietrich
· December 27, 2016
The Bound Brook Council wonders why no one attends their meetings.....Well tonight they had a packed house all expressing how they were against them voting themselves a does our Council l...isten to them.....HELL NO....they defy the public and vote themselves a salary See More
Brian Nerger
· December 19, 2014
This is really cool pics of the history of Bound Brook
Look at Nergers building with the trolley going by
Philip Fiadino
· August 5, 2014
Love the page, photos, memories and pix of tonight's event.

Great to see people downtown!
Thanks to Police for hosting.
Keith Vance
· January 25, 2015
Great memories ,,,great friends,,, what a good times,,, growing up there,,
Donald Silvernail
· July 16, 2015
Great local information and they cover all the local events with images and video!
JuanRoberto Martinez
· January 16, 2014
About time we had a great page featuring our town.
Love the old pictures of bound brook
Christina DeBlass
· June 23, 2014
I've been away from home a long time. I love seeing how the town is doing and seeing old photos. Thank you for doing this
Joe Footer
· January 29, 2015
Why do Bound Brook police feel the need to stop kids from shovelling snow? This insanity doesn't indicate any human intelligence! Sad state of affairs! The administrator of this page is a censor and a fool!
Maria Orellana
· May 8, 2014
Great Work. Bound Brook needs more people celebrating how wonderful our town is.

Good Times Tavern 13 Hamilton St. Bound Brook N.J. September 1999 Bill Sleight & Bill Harwood
Waterline aftermath Hurricane Floyd.

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