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David Brown
· October 7, 2016
The CGO is a fabulous new tool to connect gospel-driven young adults with a broad range of cross-cultural opportunities locally and around the globe!
#ownit #iamreaching
Day 2 of Facebook Live in the Davis Room!
Welcome back to Day 3 of Facebook Live for GO Week. It's our last day! #reachbeyondyourself

Jennifer McPhail continues our series on "Women in Missions" with an engaging post on loosening our grip on our likes, on our security, and on our dreams. #bjucgo

I was a small-town girl happy serving in a quiet, country church with my family, and that is how I envisioned my starry future. But what inspired me? Daring acts of faith or testimonies of miraculous...

Dr. Joy Anglea of Baptist Mid-Missions writes an excellent post on "The Single Missionary," continuing our February series on Women in Missions.

​What first comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “single missionary”? Is it Amy Carmichael, David Brainerd, Mary Slessor, Wilfred Grenfell, Gladys Aylward, Henry Martyn, or maybe even...

We are starting a new blog series focusing on women in missions. Check out the first installment by Carissa Wells here:

I remember the first time my husband brought up the question of missions. It was even before we started dating. I knew the question was going to come up, and I had been thinking about it. Looking...