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Shamaia Veira
· February 17, 2017
I have gained soo much value in my life from engaging in Tarot Readings and the insightful information shared on BTheVibe. Chrysalis Suns' genuine vibes, gorgeous smile and deep understanding of energ...y and spirit made me trust her. I am grateful to be apart of this community of beautiful people. See More
Let's talk about quartz crystals!!! As popular as quartz crystals are there are sooooo many types that most don't think to use for energy healing. Classified as a silicate (SiO2) quartz is one of the most abundant natural healing aids found on earth #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalmedicine #quartz #science #crystalscience #energyhealing
Herkimer diamonds!!!! My personal favorite form of quartz and one I work with all the time. These are the strongest (hardness of 7.5) and most powerful of all the crystals in the quartz family. So powerful in fact that I never recommend them to anyone that's not at an advanced level Light worker. They are easily programable, remove energy blocks, and receive and emit energy. #energyhealing #crystalmedicine #crystalhealing #crystalscience #crystals #herkimerdiamond

I'm excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2018 Channeling SiStarhood Retreat. I AM honored to co-facilitate this healing space with other powerful and beautiful queens. Last year was truly an amazing experience and we have even more magic in store for this year's retreat.

#CSR2018 is set for November 3-10 in Blue Ridge Mountains GA. Click the link below for details and to register. And I highly suggest moving on it now if you have interest in attending as space is limited and spots are already filling up. We're also seeking facilitators as well.

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This is the Buckland Romani Gypsy Tarot Deck. The cover is the High Priestess. I absolutely love this deck! It was my first tarot and I read with it for 10 years before I retired the deck. The images are so vibrant and expressive. I ordered this particular set for @soarhigher.yne whose taking my tarot certification course, she loved the deck just as much as I do. The deck is out of print in the States (and currently being auctioned for over $3,000) so I had to order this set from the Ukraine. I am still taking student for my Language of Tarot course. It's a 4 week class that includes the certificate and tarot deck. If you are interested send and email to #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotclass #tarotcourse #tarotcertification #intuitive #psychic #seeroracle

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Our updated list of services! Contact us to book a session.

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Therapeutic Vibrations
Astrologist & Psychic

"The power behind yoni eggs are that they are a physical exercise tool, literally. When a woman inserts a yoni egg into the vagina she must then use her vaginal muscles in order to keep it in. What occurs is a tightening and releasing of the pelvic muscles, resulting in a vaginal weightlifting exercise known as kegels. Physically kegels eliminate sexual arousal disorder, increase sexual responsiveness, and prevents incontinence. Metaphysically kegels increases one Chi, or li...fe force energy by drawing it inward (into the subtle body) and upward through each of the seven chakras. Once drawn inward the sexual energy is dispersed into the cells and organs thus regenerating them. As the sexual energy travels upward through each chakra it becomes amplified, changing from primal to spiritual energy. It is at this point that a woman will reach a heightened state of awareness, astral travel, go into trance, or have visions. This is essentially the process of kundalini energy. Every woman has this ability as our bodies are physiologically designed for the purpose of reaching altered states of consciousness. For more information on this technique I suggest reading Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia" ~from The Complete Guide To Crystal Medicine #thecompleteguidetocrystalmedicine #bloodstone #crystals #crystalmedicine #holistichealth #holistic #yonieggs #yoni #divinefeminine #womb #wombhealth #femalereproductivesystem #kegels #kegelexercises

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Who knew that bloodstone is really just green jasper mixed with hematite!

"Bloodstone: Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a form of chalcedony with a chemical composition of silicon dioxide. It is, in fact, a variety of green jasper with hematite inclusions. The presence of hematite is what gives this green crystal its red speckles. Most sources of bloodstone are found in California, Madagascar, and India.
Zodiac: Libra, Aries, Pisces, Capricorn
Planet: Mars...
Element: Earth
Chakra: Root, Heart
Mohs scale: 7
Transparency: Opaque
Lustre: Vitreous
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Physical Attributes: Just as the name suggest bloodstone is great for purifying blood related diseases of all kinds. In addition, bloodstone cleanses the liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and intestines.
Metaphysical Attributes: Bloodstone is an excellent grounding crystal. Its calming effect dispels irritation, confusion, and aggression thus allowing one to make sound decisions. Bloodstone also protects against electromagnetic and geopathic stress." ~The Complete Guide To Crystal Medicine #thecompleteguidetocrystalmedicine #bloodstone #crystals #crystalmedicine #holistichealth #holistic

