On Air THURSDAY, 26th April | BFM The Bigger Picture (Health & Living) | 4:00PM

Children with autism spectrum disorder grow up to become adults like any other children. Along the way, they face challenges that the adolescent years bring, both physically and psychologically. Consultant developmental paediatrician Dr Rajini Sarvananthan, as well as Learning and Behaviour Consultant Intan Miranti share what parents can expect during these potentially turbulent, but meaningful ye...ars with their children.

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On Air THURSDAY, 26th April | The Breakfast Grille | 8:05AM

The trade tensions between the US and China have reverberated across markets. One such industry that has been impacted by the changes in foreign policy is the semiconductor industry here in Malaysia. Find out how this has affected Globetronics Technology, a leading player in the semiconductor industry when we speak to Dato' Heng Huck Lee to get his outlook on the global demand for semiconductors.

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236 Reviews
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Oliver Kumaran
· April 17, 2018
Started out explicitly targeting old (50+yo) almost-retiring boring old men, but have evolved into progressive inclusive content. I've been listening thru it all, since the beginning. Though, at times... seems apt to be renamed the Umapagan/SharaadKuttan Radio Channel (they seem to be on ALL the time day and night ). Still, the best in the business, unrivaled, basically cos there is no competition, a monopoly on interesting conversations and content. Also, the other Malaysian radio stations seem to hire 8 year olds as DJs.

Music still stuck in the dark ages, probably a boring old man still choosing the music. Then again, they play things like The Get Up Kids, Pavement, 90s shoe-gazing garage bands, probably chosen by a hipster intern. Look, I love the Rolling Stones, but why the hate against hip-hop? I have the Eagles and Drake on my playlist, nothing wrong with that. Kendrick Lamar just won a Pulitzer, but you guys still hate on rap? Playing Californian white kid bands but not playing any rap songs seems pretty biased by modern norms.
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Meg Oli Ko
· April 5, 2018
Great contents but horrible music choice � Please please please do something about it. I really like just sticking to this station the entire day but when u guys start the music I just had to switch t...o another station � See More
Steve Nicholas
· December 20, 2017
BFM is a eclectic mixture of music and discussion.

The music selection is best described as non conformist to the manufactured pop stream which assaults our ears and intellectual capability on a dail...y basis. The choices of music and innovating and in the hands of the right presenter down right sarcastic to the topic of discussion.

The interviews are probing, looking to challenge the interviewee and provide insights which other stations fail to do. That said recently I've noticed that punches have been pulled a little quickly and the questions have not been pressed to their fullest extent.

That said bfm remains a gem � amongst coals of other stations! Long may your work continue!
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Kei K Lee
· April 22, 2018
Great Station. My 1st choice early mornin Radio Station
I love it very much
But poor selection of music.. ...
would prefer some oldies or song like frm Light FM
which is suitable for Business person
Wonder if Sabrina was lookin at the mic n the news at the same time while reportin cus almost everytime has error while delivering.. Just curious..
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Samantha Wong Keng Mun
· January 19, 2018
This is THE English radio station that is worth listening for these days. No crappy nonsense stuffs on the air. Loved the thought provoking current world topics that is discussed in the morning. Kudos... to the presenters especially to Sharaad Kuttan, rare gem to be found today his fluidity & rich vocabulary used makes the topics discussed sounds more impactful & I have learn so much from him. See More
Alvin Choo
· March 31, 2018
Good contents. Useful and applicable tips to navigate through life not just from a personal finance perspective as well as development as a person. Good job, proud that we still have such independent ...and quality radio station. See More
Rod AlleyGator Hunrichse
· February 9, 2018
I have been listening to @bfmradio via #podcast (#app and @ivoox ) for more than a month, and it is high level, no-politics, #financial/ #business-oriented, worldwide topics #radio for everyone to lis...ten to. Highly recommended. Will try the live feed for the music. See More
Kah Weng Chok
· April 22, 2018
I really like this channel, the NPR of Malaysia. Every time I tune into this channel, there's always have some interesting discussion going on. Good job.
Yusoff Ramdzan
· April 10, 2018
Surfed the radio waves after getting bored with prank calls and cackling-at-own-jokes routines. Stumbled onto this chatty station called BFM - it has great content: mature discussions, movie reviews, ...finances, etc. Horrible music playlist though.
BFM - Boy Finally Man.
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Jimi Gamelan
· April 19, 2018
I love your discussion topics and the selection of music that you have. Keep up the good work!
Please play those critically-acclaimed music from the States more such as Tame Impala, Jack White, MGM...T, Lorde, etc. Play less Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Luis Fonsi though.. See More
Louis Shim
· October 26, 2017
Why is the host not challenging today's guest speaker like what he did to other entrepreneurs on the GST Abolishment topic?!

Why can't GST be abolished?...
Only the weak government will fail to do so.

As for guest speakers, think before you say.
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Yuen Leung Lim
· April 17, 2018
Loved the Chicken (Market) wrap on the way back from work this evening. Hilarious but also surprisingly encouraging to know chickens are playing their part to save the world!
Sam Hepburn
· December 2, 2017
Love it so much. My favourite show is the Muddy Confluence, discovered loads of great music through them. Perfect for nighttime drive listening too. Only complaint is that the show should be longer ;-)
Salina Hussein
· July 12, 2017
I don't think I can live without BFM! It's a great alternative to other radio stations. Always informative, relevant, articulate, not to mention funny and super interesting! I really can't keep up, my... podcast list is forever backlogged! Today's interview with Dr Chris Breyer of John Hopkins Bloomberg School was spot on for me and one of the meany reasons I love tuning into BFM. Keep up the great work! See More
Charanjeet Kaur
· February 9, 2018
Awesome channel with updates on current affairs and says it the way it is, no favoritism.
Peter Timothy
· May 2, 2017
I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. I spend almost 3 hours daily on the road and I am always tuned in to BFM. You have a great team of presenters and hearing them makes all the other radio sta...tions seem so irrelevant. Just one advise, I think you need to remove Tan Choon Hun (hope i got the name right) from the prime time shows. He talks too much and goes out of topic and needs some training in his speech. He is such a novice against the likes of Sharad, Julian, Melisa, Ezra, Uma, Caroline and the rest. Keep it up !!! See More
Thinaharan Athitan
· March 18, 2018
When hear them play Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin over the airways, you know this is the only radio station you will every need on preset.
Clement Ong
· October 14, 2017
Informative! Dense & thick! Podcasts really helped me to keep up & playback if I missed out or got disrupted along the way. Keep it up BFM
Anselm Yeoh
· April 10, 2018
Such a great radio station! I hope that you would be able to broadcast to Melaka soon�
Kirandave Sandhu
· January 25, 2018
Great topics! Bigger picture is my favorite..keep up the great work.
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Bidor: Dari Jambu Batu ke Ladang Solar
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