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John SirFatz Yun
· January 16, 2014
Steven W. Chung, proud scholar, future leader, true to his studies. A man that feeds off of knowledge and yet has time to share not only his priceless time, but ‘feeds the hands that bite”. This brill...iant, up and coming innovator will excel at his goals of reaching the highest of success. Even at a young age this American born Korean had dreams of becoming more than your average super student. With hopes of someday “ruling the world” this one of a kind mind wakes up only to dominate his next challenge.

Steven is considered to many as a role model, as a prime example of a diligent student. Whose only motive is to help others succeed in reaching the same level of progressive achievements. Becoming a leader of a new revolutionary world. This new generation of thinkers, influenced by Steven, will be able to accomplish all status of life they choose. “Success is vital to life”. For Steven it is more vital to life to live a success life.

If achieving your goals academically is your main motive at the moment, reach out to Steven W. Chung at Success starts with realization of your goals. Steven will assist in your own path to success in anyway he can. Steven can provide services from foundations to even scholarships and even donations. Elite minds must encourage other future pioneers. Steven will help your innovative mind become reality.
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Erin Kim Hazen
· January 6, 2014
After reading and being inspired by the stories from my fellow BCC students, I’ve decided to share my own personal experience. The only way I can possibly describe my academic journey is to refer to i...t as a perpetual transition. For me, transition has always been a very familiar word to me.
When I was in second grade, my mother decided to take me out of private Christian school and try homeschooling. So, for eight years, I became involved in the homeschool community and, despite the stereotype, became both socially and academically adjusted. Even though I was able to participate in a variety of activities, I still felt like there was something missing. So, I went to public school during my junior year of high school. Throughout my remaining two years of high school, I felt the need to prove myself to both homeschoolers and my public school peers. So, I managed a 3.6 GPA and involved myself with the school swim team and became the Arts and Entertainment editor for the school newspaper. Since my first year was spent mostly focused on adjusting and trying to make friends, college was basically in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until senior year that I began panicking about where I wanted to go. I had very low SAT scores and had just gotten a rejection letter from Ramapo College so looking at pricey competitive schools was out of the question. Going to Bergen Community College was a last minute decision because I felt like I didn’t really have any other option.
My attitude during my first semester at Bergen Community College reflected the mindset of many community college students: what a joke. I was frustrated and bought into the idea that BCC wouldn’t have a place for a student like me who took academics seriously. It wasn’t until I stopped looking at myself as “above” community college and focused more on what I can do to make my experience and others’ experience better that I was able to meet incredible faculty and students. After realizing this, I was able to find community within the Honors Association as the assistant secretary and help out students as a tutor in the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center.
I can honestly say that without the support of faculty and students at BCC, I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have now. Thanks to BCC, I am currently an Applied Psychology student at New York University and have finished my first semester with a 3.85 GPA.
I hope that my story isn’t perceived as a success story due to my own hard work. Rather, I feel that everything good that has happened to me is because of attitude. My advice for BCC current and alumni students is to first, accept that transition and change are perpetual. I think that for most people, transition is associated with dread, fear, and anticipation of tribulations when, in fact, it can develop you into a more mature and prepared person. Second, be aware of your attitude. The way you handle every situation can either open the doors for opportunities where you would never expect them or prevent you from them. Lastly, don’t forget your roots. Network and personal relationships are important but keeping connections with old relationships is also equally important. Remember: people that are a part of your past are the same people that have helped get you to your present.
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Jay Kim
· March 1, 2014
Hey steven thanks for your time on saturday. It was a great help for me. It def thought me alot in how to construct and end the informative paper in right way. once again thanks.
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Congratulations Theranda Jashari!!! You are joining the group of former Bergen Jack Kent Cooke Scholars: Ana Patricia Parra Vera, María Valentina De Abreu, Masha Alibekova, and Natasha Piñeiros!

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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society - Bergen Community College is feeling excited with Theranda Jashari.

Congratulations Theranda Jashari for winning the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship! Theranda is the fifth Bergen Community College Cooke Scholar in the past three

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