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Fancy labels soon come. In the meantime I'm excited to announce that my tea blends are now available in our store! Currently up on the self is my Womb Restoration and Stress Free. Womb Restoration is an estrogen inhibitor and hormonal balancer that eliminates symptoms of PMS and menopause and reduces fibroids. I created Stress Free for all my antsy empaths and those with an overactive lifestyle. Stress Free calms the nervous system, treats anxiety, reduces depression, relaxes... the body (doesn't make you sleepy tho), and clears the mind allowing one to focus. All teas are completely safe and can be taken by anyone. Inbox me to place your order and we do ship! #holistichealth #holistic #holistichealing #plant #plantbased #plantmedicine #naturalremedies #health #healing #women #womb #medicinewoman #womenshealth #wombrestoration #stressfree #anxiety #focus #depression

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Left this gem elixir brewing over night outside and it froze lol. But it's ok because ice is a crystal too! And it totally amped up the clear quartz and black obsidian you see there in the bottom. This brew is to dissolve negative attachments and keep the aura clear. #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalmedicine #gemstones #gemelixer #holistichealth #holistic #crystalgrids #auracleansing #crystalprotection

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"AMBER- To be clear, amber is not a crystal but rather fossilized tree resin. It carries a chemical composition of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen and ranges in color from gold to orange. In rare cases amber can also form in shades of green or blue. Amber is found all over the world.
Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus...
Mohs scale: 2
Transparency: Transparent, Opaque
Lustre: Resinous
Crystal System: None

Physical Attributes: Amber treats toothaches and other ailments connected to the mouth and throat. Amber also supports the nervous system, stomach, kidneys, liver, and both the male and female reproductive system. .

Metaphysical Attributes: Amber removes negative energy from the environment and helps to eliminate depression. In addition amber increases creativity, clears the meridians, and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain." ~The Complete Guide To Crystal Medicine #crystalhealing #thecompleteguidetocrystalmedicine #amber #crystals #crystalmedicine #holistichealth #holistic

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I'm preparing to bottle a couple of my signature herbal blends and have them available in our store, Fizzix. This chasteberry you see here is a key ingredient in my Womb Restoration tea. The tea itself is to balance the hormones and the female reproductive system. Chasteberry is a natural source of progesterone and an estrogen inhibitor making it a great herb for the reproductive system. Chasteberry relieves PMS and symptoms of menopause, reduces uterine fibroids, clears acne..., treats endometriosis, and increases fertility. Men can also take chasteberry as it is common for men to have too much estrogen in their system due to dietary and environmental factors. #healthyreproductivesystem #sexhealth #wombhealth #herb #herbalremedy #plantbased #holistichealing #holisticnutrition #holistic #holistichealth #medicinewoman #womb #chasteberry #fizzix #therapeuticvibrations

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Morning Meditation Focus: Plant your intentions and then give them to the water. For it is water that gives life.

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SKINCARE LIFE HACK: So I've discovered that a mixture green tea and burdock root clears the skin of acne. Literally over night. Burdock is a bitter that contains poly acetylenes that naturally kill bacteria. This makes it a great blood purifier. Burdock is also rich in iron, is a diuretic, and has a calming effect. It can also be used internally and externally for skin disorders. (BE CAREFUL WITH BURDOCK TOO HIGH A DOSAGE CAN BE TOXIC) Green tea contains antioxidants that red...uce free radicals in the body, protecting the body's cells from damage. It improves overall brain function and kills bacteria in the body. Green tea can also be used to treat diabetes as it lowers insulin levels (thus reducing the amount of sebum the skin produces), regulates hormonal imbalances, and reduces inflammation in the skin 😀. I threw some rose petals in the tea you see hear for ascetics 🌹 #plantbased #plantbasedmedicine #naturalremedies #naturalskincare #naturalhealth #plantmedicine #skincare #burdockroot #greentea

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