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Jess’s 2nd deadlift attempt! #bspnova #powerlifting #usapl #usapowerlifting #girlswholift @jblaze1579
Husband and wife deadlift gains!!! #bspnova #loudounsdifferentgym #transformation #community #quality #loveloudoun #loudouncounty #strengthandconditioning #gym
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Kristin Speers Talastas
· August 1, 2017
BSP is the antithesis of any of the other mainstream gyms that I've ever experienced. I never dreamed in a million years that I'd be the kind of person who would be excited about working out - the ki...nd of person who looked forward to going to the gym rather than dreading it like a tax audit. BSP changed everything for me. I used to go to the gym and wander back and forth between the treadmill and the stair-climber. I had no experience with weights, knew nothing about strength training, and didn't know a barbell from a kettle bell. When I first joined I was clueless and worried that I'd feel intimidated. I didn't - I felt empowered! I worried that I wouldn't be able to execute any of the exercises in my first program. I could - I had no idea how strong I could be!
There are a million reasons I love this place, but a few of the standout differentiators for me are these:

Personalized approach - programs that are tailored just for me, and only for me, to challenge me each and every time I come in based on MY goals, MY strengths, and MY limitations

The coaches!!! - the most knowledgeable, professional, approachable, and encouraging coaches - every single one of them. The BSP business culture values constant and consistent learning, and that's abundantly clear in every interaction with these talented people

Fun, friendly, non-intimidating environment - this community of fun-loving and outgoing people - coaches and clients alike - who call out your name when you walk in the door, who cheer you on when you reach a goal or hit a PR, who are genuinely glad to see you and share in your excitement over crushing fitness goals - they create a social scene of accountability and motivation

Honestly, BSP is more than a gym for me - over the past 2+ years it has become a family and a major part of my life.
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Jim Forth
· July 20, 2017
I had mistakenly called this place looking for Disciple Martial Arts. While chatting over the phone, I was perplexed by the martial art academy's questions and what was needed for the initial appointm...ent. When I stepped into BSP looking for Disciple Martial Arts, Chris said that "No, you are in the right place."


I shrugged my shoulders because either way, martial arts or fitness, my fat ass needed to shed pounds and inches! So what began with a misunderstanding turned out into a nine month ritual of attending classes for my programs designed by Chris himself.

The only thing bad I could say about them is that they rarely got there before I could. Even though they opened at 6am, I expected them to be there at 530am!!

I miss my BSPNOVA family!! If anyone reading this review is looking for a gym where you are more or less familia, then look no further! This place rocks and the coaches are outstanding caring individuals who will ensure that you get the most out of the program and that your life will forever be changed for the better!!
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Jeremy Brown
· August 10, 2017
I have been going here for over a year now and have noticed huge improvements in my endurance and strength. The coaches are attentive, conscientious, knowledgeable, and great at communicating that kn...owlwedge to their clients. I would highly recommend BSP to anyone. See More
Tyler Stevenson
· December 21, 2013
When I first landed on earth I damaged my shoulder and required surgery. After surgery I was weak, and I needed to find a place to hone my strength again and return to glory. I sought out the man with... a beard the color of fire named Chris at BSP Nova. Chris and his team of iron scientists Aaron and Zack began helping me and providing programs customized to my goals and built to help improve my weaknesses. It has now been almost a year at BSP and I can look back and say I am much stronger then the former shell of myself. I'll continue training here and recommend anyone else who wants to become a monster or a titan to come here too and join the best gym in the DMV area. See More
Josef Payak Pearson
· January 12, 2017
Excellent! They have it down to a science and can help you achieve any fitness goal. If your looking to just get in shape for fitness or to compete on a professional level they can do it.
Chris Holtz
· September 30, 2016
just hit my year anniversary at BSP and it has been an awesome year. I didn't know what to expect when I joined but I am truly happy with the results so far. best gym around.
Paula Glaser
· February 15, 2015
The best gym evahhhh! Awesome environment and very capable professionals. They will you put you in a great shape and help improve your health 10 times better! I highly recommend it!
Geoff Smith
· September 18, 2013
BSP is the ONLY place I will let program my training. I used to be a strongman competitor for 4 years. After accumulating many debilitating injuries I had given up on "hard" training. After meeting Ch...ris I decided to ask for his help. Keep in mind I have a trainer myself for 13 years and an olympic weightlifting coach. I have trained many clients to success but..not myself. With the help of BSP I have greatly reduced my pain, lost 30 lbs of body fat and reduced my blood pressure to 110/80 with a resting heart rate of 54. This is at 6'4 280! Chris, Zach, John and the rest of the staff are great, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thanks guys See More
Joanne Blackburn
· February 12, 2014
Best place I've ever worked out in! From the second you walk in the door you are made to feel totally welcome and comfortable. Chris knows is stuff and loves helping people reach their goal whatever t...hat may be. See More
Jonathan Litvany
· February 1, 2014
I have gone up and down with gyms. BSP Nova is the place I have found (shout out to PGaul for clueing me in) that delivers maximum results while keeping me motivated. Great for snapping back in to shape.
Tiago Giussani
· September 24, 2013
The best gym i trainned in my entire life. As an atlethe i never had the results i wanted but when trainning with cris it was a game change. I higly recomend BsP!!!!
James Neville
· March 2, 2017
Greatest gym I've ever been to. It helped me lose +50lbs and gain a ton of muscle.
Mike Contorchick
· July 10, 2013
The equipment is top notch, with anything and everything needed to get you above and beyond your expectations!
Mike De Vivo
· September 24, 2016
Better than expected every time. BSPNOVA is the best.
Casey Bard
September 17, 2012
One of the most sought-after training facilities in the country.... If you're in the NOVA area, and you're not training with Chris and his team... You're wrong.
Maggie JP G
· November 12, 2014
BSP is amazing! Chris takes the time to structure a plan tailored around specific goals/need/injuries, and can even help with nutrition! Highly recommended!
Scott Kirkland
· March 24, 2015
You owe it to yourself to check out BSP! Thanks Rob T for the heads up.
Zach Tomkoss
November 22, 2013
One of the best facilities youll find in NOVA!
Kenny Gaudreau
· July 30, 2014
A new definition of strong will be learned..

Can we get three cheers for Bob Fisher??! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Dude has been crushing it since deciding to change his diet and soon after start with BSP NOVA in August—down almost 50lbs!!!!

#bspnova #loudounsdifferentgym #transformation #community #quality #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #strengthandconditioning #gym

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[**NEW BLOG FOR THE INTERWEBZ**] I listened to a podcast this week that that got me absolutely pumped. I had never heard of the person being interviewed before, but I was immediately drawn in by his story, and it got me thinking...

But before we get to what got me so pumped, I've got a confession to make...

I listened to a podcast this week that that got me absolutely pumped. I had never heard of the person being interviewed before, but I was immediately drawn in by his story, and it got me thinking... Before we get to what got me so pumped, I've got a confession to make...
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A little husband and wife box mirror drill action!

Morgan is trying to mirror everything that Stefan is doing—perfect for not only having fun, but also helping her return to unpredictability of sport...

#bspnova #loudounsdifferentgym #transformation #community #quality #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #strengthandconditioning #gym

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Row, row, row your dumbbells
Quickly up your sides
Barely, barely, barely, barely
Able to hang on for the ride*


*No one really struggled that much during this set. But it made for a pretty sweeeet song. Oh, and other opinions not needed. K, thanks, bye.

#bspnova #loudounsdifferentgym #transformation #community #quality #loudouncounty #loveloudoun #strengthandconditioning #gym

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